Joel Etheridge was the son of Caleb & Agnes Clark Etheridge who settled on land located in Edgecombe County which later became part of Halifax County, North Carolina

(transcribed by Deloris Williams from pension file File - R.3375)


State of Georgia
County of Crawford
In the matter of JOEL ETHERIDGE applicant

In Court of Ordinary Application - for pension under act of Congress passed June 7th 1832
On this fourth day of October A.D. eighteen hundred fifty two personally appeared in open court before the Court of Ordinary, a court of public record now sitting JOEL ETHERIDGE a resident of said county & state aged ninety years who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.

That he served two tours in the Revolutionary War in the service of the United States in the North Carolina Militia during the years 1780 & 1781, which is particularly described as follows; that the Militia was divided into three classes & numbered one, two, & three that he belonged to number three; that sometime about the month of either May or June in the year 1780 he resided in the County of Halifax in said state North Carolina, that there & there he was called into the service of the United States; that he did actually enter said service for & during the time or space of three months (Deponent believes it was not less than three months & to the best of his remembrance knowledge & believe it was not for a longer time) under CAPTAIN JOHN WILLIAMS - who commanded a company in the Regiment of North Carolina Militia commanded by COL. SOWELL. That the company rendezvoused at Franklin C.H. in said state then marched to Wake C.H. thence through Saulsbury & Charlotte being the notable places through which he marched;

that he was discharged at Halifax about August or September A.D.1780, that he received a written discharge but that all his old papers have been destroyed among which is his written discharge. That he again entered the service of the United States during the year 1781 for the term of three months & actually served three months in the Company commanded by CAPTAIN GREEN in the Regiment of North Carolina Militia commanded by COL KENAN that the Major commanding the Battalion until it joined the aforesaid Regiment was GRIFFIN; that he rendezvoused at Tarborough; that the march was through Kingston the object being to march to Wilmington; that was the line between the counties of Duplin & Hanover they were attacked and Deponent was severely wounded by several wounds by a sword one of which was upon his head which disabled him for some time.

That the company to which he belonged was never actually attached to a greater division of the army was a Colonels' command but thinks that the Colonel I both tours regulated his activities by orders received from a superior officer. [crossed out reads: thinks it was GENERAL GREEN] That in this last tour he was discharged again at Halifax receiving a written discharge but which has been destroyed as stated in respect to his first discharge.

Declarant further states under oath as aforesaid that he has no documentary evidence whatever of his service, nor does know of any soldier living who was with him by whom he could establish the facts of his service. Declarant also states & answers under oath the Interrogatories required to be propounded by the regulations of the Department of War.

To the first Interrogatory he answers : I was born on the 21st day of February A.D.1762 in the County of Halifax State of North Carolina.

For the second Interrogatory he answers: I have not an original record of my age there was one but it is destroyed. I have a copy in my Bible which is at home.

To the third Interrogatory he answers: I was living in Halifax County North Carolina after the Revolutionary War until about 1790 of 91 when I moved to Edgefield District state of South Carolina where I lived near about twenty years when I removed to Jones County Georgia & where have been living ever since - living in this county (Crawford) twenty four or five years where I now live.

To the fourth Interrogatory he answers: That I have stated in my Declaration that I belonged to the class Militia & suppose that it was a draught.

To the fifth Interrogatory he answers: I have stated in my declaration the names of the names of the officers under whom I served and that the company was attached to no other division of the army than a regiment hence there were no other officers for me to know than Captains & they do not seem to come within the class mentioned in the Interrogatory, I have stated as fully in my declaration as to the circumstances of the service as my memory will allow. I am very old & feeble & it has been so long ago that I can not remember more than I have stated that could be of satisfaction to the Department.

Interrogatory the sixth: he answers that "I have stated in my Declaration that I received written discharges & that they were destroyed & he thinks they were given by the respective Captains under whom he served.

To the seventh Interrogatory he answers: I [A?] will refer to JOEL MATTHEWS, PHILIP MATTHEWS, JAMES MATTHEWS, JAMES J. RAY, THOMAS CRUTCHFIELD, WILLIAM HARTMAN, all living within the vicinity of Knoxville, Crawford, Georgia.

He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.

Sworn to an subscribed the day & year above written aforesaid in open court.



March 25, 1938
Mrs. R. L. Wilkinson
Pooler, Georgia

Joel Etheredge
Dear Madam;

Reference is made to your letter in which you request the Revolutionary War record of Joel Etheridge of Crawford County, Georgia.

The data which follow were obtained from papers on file in pension claim, R.3375, based upon the service of Joel Etheridge (Etherdge) in the War of the Revolution. This is the record of the only Joel Etheridge found on file in the Revolutionary War records of this office. The surname was searched under similar spellings.

Joel Etheredge was born February 21, 1762 in Halifax County, North Carolina. The names of his parents were not given. Joel Etheredge lived in Halifax County, North Carolina during the Revolutionary War and, moved from there about 1790 to Edgefield District, South Carolina where he lived about twenty years, then moved on to the state of Georgia.

He applied for pension October 4, 1852, then a resident of Crawford County, Georgia and alleged that he enlisted sometime in May or June 1780, served three months in Captain John Williams' company, Colonel ?Sowell's? North Carolina regiment, and that he served in 1781 in Captain Green's company, Colonel Kenan's North Carolina and while on the march to Wilmington, they were attacked near the line between Duplin and Hanover Counties, and he was seriously wounded, served three months.

The claim for pension was not allowed, as proof of the alleged service was not furnished. The papers on file in this claim contain no reference to family.

Very truly yours,

A.D. Hiller
Executive Assistant
To the Administrator


[Family information obtained from the Rose-Hill-Clerc-Carstens Genealogy
Ancestry.com by Judy Henry [jchenry@)flash.net]



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