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Shadrick Lassiter, son of James Lassiter, Jr., was born ca.1755 in Northampton and died ca.1807 also in Northampton. His wife is believed to have been the daughter of John Bullock as Shadrick is mentioned in Bullock's will of 1789. Shadrick served during the Revolutionary War from the Halifax District died before he could apply for a pension from his military service.

I went to the NC Genealogy Library, located in the same building as the NC Archives. Published books and abstracts are filed here. In the book "Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants", page 305, I found a listing that matched your ancestor. However, his name was spelled Shadrach Lasciter. The listing stated: "Lasciter, Shadrach, NC Lieutenant, 6 Jan 1784, 731 acres"

This is proof that Shadrach had received a military bounty land grant for Tennessee. I returned to the NC Archives and found a similiar listing in the book "A List of Warrants Issued To The Officers And Soldiers In the Continental Line Raised In & Belonging To The State Of North Carolina". This is a typed transcript of the bounty land records. Your ancestor's listing was on page 78, entry # 396. Again, his name was spelled Shadrach Lasciter. But, additional information stated that the land grant was delivered to Thomas Davis. This means that Shadrach either sold or traded the land and never took possession of it.

I went back to the Index of Tennessee Land Grants, but did not find a land grant for anyone named Thomas Davis that matched this grant in acreage. This means that Thomas Davis must have also sold or traded the land. This may have happened several times before the land was actually deeded. The man who held the title to the land at the time it was deeded is who it will be filed under. Without a specific land description, there is no way to follow the trail.

The two attachments are photos of the only original record that exists today - at least the only record I was able to find. The book is titled "Land Office (State) Western (Military District)", file number S. S. XVII (old file number S. S. 979). Shadrack's record is entry number 396. This original document is bound and preserved in the North Carolina Archives.








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