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When the marriage license indicates the person is "of color," that is noted after the person's name with a "(C)".
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Marriage Bonds

Bond Date
C. N. McAdoo Isabella McConnel 20 Feb 1839 Wm. Coble A. Clapp
Jn. McAdoo Mary Dennin 4 Aug 1782 David E. Allison  
Monroe McAdoo (C) Gracy Ann Donnell (C) 19 Feb 1868 Lyndon Swaim  
Pleasant McAdoo Euphrasia Gilchrest 10 Dec 1842 N. B. Houston John M. Logan
Saml. McAdoo Elizabeth Donnell 24 Mar 1832 Nathanl. B. Houston John M. Logan
Saml. McAdoo Nancy Hemphill 20 Jun 1831 J. A. Gilmer Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
William McAdoo Anna McAdow 18 Jul 1814 Levi Huston Jo. Davis, D.C.
David McAdow Margret McClain 6 Mar 1786 Jas. S. Buchanan Thos. Searcy
Jn. McAdow Judith Stewart 27 Sep 1783 George Parks Will Dent
Hance McCain Thankful Rankin 4 Feb 1818 Absolom T. Harper J. Hanner, C.C.
Alexander McCan Susanah Ross 28 Oct 1814 Finley Shaw Jo. Davis, D.C.
Guy McCan Thankful Ozment 1 Sep 1828 Milton Hobbs Jno. G. Hanner
Wesly McCann Bulah Ricks 19 Aug 1847 Zaza Ricks R. N. McCulloch
Benj. F. McClain Isabel Denney 17 Jun 1824 Allen Denny Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
Thomas McClain Jean Eaken 22 Dec 1800 James McClain Alex. Gray
G. S. McClintock Sabitha J. Hanner 29 Nov 1849 T. K. Hanner R. N. McCulloch
James McClintock Rachel Herrald 3 Feb 1825 John Vanstorre, Jr. Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
John McClintock Isabel Starrat 12 Jun 1820 James McClintock Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
John McClintock Mary Coble 25 May 1831 John C. Hackett A. E. Hanner
Lemmonds McClintock Mary Armfield 6 Aug 1832 H. Armfield A. E. Hanner
Saml. McClintock Jr. Catherine Vanstory 1 Dec 1842 Samuel McClintock, Sr. John M. Logan
William McClintock Lela Weatherley 16 Jul 1793 Mark Weatherly John Hamilton, C.C.
William McClintock Sarah Weatherly 23 Dec 1839 Martin B. Weatherly Job Worth
Forester McCoin Rebeca Perkins 18 Oct 1862 John M. Brittain Jesse Benbow
Robert McCuistion/McCuiston Ezibel Cunningham 29 Nov 1792 Jeremiah Cunningham [none]
William McKnight Mary Cummons 16 Jan 1802 William Dick William M. Walker
Adison McLain Catherine Lewey 15 Sep 1834 Wm. W. Forbis Orpheus S. Hanner
Fountain B. McLain Hannah Donnell 16 Dec 1828 Samuel Hatrick Jno. G. Hanner
Joseph McLain Catsey Tom 10 Jul 1801 William Thom John Hamilton
Joseph McLain Polly Collier 9 Mar 1825 James Weatherly Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
Jos. A. McLain Matilda C. Doak 16 Feb 1825 Forbus McCain Jno. Hanner, C.C.
William McLain Isbel Akin 4 Jan 1800 William Akin John Hamilton, C.C.
William A. McLain Peggy McBride 14 Dec 1824 James Weatherly Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
Marshal McLane Hannar Greer 5 Jun 1809 Wm Tap Jo. Davis, D.C.
David McLean Jane S. Paisley 28 Aug 1839 William S. Rankin John M. Logan
James McLean Laney Carman 14 Nov 1832 William Wilson A. E. Hanner
Joel McLean Mary Ann Peasley 4 Mar 1818 Saml. Kime J. Hanner, C.C.C.
John McLean Mary McMin 29 Nov 1790 Daniel McMin  
John McLean Polly Kerr 23 Sep 1822 James Wharton Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
John McLean Eliza Thom 11 Feb 1836 [none] A. E. Hanner, C.C.C.
John C. McLean Rebecca Rankin 4 Mar 1829 John Donnell A. E. Hanner
Jos. A. McLean Martha D. Hanner 12 Nov 1836 E. W. Caruthers W. W. Woodburn, C.C.C.
Marshal McLean Betsey Smith 6 Apr 1813 J. I. Smith  
Marshal McLean Mary Tom 16 Jul 1792 David McAdow  
Moses McLean Susanna Dick 11 Apr 1796 Obadiah Dick Henry Manship pending
Robert McLean Nanck Eakin 6 May 1791 William Peasley John Hamilton, C.C.
Thomas McLean Elizabeth McBride 2 Feb 1786 Isa. McBride W. Dent
Wm. McLean Betsey Foster 11 May 1796 Alexr. Foster Henry Manship
Boyd McNairy Elizabeth Jones 3 Mar 1842 Benja. Lancaster Green Morgan, J.P.
James McNairy, Jr. Sally W. Iams 30 Apr 1827 Jas. McNairy Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
W. H. McNairy Anna E. Mebane 21 Aug 1866 Wm. Dennis  


Marriages from 1771 to 1868 From Other Sources

Groom Bride Marriage Date Source  

Marriage Licenses

Be careful, as sometimes the mother listed may be the stepmother, if the father remarried.

License Date
Marriage Date



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