(Transcribed and contributed from the original by Mary Lou Rosson)

Enfield, NC
Feb 24/84

Dear William,

Yours of the 15th Oct is now before me. You must not think because I have not answered it that I have forgotten you, on the contrary I have thought of you many many times but I have been so upset & so troubled in mind that I couldnot compos myself enough to write. We, that is Brotherand I have moved back to the old place where we were living when brother Jimmy died. After Sisters death we broke up housekeeping and went to live with one of Louisa's sons WCW. We staid there 3 years when Bro got in the notion to come back here and now we 2 old people are living here alone (except some negroes living on the place). The neighbors are very kind some of them call nearly every day. We are living about 5 miles from Louisa and 5 from Lemuel J's about to where Lemuel E is living. He has 2 children now a boy and girl the baby is about 4 weeks old, not named yet. I have your picture also of your little girl, do not think she favors you much but she has a sweet face. Give the love of an old far away Auntie to her, and tell her to be a good girl & grow up to be a comfort to you. We may never meet on earth but we can in heaven. Lemuel told me you expected to marry again soon; I hope you will do well and get someone who will be a mother to your little girl she needs a mothers care and watchfulness. I am the last of the family living & I do not expect to stay here many years longer; but I am ready when the master calls. Bro has been confined to his bed with his back for several days. He has been an invalid for several years; but for the last 2 years his health has been much worse, he has been troubled with chronic diarrhoea. I have not seen or heard from George Stanton for some time do not know what he is doing. Louisa has had a nice tombstone put up at her mothers grave. She and bro Jimmy lie side by side in the cemetary at Whitaker's Chapel. Louisa you know married a Whitaker & has 11 children near all of them are grown 3 are married, some are at school & some are farming at home. The youngest one is a fine boy nearly 12 years old named James May for your father.
I do not know of any news to write so will bring my letter to a close.

I remain your affectionate aunt ~

Sally M. Stanton

Contributor's Notes:
The letter was written to William G. Stanton, b 1843 in Texas,
d 2/5/1918 in Texas.
His little girl, mentioned in the letter, was Mary Juliet Stanton,
b 12/28/1875 in Port Lavaca, Tx., d. 2/5/1918 in Houston, Texas

Bro Jimmy is James May Stanton (Williams father) b. 8/26/1806, d 1/17/1874 in NC. Buried at Whitaker's Chapel, Enfield, NC.

The sister lying side by side in the cemetary at Whitaker's Chapel is Elizabeth T. (Stanton) DeBerry, b. 1/19/1800, d. 1/4/1880 (Cemetery inscription says "daughter of James & Sally Stanton") Sally M. Stanton b. 8/10/1813, d. 1/29/1887, is buried with James May and Elizabeth with the same "daughter of James & Sally Stanton"



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