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When the marriage license indicates the person is "of color," that is noted after the person's name with a "(C)".
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Marriage Bonds

Bond Date
R. Y. Davis Elizabeth A. Lloyd 21 Aug 1855 J. W. Payne H. C. Willis  
Allen Deney/Denney Martha Donnell 20 Dec 1826 Thomas R. Sawyer A. E. Hanner  
James Denney Hanna Donnal 22 Jul 1799 Thomas Donnel Alex. Gray  
James Denney Sarah Ross 22 May 1810 John Gambell Jo. Davis, D.C.  
James Denney Abgal Pearce 8 Mar 1815 David Wilie/Wiley Jo. Davis, D.C.  
Joseph Denny Sariah Gray 24 Feb 1791 Robert O. Gray Alex. Gray  
Samuel H. Denney Sarah G. Hatrick 10 Mar 1830 William Green A. E. Hanner  
William Denney Jane Ryan 4 Feb 1822 David Scott Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.  
William M. Denney Emily McKnight 20 Jul 1836 Joab Hiatt W. W. Woodburn, Clk.  
Daniel Dennis Polly McCuiston 12 Jun 1833 Allen McCuiston A. E. Hanner  
John Dennis Milley Clayton 13 Jan 1824 James Wright A. E. Hanner  
Joseph H. Dennis Isabella McCuiston 19 Mar 1833 B. Allen McCuiston A. E. Hanner  
William Dennis Betsey Hoskins 15 Sep 1800 Daniel Dennis    
William Dennis Rebecca Hodgin 26 Nov 1827 William Dicks? [torn]    
Alexander C. Denny Cornelia Frances Gray 9 Sep 1867 [none] Lyndon Swaim, Clk.  
Allen Denny Mary M. Gilmer 29 Jul 1839 N. B. Houston J. M. Logan, C.C.C.  
Eli Denny Lasana McLean 12 Nov 1834 William D. Scott A. E. Hanner  
Eli Denny Mary Hanner 13 Nov 1861 W. C. Denny R. F. Sechrest  
Elijah Denny Elizabeth Forbis 9 May 1821 James Wilson Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.  
George Denny Jane Denny 11 Jan 1774 Jasmes Denny    
George Denny Margret Donold 23 Feb 1775 William Anderson Alex. McClaran  
George A. Denny Thankful Asenith Wiley 13 Oct 1858 Ezra Willis H. C. Willis  
James Denny Caty McKnight 1 Sep 1801 John McKnight James McNary  
James P. Denny Julia L. McLean 1 Jun 1857 William R. McLean L. Swaim  
Jno. R. Denny Elisabeth McLean 22 Dec 1841 Jos. A. McLean John M. Logan, C.C.C.  
Levi Denny Rebecca R. Denny 13 Jul 1836 James R. Gilmer W. W. Woodburn, C.C.C.  
Robert W. Denny Eliza Ann Willis 6 Dec 1858 J. W. Payne L. Swaim  
Rufus K. Denny Louisa B. Rice 2 Oct 1848 Robt. W. Denny John M. Logan  
Rufus K. Denny Mary A. McNairy 4 Nov 1856 William S. Moore L. Swaim, C.C.C.  
Samuel Denny Martha A. White 28 Feb 1862 John W. McMurry L. Swaim  
Samuel Denny Levenia Donnell 21 Mar 1832 Emsley Donnell A. E. Hanner  
Walter Denny Anne Bracy 27 May 1830 James Gray, Jr. Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.  
William Denny Jane McMurray 16 Oct 1811 John Mitchell, Jr. Jo. Davis, D.C.  
William P. Denny Emeline J. Hunt 8 Oct 1860 Eli Denny R. F. Sechrest  
Ervin Dick (C) Eliza Cummings (C) 30 Nov 1867 [none] Lyndon Swaim  
James Dick Isbela McClintock 29 Mar 1786 John McClintock T. Searcy, C.C. pending
James Dick Martha Galbreath 14 Jan 1823 John M. Dick Jno. Hanner, C.C.C. pending
James H. Dick Nancy Jane Paisley 2 Mar 1844 J. W. Gilmer John M. Logan  
James T. Dick Mary Jane Wiley 18 May 1852 E. L. Smith John M. Logan  
John Dick [name not given] 30 Mar 1793 Hardress Hawkins [none] # 1
John G. A. Dick Mary E. Dodson 12 Nov 1861 James W. Dick H. C. Willis  
John S. Dick Dora A. Wharton 8 Jan 1866 Franklin Dick L. Swaim  
Obediah Dick Rebeckah Thompson 29 Dec 1803 John Thompson Jo. Davis #1 & #2
Ralph H. Dick Angelina Dick 10 Oct 1860 Franklin Dick L. Swaim  
Reubin Dick Lucretia Galbreath 9 Jan 1821 William H. Patterson Jno. Hanner, D.C. pending
Thomas Dick Jean Erwin 10 Jan 1792 Andrew McNairy John Hamilton, C.C. pending
Thomas Dick Anna Hall 26 Aug 1812 James Hall Jo. Davis, D.C. #1 & #2
Robert Dickens Luzena Farrington 26 May 1861 Milton Farrington A. H. Lindsay, J.P.  
Albert Dickey (C) Martha Hill (C) 23 Dec 1867 [none] Will U. Steiner, D.C.  
Georg Dickey Elizabeth F. Hobbs 13 Nov 1834 Milton Hobbs A. E. Hanner  
Madison B. Dickey Martha A. Wiley 20 Dec 1854 James T. Dick L. Swaim  
Matthew Dickey Rebecka Wiley 16 Jan 1788 Wm. Wiley T. Searcy  
Charles Dickinson Jinna Erwin 10 Dec 1811 John Thompson John Hamilton  
Cornelius T. Dicks Margret Blackburn 14 Oct 1841 Lindsay Leoned/Lenard John M. Logan  
Jesse Dicks Rachel Beals 26 Sep 1825 Jonathan Parker A. E. Hanner  
John Dickson Hannah Sweet 5 Jan 1841 Wm. S. Rankin John M. Logan  
Edwin Dison (C) Frances Dungan (C) 28 Jan 1868 [none] Will U. Steiner, D.C.  
Gabriel Dison Jemimiah Lamb 23 Jun 1798 James Wier Christopher Bernhard  
Thomas Dison (FPC) Nancy Penn/Peen (FPC) 16 Oct 1858 Alexr. Dison (C) Lyndon Swaim, C.C.C.  
Jesse Dixon Loday Winter 27 Nov 1772 Charles Moffett/Moffit Alex. McClaran  
John Dixon Charity Howlette 16 Dec 1816 Stephen Goufh/Goff J. Hanner, C.C.C.  
Obid. M. Dixon Adaline Beard 11 Nov 1850 John J. Armfield J. C. Lamb, J.P.  
William Dixon Nancy Tomey 12 Feb 1800 William Williams John Hamilton  
Elliott Dixson/Dickson Sally Gardner 14 Dec 1822 John Irwin Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.  
Henry Dixson [no name given] [no date] Abraham Taylor    
James W. Doak Hannah Ogburn 14 Jul 1818 John McCain J. Hanner, C.C.C.  
James W. Doak Joeney P. Cole 25 Oct 1828 A. E. Hanner Jno. Hanner, C.C.C.  
James W. Doak Martha M. Scott 28 Sep 1859 Pinkney A. Tatum H. C. Willis  
John Doak Agnis Ervin 29 Oct 1773 Robert Ervin Andrew Scott, Isham Browder  
John Doak Mary Foster 10 Jul 1793 Robert Foster    
Robert Doak Jane Scott 28 Jan 1831 [none] Robert Gallaway, C.C.C.  
William Doak Polly McMurry 16 Oct 1802 John Doak Roddy Hannah, J.P.  
William Doak Thankful Gillaspie 16 Oct 1802 Robert Gillaspie John Hamilton  
David Doake Mary Hanna 1 Jun 1773 John Hanner/Hanna Tho. Henderson  

Marriages from 1771 to 1868 From Other Sources

Groom Bride Marriage Date Source  

Marriage Licenses

Be careful, as sometimes the mother listed may be the stepmother, if the father remarried.

License Date
Marriage Date



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