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When the marriage license indicates the person is "of color," that is noted after the person's name with a "(C)".
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Marriage Bonds

Remember:  (1) not all marriages required bonds,
and (2) the date of the bond is not necessarily the date of the marriage.
In fact, the existence of a marriage bond does not guarantee that a marriage occurred. Seek other proof.

Bond Date
Marriage Date
John Forbas Elizabeth Heathcock 1 Apr 1812   Arthur Forbes  
Hugh Forbes Elizabeth Gorrel 30 Jan 1787   Hugh Matthews  
David Forbis Creasy Carmack 1 Apr 1828   William Forbs  
Eli Forbis Nancy Hall 5 Jan 1821   James Hall  
Elisha Forbis Sarah Ross 7 Jan 1840   William Sloan  
Jesse Forbis Jennett Stewart 6 Feb 1799   Joseph Gilmer  
John Forbis Elizabeth Wily 18 Sep 1786   Thos. Wiley  
John Forbis Polly Galbreath 12 Mar 1817   William Gilbreth  
John Forbis Tabay R. Matthews 17 Mar 1829   William Forbis  
John Forbis Elizabeth Clark 18 Apr 1839   Peter Iseley  
John Forbis, Jr. Mary Omerry 16 Aug 1836   Archd. Murphey  
Levi Forbus (Forbis) Ferreby Barrow 24 Dec 1818   Nathan Gladson  
Ralph Forbis Sally Cossey 17 Dec 1810   William Causey  
R. A. Forbis Elenor Cooper 20 Mar 1839   John A. Cooper  
William Forbis Margrite McBride 12 Apr 1798   John Gilmer  
William Forbis Margerat Coble 4 Sep 1827   George Coble  
Wm. W. Forbis Margaret Neese 8 Sep 1836   Peter Iseley  
Arthur Forbush (Forbis) Elizabeth Matthews 15 Aug 1794   William Matthews  

Marriages from 1771 to 1868 From Other Sources

Groom Bride Marriage Date Source  

Quaker Marriage Information and Examples

Marriage Licenses

Be careful, as sometimes the mother listed may be the stepmother, if the father remarried.

License Date
Marriage Date




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