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When the marriage license indicates the person is "of color," that is noted after the person's name with a "(C)".
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Marriage Bonds

Bond Date
John W. Haith Martha J. Hardin 22 Oct 1851 Jabin Erwin B. G. Graham
Eli Hall Anne Forbis 9 Nov 1825 Abner Forbis A. E. Hanner pending
Elijah Hall Elenor Parsons 7 Nov 1828 James Anthony John M. Logan, C.C.C.
Elijah Hall Rebecca Hudson 27 Mar 1846 Abner Stephenson John M. Logan
Franklin Hall Threseasey Ann Shepherd 26 Apr 1859 William Stephenson H. C. Willis
Isaac C. Hall Emily S. Mendenhall 24 Jan 1853 Walter R. L. Crowson B. G. Graham
James Hall Rebeckah Forbush 22 Jul 1793 John Forbis [none] #1 & #2
Revd Jas D. Hall Isabella Scott 14 Oct 1834 E. W. Caruthers A. E. Hanner
James M. Hall Asenath Wiley 8 May 1854 Lucien N. Bruce L. Swaim
John Hall (C) Jane Friend (C) 30 Oct 1865 Derry Rankin (C) L. Swaim
John Hall (C) Mary Wadkins (C) 15 Aug 1866 Scott Hall (C) L. Swaim
John A. Hall Elizabeth Smith 29 Jun 1837 Jonas B. Ballentine [none]
Levi Hall Prissilly Jones 16 Jan 1799 John Ellet William Blair
Robert Hall Ruth Wiley 15 Feb 1832 A. W. Forbis A. E. Hanner
Soloman Hall Diana Swindle 10 Oct 1844 Elisha Leonard R. W. G. Fox
Wm Hall Mary Hyatt 16 Feb 1785 John Wright Will Dent
William Hall Betsey Waggoner 12 Nov 1821 Thomas Prior [none]
Wm. A. Hall Margaret Coble 5 Apr 1851 D. F. Caldwell E. B. Joyce
John Harrison Sarah Benbow 21 Jan 1826 Joshua Foster A. E. Hanner pending
Gideon Harriss Nancy A. Hall 23 Apr 1829 Jonathan Merideth Jno. G. Hanner
William Hath Elizabeth Perrey 16 Apr 1838 Franklin Farrington Green Morgan, J.P.
Augustas S. Heath Talitha Jane Alexander 11 Sep 1867 [none] Lyndon Swaim, Clk.
Ephram Heath Elizabeth Brawley 30 May 1836 Alfred M. Dilling W. W. Woodburn, C.C.C.
Ervin Heath Sarah Webb 21 May 1832 James Gilmer A. E. Hanner, D.C. & Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
James Heath Nancy Pettigrew 21 Sep 1824 William Pettigrew Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
James Heath Sarah Fountain 26 Nov 1829 H. J. Warren A. E. Hanner
John Heath Charrotey Morgan 29 Oct 1808 Habekuk Morgan R. Hanner
John Heath Rebecca Gordon 9 Jul 1831 R. Burney A. E. Hanner
Morris Heath Lucretia Helton 23 Jun 1847 James H. Brown R. N. McCulloch
Preestly Heath Elizabeth Hilton 22 Nov 1848 William G. Davis John M. Logan
Priestly G. Heath Martha Taylor 25 Oct 1838 Adam D. Scott John M. Logan
Robert Heath Milley Perdue 29 Dec 1811 Saml. Heath Jo. Davis, D.C.
Robert F. Heath Mary Jane O'Meara 13 Oct 1862 Jehu M. Cates L. Swaim
Robert F. Heath Ellen Jane Summers 7 Dec 1864 John W. Forbes L. Swaim
Smith Heath Rebeca Rumley 9 Dec 1843 Ervin Heath John M. Logan
Wm. Heath Beatsey Rumbley 19 Feb 1810 Heabekuk Morgan Roddy Hannah
Wm. P. Heath Elizah A. Thompson 28 Sep 1853 J. W. Heath R. T. Woodburn
Kerney Hicks Martha Deen 17 Feb 1844 Thomas Jackson John M. Logan
Ellis Hoskins Sally McCuistion 4 Dec 1821 Joshua Foster Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.
Alfred Howlett Patsy Heath 11 Jan 1826 Robert Pritchett Jno. G. Hanner
Hartwell Huffman Elizabeth Devault 29 Sep 1823 Jonathan Strader Jno. G. Hanner
Hillary Huffman Sally Clapp 30 Dec 1831 Hezekiah Coble A. E. Hanner
John Huffman Mary Ann Cook 2 Apr 1842 J. McCuistin  
John Huffman Sarah Boon 26 May 1853 John Boon Abrm. Clapp
J. R. Huffman Maria Welker 5 Dec 1866 James Rankin L. Swaim
Martin Huffman Nancy J. Pegram 24 Jun 1866 T. W. Pearce J. S. Brown, J.P.
Monroe Huffman (C) Dilsey Sockwell (C) 7 Mar 1867 Alfred Gibson (C)  
Oliver Huffman Isabella McCauley 4 Jun 1831 Hezekiah Coble A. E. Hanner
Eli Hutson Centha Heath 28 Aug 182_ James Heath Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.


Marriages from 1771 to 1868 From Other Sources

Groom Bride Marriage Date Source  

Marriage Licenses

Be careful, as sometimes the mother listed may be the stepmother, if the father remarried.

License Date
Marriage Date



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