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When the marriage license indicates the person is "of color," that is noted after the person's name with a "(C)".
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Marriage Bonds

Bond Date
John Malan Mary Heath 12 Nov 1829 Walter A. Winbourn Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
James Middleton Lucy Grissom 25 Jul 1829 Robert Hickes A. E. Hanner
Lafayette Middleton Minerva Howard 8 Dec 1837 Jonathan Merideth John M. Logan, C.C.C.
Lafayette Middleton Judith Jones 25 Aug 1845 B. G. Graham John M. Logan
Thomas Middleton Margret Webb 16 Aug 1825 John M. Bunch Jno. G. Hanner
Wm. Middleton Sary T. Harris 22 Mar 1800 Danl. Barham John Hamilton
John Midleton Mary Pegram 13 Mar 1867 C. R. Benbow Jesse Benbow
Thomas Mooday Thankful McCuistion 3 Nov 1802 Joseph M[c]Cuistion John Hamilton
Isaac Newton Moody Jane McCuistion 16 Jan 1827 Thos. L. Moody [signing for Isaac Moody]; Thos. L. Moody Jno. G. Hanner; Thos. I. Oakes
Harbert C. Moor Sarah Peeples 8 Mar 1842 John Caruthers John M. Logan
Joseph Moor Mary Elliott 25 Dec 1845 Thos. Elliott  
Alfred S. Moore Sarah M. Wright 20 Aug 1867 [none] Lyndon Swaim, Clk.
Anderson Moore (C) Julia Ann Parker (C) 15 Nov 1866 Sidney Jeffreys (C) L. Swaim
Ansalem Moore Leathe Parish 14 Jan 1833 William Pattison A. E. Hanner
Elam Moore Susan Hedgcock 30 Nov 1857 J. B. Bodenhamer M. Hedgcock
Elijah Moore Jane M. Willbin 3 Aug 1856 Isaac Payne M. Hedgecock
Elmus Moore Alse Middleton 25 Dec 1823 James Wright Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
F. L. Moore Polly Blair 19 Nov 1833 D. F. Moore  
Harbert C. Moore Mary M. McKnight 18 Feb 1852 B. G. Graham John M. Logan, C.C.C.
Harbert C. Moore Polly Ann Love 19 Apr 1860 W. S. Moore L. Swaim
Hix Moore Sophia Caffey 23 Nov 1840 Michael C. Davis John M. Logan
Hix Moore Mary Ann Helton 31 Dec 1856 J. L. Hendrix L. Swaim
Hubbard P. Moore Hilda Smith 10 Oct 1844 John Smith R. W. G. Fox
James H. Moore Margrite Nickes 12 May 1803 William Mountgomery  
John Moore Jean Thornbury 16 Jul 1773 Thomas Clark Tho. Henderson
John Moore Comfort Rowans 20 Feb 1782 Cain Carrel  
John Moore Lydia Coe 12 Oct [1818] William Gilbreath J. Hanner, C.C.C.
John Moore Polly Bishop 9 Oct 1832 John Low A. E. Hanner
John Moore (C) Mary Cousins (C) 11 Jul 1867 [none] Lyndon Swaim, Clk.
John M. Moore Sarah Davis 10 Aug 1857 S. Barnes L. Swaim
John W. Moore Nancy C. Gilbreath 18 Dec 1849 Robert Gilbreath R. N. McCulloch
Lanay Moore Rachel Magee 21 Jan 1818 William More Wm T. Shields
Littleton R. Moore Mary Wray 4 Jun 1842 Wm. K. Lane John M. Logan
Morris Moore Rebecca Bales 27 Oct 1856 J. K. Pinnix N. M. Gardner, J.P.
Risdon Moore Ann Dent 5 Dec 1790 Will Dent T. Searcy
Robert W. Moore Margret Webb 30 Jul 1839 Wm. H. Moore John M. Logan, C.C.C.
Shilds Moore Edoth Hiatt 26 Sep 1823 Zach. Sadler A. E. Hanner, D.C.
Thomas Moore Elisabeth Monday 11 Sep 1797 William Monday  
Thos. Moore Ann Chilisley Goalsbery 1 Oct 1799 David Price John Hamilton, C.C.
Thos. Moore Mary Stewart 18 Jul 1840 Martin Moore John M. Logan
Thomas Moore Elizabeth Frazer 1 Mar 1849 B. F. Wheeler  
Thomas E. Moore Sumia Jones 16 Feb 1867 James McGee R. F. Sechrest
Thomas H. Moore Emily D. Rankin 9 Dec 1850 Levi Stephens  
Tunen Moore Margaret Bowen 15 Jun 1797 John McPeak J. Hamilton, C.C.
William Moore Elizabeth Booker 10 Oct 1832 Wm. Green A. E. Hanner
William G. Moore Adaline Ward 7 Mar 1853 John W. Moore B. G. Graham
Wm. H. Moore Letitia E. Causey 24 Apr 1855 Jos Gibson  
William J. Moore Sarah Gilbreath -- --- 1850 Benjamin F. Swaim E. B. Joyce
William James Moore Mary Elizabeth Murphy 2 Sep 1867 [none] Will U. Steiner, D.C.
William S. Moore D. Callie Woodburn 2 Nov 1858 Wm. C. Porter H. C. Willis
Willis Moore Martha Tasey 3 Mar 1798 Starling White John Hamilton
James More Nancy Jackson 16 Jan 1827 Green Ross Jno. G. Hanner
Habekuk Morgin Nancey Heath 10 Jan 1803 John Morgin Roddy Hannah

Christopher Moring Frances Benceini 24 Dec 1846 W(m). H. Moring    
John A. Moring Isabella Dick 5 May 1847 Jas. M. Garrett R. N. McCulloch  
Robert Morrow Elizabeth Shaw 20 May 1779 William Dick W. Dent


Marriages from 1771 to 1868 From Other Sources

Groom Bride Marriage Date Source  

Marriage Licenses

Be careful, as sometimes the mother listed may be the stepmother, if the father remarried.

License Date
Marriage Date



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