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When the marriage license indicates the person is "of color," that is noted after the person's name with a "(C)".
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Marriage Bonds

Bond Date
Francis Landrith Agness Hall 31 Jul 1797 John Hall J. Hamilton
Addison Lea Elizabeth J. Patrick 5 Oct 1840 Wm. B. Wood J. Worth
Joseph H. Leak Mary A. Shaw 10 Sep 1841 Wm. E. Wright John M. Logan, C.C.C.
Lemeul Leak Mrs. Elizabeth Mendenhall 10 May 1842 Joseph Coffin  
A. J. Lee Lousa Peepeeples 6 Jul 1861 F. W. Sapp Jesse Benbow
Benjamin Lee Nancy W. McKinny 27 Oct 1852 Isaac C. Lee  
Harbard Lee Lucy Ballard 12 Aug 1836 Jas. C. Smith W. W. Woodburn
H. W. Lee Harriet J. Smith 11 Apr 1861 Wm. Massey H. C. Willis
Isaac C. Lee Harriett I. Boyd 8 Dec 1856 Henry Lee Lyndon Swaim, C.C.
Jesse Lee Meria Smith 20 Oct 1846 James Middleton R. N. McCulloch
John Lee Sophia Apple 10 Aug 1827 F. L. Simpson Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
John W. Lee Levenia Ramsey 9 Feb 1860 Haywood Preddy H. C. Willis
Joshua Lee Mary Coots 17 Sep 1821 A. E. Hanner Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
Middleton Lee Rebecca Self 19 May 1829 John W. Brimm A. E. Hanner
Wililam E. W. Lee Harriet E. McKinny 22 Jan 1850 Robert D. McCuiston N. R. Sapp, J.P.
Wm. S. Lee Lucy J. Nelson 16 Oct 1866 Henry Anthony  
William Leek Jane Gough 16 Oct 1799 Samuel Gough John Hamilton
James Leonard Solama Hall 11 Aug 1837 John Stephenson D. A. Gillaspie, D.C.
I. J. M. Lindsay Jane E. Dick 18 Apr 1832 Jesse H. Lindsay A. E. Hanner
Wm. R. D. Lindsay Rebeccah C. Dick 14 Oct 1825 W. H. Cummings Jno. G. Hanner
John M. Logan Nancy Patrick 16 Feb 1825 David Scott Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.

Marriages from 1771 to 1868 From Other Sources

Groom Bride Marriage Date Source  

Marriage Licenses

Be careful, as sometimes the mother listed may be the stepmother, if the father remarried.

License Date
Marriage Date



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