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When the marriage license indicates the person is "of color," that is noted after the person's name with a "(C)".
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Marriage Bonds

Bond Date
Albert Walker Sarah Martin 30 Sep 1854 James Rankin R. T. Woodburn  
[James] Alexander Walker Ann Nelson 22 Nov 1836 William C. Nelson W. W. Woodburn, CCC  
Asa Walker Jane Edwards 12 Nov 1845 Howland E. Wilson [none]  
Charles H. Walker Martha Gurley 26 Sep 1865 James M. Sechrest R. F. Sechrest  
Daniel Walker Mary Edmondson 27 Nov 1841 James M. Edmetson John M. Logan  
Dickson Walker Sally Smith 11 Jun 1842 Harbard Farrington Green Morgan, J.P.  
Francis Walker Neoma Kirkpatrick 7 Jan 1829 Thomas Patterson Jno. G. Hanner  
George Walker Temperance Benson 28 Jun 1845 Sanford Walker [none]  
George Walker Martha Scott 6 Oct 1847 James H. Walker R. N. McCulloch  
G. F. Walker Esther S. Parsons 14 Nov 1857 Will U. Steiner L. Swaim  
Green Walker Martha Johnson 1 Jun 1839 Haston Walker [none]  
Haston Walker Nancy Beuce 7 Mar 1855 Joab Knight N. R. Sapp, J.P.  
J. Walker Emily Edwards 5 Apr 1842 Joseph Rankin [none]  
Jacob Walker Judy Bennett 4 Feb 1826 John Laurence Jno. G. Hanner  
James Walker Sarah White 21 May 1799 Lewis Morgan Joseph Davis  
James Walker Elizabeth Knight 17 Mar 1850 John S. Macy N. R. Sapp, J.P.  
Jethro J. Walker Sarah Ann Turner 25 May 1861 James M. L. Pittford H. C. Willis  
John Walker Ursley Covington 3 Feb 1773 Jehu Fanning Saml. Henderson


John Walker Graca Taylor 30 Sep 1799 Abraham Taylor John Hamilton  
John W. Walker Sarah Taylor 20 Jul 1854 Samuel T. Pickens N. M. Gardner, J.P.  
Jonathan Walker Milly Pettegrew 18 Jul 1827 Henry Goings Jno. G. Hanner  
Leven Walker [no name given] 24 Mar 1813 John Gladson John Hamilton  
Leven Walker Polly Knight 22 Aug 1823 Timothy Warren [none]  
Levi K. Walker Mary Miles 7 Feb 1851 Levi Stephens [none]  
Lewis Walker Nancy Devinney 22 Mar 1831 Henry Ingle Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.  
Phillip Walker Rebecca Harris 4 Nov 1824 Thomas Morris J. G. Hanner  
Robert Walker Mary Prowell 18 Aug 1775 Alex. Martin Alex. McClaran  
Ruffin Walker Malinda Watson 12 Jul 1836 Jabez Stephans W. W. Woodburn, CCC  
Samuel Walker Elizabeth McCoy 12 Jun 1774 Robert Field Ralph Garrell  
Saml. Walker Molly J. Millis 14 Dec 1865 Will L. Scott [none]  
Sandford Walker Mariah Otwell 4 Aug 1847 Alson Oky (Oakes) John M. Logan  
Thomas Walker Doritha Shadderwick 3 Dec 1836 S. B. Johnson Green Morgan, J.P.  
William A. Walker Laura A. Gladson 2 Feb 1847 John W. Chance R. N. McCulloch  
Wm. R. Walker Letitia H. Morehead 28 May 1848 M. McGehee John M. Logan  
Wyatt Walker Permilea W. Gilchrist 31 Oct 1831 William W. Young A. E. Hanner  
Young Walker Eliza Landenham 23 May 1848 Thompson Brown R. N. McCulloch  
William Wallis Sarah Heath 15 Jan 1817 Isaac Cummings J. Hanner, C.C.C.  
Josiah Wiley Rebeckah Hall 10 Aug 1809 [John Hall? -- torn]    
Andrew Willson Anna Parker 17 Feb 1827 Jesse Parker Jno. G. Hanner, D.C.  
Henry Willson Sarah Pitman 22 Sep 1817 Robert Pitman J. Hanner, C.C.C.  
Lewis Willson Nancy Friddle 24 Apr 1827 Julus Coly Jno. G. Hanner  
Jos. Willyard Polly Apple 15 Jan 1827 Thomas Apple Jno. G. Hanner  
A. R. Wilson Mary Ellen Kersey 16 Sep 1862 P. W. Pratt L. Swaim  
Allen Wilson Elizabeth Craner 4 Jan 1814 Thomas Millis Jo. Davis, D.C.  
Andrew Wilson Margret Roberson 19 May 1774 John Robertson [none]  
Andrew Wilson Elizabeth McKnight 29 Jan 1794 John McKnight [none]  
Andrew Wilson Permelia Denney 2 Dec 1812 James Denny Jo. Davis, D.C.  
Andrew Wilson Marth Forbis 29 Nov 1826 Levi Donnell Jno. G. Hanner  
Andrew Wilson Barbara Cobb 18 Feb 1828 Andrew Wilson A. E. Hanner  
Asa Wilson Louisa Elizabeth Ross 2 Feb 1857 Calvin A. Whitworth H. C. Willis  
Cornelius Wilson Susan E. Suits 8 Sep 1865 Samuel Suits H. C. Willis  
Daniel Wilson Margrit Gray 29 Aug 1803 A. Wilson Alex. Gray  
David Wilson Margret Gray 18 Nov 1850 T. A. Gray    
George H. Wilson Nancy Walker 21 Dec 1843 Wm. Pegg Green Morgan, J.P.  
Henderson Wilson (C) Emey Reavs (C) 10 Oct 1867 [none] Will U. Steiner, D.C.  
H. E. Wilson Ruth H. Stanley 15 Oct 1846 Eli O. May R. N. McCulloch  
Hugh Wilson Mary Garrett 28 May 1857 Abram Garrett L. Swaim  
Jackson Wilson (C) Louisana Curry (C) 10 May 1843 Jacob Smith John M. Logan  
James M. Wilson Clarkey Mendinghall 6 Dec 1854 Nathan Beard    
Jesse M. Wilson Miriam P. Gardner 8 Jul 1850 Williamson M. Edwards John M. Logan  
Joel Wilson Calitha E. Macy 31 Jul 1848 William Bowman John M. Logan  
John Wilson Polly Causey 20 May 1845 Wyatt Erwin R. N. McCulloch  
John M. Wilson Elizabeth Vincent 2 Sep 1857 Calvin Whitworth H. C. Willis  
John M. Wilson Louisa Walker 28 May 1861 William P. Moony H. C. Willis  
Joseph N. Wilson Mary Bundy 24 Oct 1848 Nathan Beard M. Mendenhall  
Ml. D. Wilson Delila Chappell 2 Oct 1848 Thomas M. Wilson John M. Logan  
Peter Wilson Barbara Coble 12 Apr 1851 M. D. Smith Abrm. Clapp  
Peter Wilson Melisse May 6 Aug 1866 R. D. Causey L. Swaim  
Riley Wilson Kezihia Devinny 1 Jan 1842 Jesse Brothers John M. Logan  
Robert Wilson Nelly Huffman 2 Nov 1853 James M. Denny    
Samuel Wilson Jane Russell 15 Feb 1853 John M. Boling J. Welch, J.P.  
Thomas Wilson Elinor Lloyd 17 Apr 1845 Pleasant Rayl John M. Logan  
Thomas Wilson Rebecca Case 14 Sep 1847 Simeon Holder R. N. McCulloch  
Thomas Wilson Magret Harris 8 Aug 1848 Hezekiah H. Wilson John M. Logan  
Thomas B. Wilson Nancy Caroline Baker 26 Apr 1860 Elias Albertson H. C. Willis  
Tho. J. Wilson Julia E. Lindsay 19 May 1847 Cyrus P. Mendenhall    
Thomas M. Wilson Mary Newgent 12 Apr 1844 James M. Ward John M. Logan  
William Wilson Julia Jeffries 11 Apr 1848 Michael Riley R. N. McCulloch  
Wm. Wilson Louzena C. Ruke 30 Mar 1851 B. Kenneday, J. J. Mendenhall M. Hedgecock  
William Wilson Malisa Coble 22 Aug 1852 David Coble Wm. Coble  
Wm. Wilson (C) Eliza Keene (C) 1 Dec 1854 John Phillips L. Swaim  
Wm. D. Wilson Lucinda Pitchford 16 Jan 1861 Milton M. Smith H. C. Willis  
Wm. R. Wilson Sarah Jane Gladson 24 Oct 1859 D. Coble H. C. Willis  
David Winchester Zila Reves 5 Dec [17]95 Jacob Brassell John Hamilton  
John Winchester Elizabeth Carrel 21 Mar 1798 John Winchester, William Martin John Hamilton, C.C.  
J. W. Winchester Bettie G. Brown 1 Jan 1858 N. J. Massey H. C. Willis, D.C.  
Whitfield Winchester Mary Massey 24 Jul 1841 Joseph I. Poindexter John M. Logan  
Andrew S. Witty Edey Bishop 16 Aug 1826 John Rhodes A. E. Hanner  
Cummings Witty Virlinda Moore 23 Dec 1816 Isaac Cumming J. Hanner, C.C.C.  
John W. Witty Nancy Gibson 16 Jun 1815 Jno. Gibson John Grogan, Jo. Davis, D.C.  
Levi Witty Louisa A. Coltrain 6 Dec 1858 Wm. B. Witty L. Swaim, C.C.C.  
Levi R. Witty Mary Rhoades 19 Mar 1832 Ezkiel W. Martin A. E. Hanner  
W. B. Witty Mary J. Gossett 12 Feb 1861 Levi R. Witty H. C. Willis  
William Witty Polly Frasher 6 Oct 1801 John Hoskins William M. Walker  


Marriages from 1771 to 1868 From Other Sources

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Marriage Licenses

Be careful, as sometimes the mother listed may be the stepmother, if the father remarried.

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