Bible Records of Greene Co., NC

Dr. G. C. & Katherine Edwards --- J. W. & Nancy F. Grainger ---

Jesse F. & Nancy Sugg Harper --- Jonas Calip & Ann Hooten ---

John & Ferebee Noble Howard --- Needham & Elizzabeth Moore.

Katherine Herman Edwards Bible
    Contributed by: Sloan Mason
    Handwritten copy found in the records of Frederick Lee Edwards
    Dr. G. C. Edwards to Miss Katherine E. Herman on June 15, 1901 by Rev. 
    W. A. Forbes
    Peter Herman Edwards son of G. C. & Katherine Edwards April 12, 1902
    Alonzo Clay Edwards, son of G. C. & Katherine Edwards Sept. 29, 1904
    Katherine Jay & Christine Dixon, daughters of Dr. G. C. & Katherine 
    Edwards Aug 9. 1906
    Grandison Christine Edwards son of Rev. James Alonzo and Fannie Edwards 
    May 30, 1858
    Katherine Elisabeth Herman daughter of Rev. Peter L. and Fannie Herman 
    March 7, 1865
    Peter Herman Edwards on the fourth Sunday afternoon in June 1902 by 
    Rev. E. Pope
    Alonzo Clay Edwards in June 1905 by Rev. E. H. Davis
    Katherine Jay & Christine Dixon Edwards on the 4th Sunday morning in 
    the M. E. Church, Sept 1907, by Rev. R. F. Taylor


Grainger Bible
    This bible is displayed at Heritage Place at Lenoir Community College in Kinston, N.C.
    Family Record
    J. W. GRAINGER, Greene Co., N.C.-b. Oct. 15, 1845-m. Jany 28, 1868-
    d. Feb. 22, 1910
    Sallie L. GRAINGER, Greene Co., N.C.-b. Sept. 17, 1849-m. Jany. 28, 1868-
    d. June 3, 18-3?
    Capitolia C. GRAINGER, Greene Co., N.C.-b. March 25, 1869-m. April 3rd, 1901?-
    d. March 8, 1937
    Herman H. GRAINGER-Greene Co., N.C.-b. Sept. 2nd, 1871-m. Feb. 12, 1896-
    d. July 1, 1920.
    Mary May GRAINGER-Greene Co., N.C.-b. May 22, 1873---------------------
    d. Oct. 7, 1921
    Sallie GRAINGER-Greene Co., N.C.-b. Sept. 20th, 1876-m. Jan. 25th, 1902------------------
    Henry F. GRAINGER-Lenoir Co., N.C.-b. Sept. 10th, 1879----------------------
    d. April 28th, 1892.
    Danil T. EDWARDS-Greene Co., N.C.-b. Oct. 16, 1870; m. April 3, 1901;
    d. May 22, 1955
    Capitola Grainger EDWARDS-Greene Co., N.C., b. March 25, 1869, m. April 3, 1901;
    d. Mar. 8, 1937
    Jessie Grainger EDWARDS-New York City, b. Feb. 22, 1902------------------------
    d. March 7, 1902
    Sarah Grainger EDWARDS-Kinston, N.C.-b. Sept. 3, 1904, m. Dec. 27, 1925
    Mary Eleanor EDWARDS-Kinston, N.C.-b. May 6, 1907-m. Nov. 28, 1933,
    d. Oct. 16, 1995.
    Capitola Virginia EDWARDS-Kinston, N.C.-b. Nov. 17, 1909-m. June 4th?, 1930-
    d. Jan. 9, 1996.
Jesse F. and Nancy J. Harper Bible
    Jesse F. and Nancy J. Harper Bible
               Transcribed Nov. 2005, from original bible pages. Scans of original            bible pages are in 
               possession of transcriber.
               New Illustrated Devotional and Practical Polyglot Family Bible (Published            
               by The National Publishing Company, Ziegler & McCurdy, Jones Brothers            & Co., 
               M.A. Parker & Co., 1870)
               This Certifies That the Rite of Holy Matrimony was Celebrated Between            J. H. 
               Harper of Greene County and Nannse J. Sugg of Greene County on the 21st            day 
               of Oct. at Snow Hill 1869. By Rev. Thomas Moore of Greene County, State            of 
               North Carolina Witness: Richard Harper Witness: Mr. John H Freeman.
               Jesse F. Harper an Nancy Jo Harper his Wife were Married Oct 21th 1869
               Mollie E. Harper and Edward J. Sugg were married November 2th 1898.            
               Rev L. J. Holden officiated.
               Emma C. Harper and Marcus Herbert Potter were married November 26, 1902,            
               Rev. E. Pope officiated.
               Alice H. Harper and Joseph Warren Parker were married April 28, 1903.            
               Rev. E. Pope officiated.
               Charles H. Harper and Margaret W. Holmes were married Dec. 20, 1904            
               Rev. E.C. Sell officiated.
               Edward Johnston Harper and Catherine Sugg were married Nov. 26, 1913.            
               Rev. W.E. Hocutt officiated.
               Jesse Francis Harper and Laura Cobb were married Feb. 28, 1925. 
               Rev. J.A. Russell officiated.
               Jesse Francis Harper was born Nov 11th 1846
               Nancy Josiah Harper was born May 25th 1850
               Lena Rivers Elizabeth Harper Daughter of Jesse F. Harper an Nancy J.            Harper 
               was born Jan 5th 1871
               Emma Cornelia Harper was born April 13th 1872
               Mary Etta Harper was born April 13th 1874
               Martha Virgenna Harper was born May 6th 1876
               Jesse Francis Harper was born Jan. 14th 1879
               Charles Hopten Harper born June 26th 1880
               Lemuel Thomas Harper born Jan 29th 1883
               Alice Harvey Harper born Nov 11th 1884
               Edward Johnston Harper born Aug 19th 1887
               Jesse Francis Harper was born May 19th 1893
               Lena Elizabeth Harper died June 25th 1871
               Martha Virgenna Harper died Oct 11th 1878
               Jesse Francis Harper died May 22nd 1879
               Lemuel Thomas Harper died March 6th 1883
               Jesse Francis Harper Sr. son of Charles H. Harper and Elizabeth Wood            Harper 
               and husband of Nancy J. Sugg Harper died Oct. 20, 1927 at Snow Hill,            
               Greene Co. N.C. 
               Nancy Joe Sugg Harper, daughter of Josiah and Mary E. Harper Sugg, and            wife 
               of Jesse Francis Harper Sr. Died at Snow Hill, N.C. Friday a.m. 8:50            o’clock, 
               December 27th, 1940.
               Mary Etta (Mollie) Harper Sugg, daughter of Jesse F. Harper Sr. &            wife Nancy 
               Joe Harper, died Oct. 22, 1934 in Greene Co. N.C. She was the wife of            
               John Ed Sugg Sr.
               Emma Cornelia Harper Potter, dau. of Jesse F. Harper & wife Nancy            Joe Harper 
               died Oct. 20, 1943. She was the wife of Marcus Herbert Potter. She died            at 
               [Snow Hill crossed out] Wilson Hospital, Wilson, N.C.
               Infant son of Mollie E. & Edward J. Sugg was born Nov. 12, 1899            and died 
               Dec. 9th 1899.
               Vira Lee Parker daughter of J. W. and Alice H. Parker was born Feb.            28 - ‘04, 
               died July 22, ‘04.
               Infant son of Emma C. & Herbert Potter was born Aug. 10, 1906.
               Infant son of Alice H. And J. W. Parker was born Feb. 22, 1910.
               Joseph Warren Parker Jr. son of Alice H. and J. W. Parker was born 
               Oct. 12, 1911, died Nov. 20, 1911. Age 1 mo. - 8 days.
               Alice Harper Parker dau. of J. W. Parker & Alice Harper Parker born            
               Jan. 4, 1925
               Marcus Herbert Potter, Sr. Husband of Emma Harper Potter, b. Sept. 20,            1873 - 
               died Dec. 8, 1934.
               Blanche Williams Harper, daughter of Charles H. Harper and wife Margaret            
               Holmes Harper, born Aug. 30, 1915 - died Sept. 6, 1915.
               Joseph Warren Parker, husband of Alice Harper Parker b. May 30, 1859            - 
               died July 3, 1939.
               Transcribers note: The following had been hand written on one page in            the 
               bible. It appears the author transcribed information from other family            
               bibles to add to this Harper Bible. It appears to have been written            at one 
               time as the ink and handwriting do not change for any entry.
               Copied from Family Bibles
               Charles Hopton Harper, son of Charles Hopton Harper & Mary Melvina            Sugg, & 
               father of Jesse Francis Harper Sr., was born Feb. 2, 1824, & died            Oct. 5, 1880.
               Elizabeth Wood Harper, his wife, & dau. of Jesse Wood & Elany            Wade Wood, was 
               born Jan. 18, 1829 & died July 9, 1893. This couple was married            June 18, 1844.
               Charles Hopton Harper, grand-father of Jesse Francis Harper Sr., &            son of 
               Francis Harper & Theresa Hopton Harper, was born Sept. 28, 1790            & died 
               Apr. 5, 1846. Mary Melvina Sugg, his wife, & dau. of John Sugg &            wife Martha 
               Aldridge, was born Feb. 26, 1794 - died _______.
               This couple was married in 1809.
               Josiah Sugg, father of Nancy Joe Sugg, & son of Lemuel Sugg &            Nancy Hardy Sugg, 
               was born Apr. 5, 1821, died Dec. 20, 1876. His wife, Mary Elizabeth            Harper Sugg, 
               & mother of Nancy Joe Sugg Harper, and dau. of Charles Hopton Harper            & wife 
               Mary Melvina Sugg, was born Apr. 2, 1826 - died Oct. 31, 1870. This            couple 
               married in 1843.
               Lemuel Sugg, grand-father of Nancy Joe Sugg Harper, wife of Jesse Francis            
               Harper Sr., was born Feb. 17, 1778 - died Nov. 14, 1852.
               Lemuel Sugg & Nancy Hardy Sugg were married in 1802.
               Nancy Hardy Sugg, gr. mother of Nancy Joe Sugg Harper, dau. of Lemuel            Hardy & 
               Mary Sutton, was born Mar. 24, 1782 - died Oct. 22, 1844.
               Lemuel Hardy was a Revolutionary soldier. See national number, 220832,            D.A.R.
               Jesse Wood born Apr. 4, 1784 - died July 16, 1849. Married Elaney Wade            Wood 
               in 1826. Elaney Wade Wood born Apr. 20, 1810 died Mar. 9, 1898.
               These are the parents of Elizabeth Wood, mother of Jesse Francis Harper,            
               Their children were:
               Elizabeth Wood, born Jan. 18, 1829 - died July 9, 1893 - md. Chas. H.            Harper.
               Lucetta Wood “ Nov. 10, 1830 - died ________ md. Jim Wood.
               Compency “ Feb. 25, 1833 - died _________ “ Rev. Thomas Moore
               Jennett “ Aug. 5, 1835 __________ ___________________
               Arreny “ 1838 ” Richard Warren
               Jesse Ann “ Feb. 17, 1841 
               Dempsey “ Sept. 13, 1843
               Elmira “ July 20, 1845 md. Dempsey Wood
               Elaney Ellen(Puss) “ May 19, 1848 “ Jim Wright Taylor
Hooten Family Bible
Contributed by: Sloan Mason
Transcribed by Sloan Mason from several different sources: 1)Records of John R.
HOOTEN, Attorney; of Oriental, N.C.; J.C. HOOTEN of Grifton, N.C.- I have 
compared them with the HOOTEN bible records published by Bill Murphy in 
"Dobbs Co., N.C. Bible Records, Vol. III" and they seem to be very similar.

HOOTEN Family Bible

Jonas Calip HOOTEN born Nov. 12, 1749
Married Ann HOOTEN, born Nov. 5, 1756.
Their Children:
Lemald C.HOOTEN born 4, --- 1772.
November - 1773.
Caleb HOOTEN, son of Caleb born May 5, 1775.
Will Reason?/Mason? HOOTEN born Oct. 13, 1776.
Sarah HOOTEN born May 15, 1778.
Ann? HOOTEN born Nov. 19, 1779.
Tabethea HOOTEN born Oct. 22, 1781.
Talethea HOOTEN born Oct. 9, 1782.
Fannie HOOTEN born April 1789.

Caleb HOOTEN married Louisa FIFE in Craven Co., 15 Jan. 1829.
The 1820 Census shows Anna HOOTEN, Caleb HOOTEN & John HOOTEN in Lenoir Co., N.C
Howard Family Bible
    Contributed by: Sloan Mason
    Transcribed by Sloan Mason with permission of the Heritage Room at 
    Lenoir Community College.
    (Surnames capitalized for easier reading)
    No dates are on this record
    Great Grand Parents
    Grand Father's Father-John HOWARD
    Grand Father's Mother-Ferebee HOWARD
    Grand Mother's Father-Richard NOBLE
    Grand Mother's Mother-Pollie NOBLE
    Mother's Grand Parents
    Grand Father's Father-John COWARD
    Grand Father's Mother-Mary E. DIXON
    Grand Mother's Father-Windsor? DIXON
    Grand Mother's Mother-Sallie DUNN
    Grand Parents
    Father's Father-Samuel HOWARD
    Father's Mother-Pollie HOWARD
    Mother's Father-John H. COWARD
    Mother's Mother-Mary E. COWARD
    C.? W. HOWARD
    Nancy D. COWARD


Moore Bible
Needham Moore and Elizabeth his wife was married Dec 22nd A D 1829          
Julia Ann Moore was Married To Thomas Sutton Dec 30th A D 1852 
Burrill H Canady and Susan C Moore was Marri- ed Novr 8th A D 1853          
Dreury H Phillips and Martha J E Moore was Married May 1st A D 1856          
William C Moore and Susan C Jackson were Married Oct 20th A D 1864          
Births. Family Register 
Needham Moore was Born October 29th A D 1806 
Elizabeth Moore his wife was born Oct 11th A D 1812 
Their Children: 
Julia Ann Moore was Born Oct 13th A D 1830 
Susan Catharine Moore was born Oct 3rd A D 1832 
Franklin Jackson Moore was born Dec 18th A D 1834 
Martha Jane Elizabeth Moore was born Feb 16th A D 1837 
James Jefferson Moore was born Dec 23th A D 1838 
William Charles Moore was born April 5th A D 1841 
Jesse Richard Moore was born July 8th A D 1844 
Family Register Continued 
Henry Hardy Moore was born Aug 6th A D 1847 
Thomas Alfred Moore was born July 19th A D 1849 
Mary Francis Moore was born Dec 6th A D 1852 
Needham Jacob Moore was born March 3rd 1855 
Burrell H Canady Son of Burrel W and Susan C Canada was born the 19th          August A D 1854 
Nancy Elizabeth Canada was born the 2nd of Sept A D 1857 
[column 2] William F Phillips Son of Drury H. Phillips & Martha          his wife was born the 30th of Oct 1857 
Thomas Spencer Phillips son of Drury H Phillips and Martha his wife          was born the 2nd of August A D 1860 
Susan Catharine Phillips was borned Feb 3rd A D 1863 
Needham M. Phillips was borned March 28th A D 1865 
Albert Phillips was born the 11th of April A D 1869 
James H. Phillips was born the 10th of January 1870 
Burrell H. Canada died Oct. 13th A D 1854 
Drury H. Phillips Died Dec 24st AD 1870 
Martha J. Phillips wife of D. H. Phillips Died July 23rd A D. 1876          
Needham Moore Died April 21st A.D. 1880 
Mary F. Moore wife of J. C. Moore Died Sept. 4th 1881. 
Elizabeth Moore wife of Needham Moore Died Dec 30th 1882. 
Needham Jacob Moore Died 7th Jan. 1883. 
William C. Moore Died Feb. 12th 1885 
Thomas A. Moore Died May 4th 1885.



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