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for Greene County, North Carolina

Carolina Centinel
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New Bern, NC
Carolina Centinel    2-16-1822
   On Monday the 11th instant, in Pollok-street, Newbern, a red Morocco 
POCKET BOOK-- containing three judgments against William Croom, two for 
one hundred dollars each, the other for thirty-four dollars and some 
cents; one note of Richard Sutton, in favor of the subscriber, for 
twenty--five dollars; one note of William Isler, in favor of Philip 
Miller, the exact amount not recollected ; a note of Sharp Speight, in 
favor of the subscriber ; three receipts of William Huggins, constable, 
for paper put in his hands-- besides a number of other papers.
  A reasonable reward will be paid to any person who will leave said 
Pocket Book and contents at the store of Messrs, J.Gooding, & Co.
                                     Benjamin IV. Hargett.
                                     Jones County, Feb. 12, 1822.

             Carolina Centinel    8/26/1820
                     20  Dollars
RAN AWAY, from the subscriber, at Smith's Creek, on the 23d of July 
last, his Negro Man SAM, He is about twenty years of age, black 
complexion, likely appearance, and has a pleasant look,---Has a scar, 
occasioned by a cut, on or near one of his knees.  SAM was at the late 
Camp Meeting, at Adams' Creek, whence he ran away, after having been 
flogged for stealing several different articles.  It is supposed he is 
lurking about the plantation of Mr. John C. Stanly and between there 
and Kinston, near which place he has a sister.----
  The above reward will be paid on his being delivered at, the Jail in 
Newbern, or at any Jail, so that I get him.
                                        GIDEON CARRAWAY.
                                      August 26th, 1820--- 127 tf.

                        Carolina Centinel    11/18/1820
                        State of North Carolina
                             LENOIR COUNTY
James Ingram,  }           Original Attachment
       vs,     }             Levied on Land.
Edward Ingram, }            
  It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that Edward Ingram, 
the Defendant in this case, is not an inhabitant of this State, the 
Court do therefore order, that publication be made for three months in 
the Carolina Centinel, printed in Newbern, that unless he appear before 
the Justices of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, to be held for 
the County of Lenoir, at the Court House in Kinston, on the first 
Monday in January next, and then and there answer or demur, Judgment 
will be entered against him, in the amount of the Plaintiff's debt and 
                                   By order,
                                   C. WESTBROOK, C.C.
                 Carolina Centinel    11/25/1820
  At Kinston, Lenoir County, on Wednesday the 15th inst. Mrs.
Elizabeth Cobb, in the 68th year of her age.
RANAWAY from the Subscriber's plantation, in Jones county on the 21st 
October last, his Negro Man Joe : he is about 5 feet 8 inches high, 
black complected, in his common walk goes bent forward in his knees, 
his toes rather inward, has a large scar on one of his hands, 
occasioned by a burn, and a small piece of one of his ears has been bit 
off in fighting--he had on when he went away, a pair of blue twilled 
cloth trowsers, a tow and cotton shirt and strawhat, and carried a 
fiddle with him. He has relations in or near Wilmington, at the 
plantation of Col. Cowens, where most probably he will aim to get.
  All persons are forwarned from employing, harbouring, or conveying 
said fellow away, under the penalty of the law.
  The above reward, will be given to any person who will apprehend said 
fellow, and deliver him to me in Jones county, or confine him in jail, 
so that I get him again.
                                       NEEDMAN SIMMONS.
                                       February 5th, 1819,----47tf
 Carolina Centenial      3-31-1821
  At the present Term of Craven County Court the Subscriber qualified 
as Executrix to the last will and testament of CHARLES ROACH, senior, 
  All persons indebted to the estate, are required to make immediate 
payment and those to whom the estate is indebted, are requested to 
present their claims, duly authenticated, within the time prescribed by 
law, or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery.
                               POLLY ROACH, Executrix.
                               March 12th, 1821---156 5w
     Notice is also given, That on Friday, the 20th of April next, will 
be sold at the late dwelling House of CHARLES ROACH, sen'r dec. all 
that part of the perishable estate of said deceased, not disposed of by 
Will, consisting of CORN, FODDER, PEAS, &c. Also one NEGRO MAN, a 
black-smith, devised in a certain clause of the Will of said deceased 
to be sold. Six months credit will be given, and notes with approved 
security will be required by Law.
                                       POLLY ROACH. Ex'x.
                                       March 12th, 1821---156 5w

  RAN AWAY  from the subscriber, in March, 1818, a negro man named 
DICK, about 25 years of age, five feet ten inches high, of a black 
complexion, very well made, and plays on the violin. He left me in 
Greene county, passed through Pitt, and was traced to Bertie county 
from whence he was originally bought. I have understood he was raised 
by MOSES SUMNER, of Hertford county, and said Sumner sold him to JOHN 
WILLIFORD of Bertie, by whom he was sold to GILES DRIVER of said 
county, from which last owner he was bought by the subscriber, of 
Greene county.
  Any person who will apprehend said negro and confine him in any jail 
so that I get him again, shall be entitled to the above reward, 
exclusive of all reasonable expences.-- 
  I forewarn masters of vessels and all other persons from employing or 
harboring said negro under the penalty of the law.
                                           W.M.  GRIFFIN.
                                        March 15, 1821 --- 156 8w.


                  Carolina Centenial  12-15-1821
      250  dollars
RAN -AWAY from the subscriber's plantation, on the night of the 
28thinstant, my Dark man JACK, who took with him his wife ANICA, 
LONDON, and his wife KESIAH, boy FLORESCO, and man ELIAS-- six in 
  JACK is a stout, well made fellow about 5 feet 11 inches high, and 
very black -- his shoulders a little round, walks with his knees rather 
close, and has a scar on the top of  his feet. ANICA, his wife, is a 
small black woman, neat in appearance, and has a mild voice. LONDON has 
a yellow complexion, is about 5 feet 8 or 10 inches high, and halts a 
little in his walk-- His wife KESIAH, is a stout, fine looking woman, 
very black--has a Wen on the back, and a small scar under one of her 
eyes. FLORESCO, is the son of KESIAH, and is a fine looking boy, about 
18 years of age, tall and slim, a long foot, and very black. Man ELIAS, 
is about 5 feet 8 inches high, black complexion ; he sometimes speaks 
rather thick ; is stout made and has a wen under one of his ears, the 
size of a walnut.
  Their Winter Clothes which they took with them, are of White Plains.
  I will give a Reward of One Hundred Dollars for JACK--Fifty Dollars 
for ANICA, and Twenty-five Dollars each for LONDON, KESIAH, FLORESCO 
and ELIAS.
  These Negroes, no doubt, will visit Newbern, and it is likely will 
range about Trent, White, Oak, New River, and up Neuse, as far as 
General SIMPSON'S, as they have connexions at each of these places.
  ANICA and ELIAS have fathers in Newbern, and the father of JACK and 
KESIAH, are at Col. EDMUND HATCH'S, in Jones county.
  They have been leaders on my plantation, and I think it probable they 
will resolute in their endeavors to avoid being taken.--
  If, therefore, either of said slaves should be killed in an attempt 
to confine them, I will not hold the person using such violence, liable 
for any penalty. And, if said negroes are not taken, or do not return 
home, they will, in a few days, be legally outlawed.
  Masters of vessels and others, are forbid harbouring or carrying away 
said slaves, under penalty of the law.
                                       JOSIAH HOWARD.
                              Jones county, Nov. 30, 1821-- 193

                     Carolina Centenial  10-19-1822 
  In this town, on Monday evening last, in the 27th year of his age, 
Mr. JOHN SPENCE WEST, of the house of JARVIS WEST,& Co.
  Obituary notices have so frequently been used to gratify the 
partialities of friends, or mitigate the agonies of grief, that they 
are generally viewed as mere panegyric.
  From this imputation, the present essay briefly to sketch the 
character of the deceased, may justly claim an exemption.--
  The truth simply told, will prove his noblest eulogy.
  Though cut off, before Providence had granted him the power of 
gratifying extensively the generous impulses of his heart, yet all 
within his sphere felt the genial effects of his benevolence. As a 
merchant, all who dealt with him admired his attention to business, and 
were pleased with his courtesy and disposition to accommodate. As a 
man;  the _ermine purity of his integrity was never polluted even by 
suspicion's touch. The flame of purest gratitude, which will ever be 
fostered by his surviving relatives, emblazons his worth as a kinsman.  
  Oh! ask not his merits as a son, lest the agonized bosom of a 
bereaved mother burst with their utterance. Who did not delight to hail 
him as a friend? What heart could close its avenues to his bland and 
cheerful smile? Though pent up in his dark and narrow house, hid from 
our view by the cold clod of the volley; yet long, very long, will he 
live in pleasing but mournful remembrance.
  To his family, the savour of his good name will be a soothing balm; 
let them reflect, that it is far more important to live well, than to 
live long, and however prone human nature may be to arraign this 
mysterious dispensation, yet the Lord hath only taken what he gave, and 
who shall say that his mercy hath not snatched him from evil to come.--
  On the same day JOSEPH, infant son of Mr. CHARLES STEWART.
  This morning, JULIA, infant daughter of Mr. THOMAS M'LIN.
  On the straits in Carteret County, on the 8th instant, Mr. SAMUEL 
LEFFERS, Sr. in the 86th year of his age. He was a citizen of that 
county for 56 years, and led a life devoted to his God and his country. 
He died with perfect resignation, and even prayed for a release from 
the toils of this weary pilgrimage.              AMICUS.
  In Jones County, on Friday morning last, Mrs. MARY SPIGHT, an aged 
and respectable widow. She was an affectionate companion, a tender 
Mother, a kind and obliging neighbour, and a bright ornament of the 
Baptist Church.


IN EQUITY.---------- Craven County.
and ANN his wife, OLIVER, SUSAN, and ALEXANDER J. KILPATRICK, by their 
his Guardian---Heirs at Law of ELIZABETH COBB, deceased.
    By virtue of a decretal order made between the above named parties, 
will be sold at public auction on Friday the 14th day of June next, at 
the Court House in Newbern, that Very valuable
               LOT OF GROUND
Situated in the town of Newbern, on the south side of Broad-street near 
the Court House, known and distinguished in the plan of said town as 
Lot No. 84.---- The terms of sale will be twelve months credit, and 
without interest, the purchase money to be secured to the satisfaction 
of the Subscriber.
                                        EDWARD GRAHAM,
May 1 st, 1822------'r5  tds 61.




  RAN AWAY, from the subscriber, on the night of the eleventh instant, 
a black Negro Man, named COT; twenty five years of age, five feet, six 
or seven inches high. I expect he will be lurking about Snow Hill, in 
Greene county, as his father has his time, and lives in that vicinity; 
and it is probable that he will also be part of his time in the 
neighbourhood of the plantation of Mr. JOHN C. STANLY, near Newbern, as 
his Mother lives with Mr. B.D. GRAY, within a few miles of said 
  The above reward, and all reasonable expences, will be paid to any 
person who will apprehend and confine said runaway in Jail, so that I 
get him again. 
  Masters of vessels, and others, are hereby cautioned from harbouring, 
employing or carrying him away, under the penalty of the law.
                                     FREDERICK FOY,
                                Jones county, July 11, 1822'25 S 



    10 Dollars REWARD.

  RUN AWAY, from the Subscriber, in Jones County, a Negro Boy about 
thirteen Years old, Yellow complexion, stout made and round face.
  It is supposed, from an attempt before made, that he has gone to 
Newbern or Wilmington, in order to get in some vessel, that he may 
obtain freedom.
  Whoever will apprehend and confine him in some Jail, so that I get 
him, or deliver him to me, shall receive the above reward, if taken up 
out of this County, or Five Dollars, should he be apprehended within 
the County.
  All persons are forewarned from harbouring or carrying away said 
slave, under the penalty of the law.
                                     JAMES ROBERTS.
                                White Oak, Jones County,       
                                  July 15th 1820--122tf.



  RANAWAY from the subscriber some time in August last, a negro girl 
named MIMA, 15 years of age, stout made & dark complected, supposed to 
be lurking about Stoney Town Creek.
  I will give the above reward, and pay all reasonable expences, to any 
person who will deliver said girl to me, or secure her in jial (sic) so 
that I get her.
  All persons are forewarned from harbouring, employing, or carrying 
her away, under penalty of the law.
                                   JOSEPH HOOTEN
                          Lenoir County,July 25th 1818 19,4w       


Carolina Centinel  (Greene Co.)
       Notice is hereby given,
 THAT the subscribers, at the February Term of Greene County Court, 
1819, qualified as Executors of the last will and testament of the late 
THOMAS HOLLIDAY. All persons indebted to the estate of said dec'd, are 
requested to come forward and settle their accounts; and those to whom 
the estate is indebted, to present their claims, within the time 
limited by law, or they will be barred recovery.
                     WM. HOLLIDAY,       }
                     SILVESTER BROWN,} Exr's.
                     March 6, 1819.----3w50
                        The editor of the Raleigh Star is requested to 
give the above three insertions, and forward his account to this Office 
for settlement.


    In Greene county, on the 1st instant, by HENRY MILLER, Esq. 

 At the May Term, 1821, of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions held 
for the County of Greene, the Subscriber qualified as Administrator on 
the Estate of ALEXANDER KILPATRICK, deceased of said County.  All 
persons having demands against the estate of said deceased, are 
requested to bring or ward properly authentjeated (sic) and receive 
payment, within the time prescribed by law, otherwise this notice will 
be plead in bar of recovery.
                 S. BRUTON, Ad_'t.
                 May 26th, 1821----173 4w.


  Carolina Centenial 8-11-1821

    Twenty Dollars Reward.
           RAN AWAY
From the Subscribers's plantation in Jones County, on the 8th inst. a 
negro man named TONEY. He has a cut on his foot, which occasions him to 
walk lame---is of a black complexion, and has a wife in Newbern known 
by the name of RHODA DOVE. It is probable he is lurking about Newbern. 
The above reward will be given and all expences paid, for his 
apprehension and confinement in Jail. All persons are hereby forwarned 
from harbouring, and masters of vessels from carrying said fellow away 
under penalty of the law.
                            LEWIS SANDERSON
               Jones County, April 8, 1821 - 165_


          Carolina Centenial 2-22-1822   

              FOR SALE.
Will be Sold at Public Auction ON TUESDAY, The 12th day of February 
next, At the Court House in Greene County, A TRACT OF LAND
Containing about 640 acres, lying on Wheat Swamp, known by the name of 
Westbrook and Stanly Land. At The Same Time Another Tract of LAND, 
containing about 200 acres, Lying directly on Cotentnea creek, about 
one mile above Haw Landing. There are on both places good DWELLING AND 
OUT HOUSES. The Lands are said to be good quality.  Any person wishing 
to purchase, will do well to go look for themselves. WM. HOLLIDAY, who 
lives in the neighborhood, will give any information. Terms of sale 
will be, 6, 12, 18, and 24 months credit--interest after six 
moths(sic); and notes negotiable at Newbern branch of the State Bank of 
North Carolina, will be required.
                     SILVESTER BROWN.


     Carolina Centenial 4-27-1822
     25 Dollars Reward,
 Will be given for the apprehension of four Negroes who made their 
escape from Carteret County Jail, on the night of the 21st instant; 
Viz. Negro man named ARTHUR his wife SIPLEY, and her two children, 
CINDA and NEEDHAM.--I will give the above Reward for the Negroes if 
delivered to me in Carteret, Craven, Jones, Onslow or any of the 
adjoining counties. One of ARTHUR'S eyes appears to be always shut ; 
the two children are nearly white, with straight hair ; the woman 
rather dark.
---They are the property of JOHN ROBERTS, taken by Decree of Court, and 
are now liable to a judgment in favour of the Administrator of GEORGE 
READ, deceased. All persons are forwarned from buying or trading for 
the above named Negroes or carrying them out of this State.
                      THO'S. MARSHALL, Sheriff.
                      March 22nd, 1822----10Sw.


    Carolina Centenial 12-9-1820

            FOR SALE
By virtue of a Deed of Trust to the Subscribes, and at the instance of 
the President and Directors of the Bank of Cape Fear and of JOHN F. 
BURGWIN, Esquire, WILL BE SOLD, At the Court House in Newbern, On 
Monday the 11th day of December next, ON LIBERAL CREDIT, That Valuable 
PLANTATION on Trent River, in Jones County, about eight miles from 
Newbern, called LYON'S PASTURE, Or ALVESTON HALL, Adjoining the lands 
of FREDERICK FOY, Esq. At present in the occupation of JOHN F. BURGWIN, 
Esquire. This tract lies upon the River, contains about NINE HUNDRED 
AND EIGHTY ACRES, of which Four Hundred Acres are cleared and well 
enclosed, with Dwelling House, Barn and other Building. This tract 
ranks among the first of the good Lands of Trent, for the value of its 
wood and timber, the fertility of soil, its peculiar fitness for Corn 
and Cotton, and the advantage of situation -- having good navigation to 
the landing at all seasons, for any vessel that can come to Newbern.

     Carolina Centenial 12-9-1820

SAML & JOSEPH OLIVER Have just received from N York, a neat assortment 
of GOODS, which, with their former Stock, comprises a handsome 
assortment of DRY GOODS, And An Extensive One Of HARDWARE & CUTLERY, 
Which they offer on very favorable terms, wholesale and retail.
 ALSO FOR SALE, 200 pieces heavy Cotton Bagging 40 inches wide, 15 
casks Weeding Hoes, Heavy and light Canvas, White Lead, Linseed Oil, 
Kegs Goshen BUTTER, CHEESE, 3 tons Castings, Madeira Wine, by the 
gallon, or dozen bottles, Sewing and Seine Twine, Tea, Loaf SUGAR, 2000 
wt. manufactured Tobacco, 100 Massachusetts PLOUGHS, 10 Crates New York 
packed CROCKERY, 24 GUNS, double and single barrel, of neat finish, And 
one very elegant SINGLE BARRELL GUN,  with case and apparatus complete. 
Price $100.

Newbern, November 4th, 1820,---6i137


Carolina Federal Republican; New Bern, NC
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Married. in New Bern, John ALBRITTON of Greene Co. to Miss Deborah TIGNOR. (Mar. 14, 1812. Also North Carolina Star, Mar. 27, 1812)

Married. Greene Co. on the 24th Ultimate, Robert WITHERINGTON of Lenoir Co. to Miss Lovey OLDS. (Mar. 5, 1814)

Married. on 16th Ultimate at the seat of Gen. Thomas HOLLIDAY in Greene Co., Willie J. CROOM of Lenoir to Miss Elizabeth HOLLIDAY of Greene Co. (Jan. 3, 1818)

Carolina Messenger; Goldsboro, NC
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"The Court House in Greene County Burned"

From the Carolina Messenger published in Goldsboro, NC, Monday, Mar. 6, 1876.

"Our Snow Hill correspondent informs us that on last Thurday morning, the 2nd inst., at 3 o'clock, the Court House in that town was discovered to be in flames, and in less than two hours it was a smouldering ruin.

Every Record in the office of the Register of Deeds was destroyed, as was also every article in the Sheriff's office. More than half of the Records and documents in the office of the Superior Court Clerk were also consumed by the fire. In a very few minutes after the alarm was given, the citizens were on the ground battling manfully to save what was found not entirely beyond hope.

The jail caught fire twice, but by well applied efforts the flames were subdued, and the Court House is the only building whose loss is to record.

The fire was evidently the work of incendiaries. It seems the fiends fired the passage, the court room and the Register's office simultaneously. It is to be hoped that they may be brought to speedy justice.

It is thought that the County Commisioners will probably select the commodious hall over Mr. John Murphrey's store, as the place for holding the next term of Greene Court, which will be on the 13th. instant.

About a year since the county jail was destroyed by fire and that building has just been rebuild [sic] at a heavy expense tot he tax payers of the county, and now thay must be saddled with the expense of building another Court House. It is too bad, these hard times. Our Greene County friends have our sympathy in their misfortune."

Charlotte Daily Observer; Charlotte, NC
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Transcribed by Christine Fuller

CHARLOTTE DALY OBSERVER 8-31-1897 DR.BENJAMIN F. WILLIAMS A North Carolinian Who Went to Georgia and Made His Mark Correspondence of the Observer Waycross,Ga.,Aug.28-in order to show what North Carolinians have done abroad with your permission,I will give you a brief history of the life of Dr.Benjamin Franklin Williams,who was born in Greene county,North Carolina,September 2,1820 and whose parents,Joseph and Avy [Murphy]Williams,were also natives of the same state.For many yearsJoseph Williams,father of the subject of this sketch,was a wealthy and sucessful planter.Dr.Williams was reared in his native State,and there received his elementary training,and later attended Madison University,in New York.

In 1840 he began reading medicine with Dr.Robbins,of Troy,N.Y.,and afterward att- ended the medical college in Albany,and in 1849 he returned to North Carolina and engaged to practice his profession.But his natural aptitude for public affairs seemed to eclipse his professional ability,and in 1850 he was elected to represent his county-Greene-in the General Assembly of North Carolina,and the honor was con- ferred upon him for six successive terms.In 1886 he removed to Georgia and resided in Charlton county for some time.Later he moved to this county-Ware-settling for a short while at Sunnyside.In 1872 Dr.Williams moved to Waycross,being one of the two first settlers of this town,where he accumulated much wealth,and was instrumental in making Waycross what it is today-a place of 6,000 or 7,000 inhabitants,and also an important railroad centre.Dr.Williams in conjunction with several other prominant citizens,established the first private school in Waycross,and later was instrumental in building an academy,thus indeavoring to promote the welfare of the town and state of his adoption.Moreover,he engaged in other useful enterprises;laid off a portion of the city of Waycross,kept up a large and lucrative practice,and engaged in many other worthy enterprises.He servered for a short time in the Confederant army and was a member of the first constitutional convention.

Dr.Williams married Miss Sarah F.Williams,of New Hartford,N.H.,and died in Waycross, May 7,1892.His remains were intered in Lott cemetery,this city,and he now"sleeps the sleep that knows no waking."

His wife and seven children survive him,five of whom are residents of Waycross;Mrs.H. J.Lott,Henry C.Williams.a prominant and wealthy planter;Joseph S.Williams,a popular lawyer,and Judge of Ware county court,Miss Mattie F.Williams,and Dr.Benjamin H.Williams, a well known dentist.The other members of this honored family are;Mrs.S.V.Houck,Gordon county,Ga. and Dr.William P.Williams,a physician of Blackshear,Ga.

Judge Williams informs me that the family has many relatives still living in the Old North State,who will no doubt be glad to see this account of their relative,and with this last sentence,I will close this brief sketch of a North Carolinian who won fortune and fame in the Empire State of the South. Oscar J. Allen

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Boys Have Rabies ~ 1921

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER 3-29-1921 BOYS HAVE RABIES KINSTON,March 28-Paul Mewborn and Willie Doles,small boys of Jason,Greene county, are being treated against rabies as the result of being attacked by a dog.The ani- mal had hydrophobia.It was despatched.

North Carolina Sentinel
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Transcribed by Christine Fuller


The Freeman of Greene County, 461 in number, have given four hundred and fifty-one votes to the Administration Candidate. Gen.Speight was born and raised in Greene, and this un- animity among his immediate acquaintance, may be reguarded as a triumphant approbation of his conduct.

North Carolina Star
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Died. Oct. 21st, Joseph Speight DARDEN of Greene Co., age 29 years. (Nov. 24, 1815)

Died. Near Snow Hill, Greene Co., Jas. Edward SANDERS, blacksmith. (Apr. 28, 1820)

Married. Greene Co., Adam TOOLY to Elizabeth CARR, dau. fo Charles CARR. (Oct. 25, 1811)

Died. in Greene Co. on the 7th Instant, Mrs. Nancy How POPE, consort of John POPE and daughter of the late Rev. Seth SPEIGHT. Age 19. (Feb. 21, 1812)

Died. Greene Co. on the 15th Instant, Mrs. Elizabeth SCARBROUGH, wife of David SCARBROUGH. (Feb. 5, 1813)

Married. May 30. Major Henry J. G. RUFFIN of Greene Co. to Miss Mary TARTT of Edgecombe County. (June 18, 1813)

Died. On the 13th Instant, Hymerick HOOKER, Esq., of Greene Co. (Dec. 23, 1814)

Died. Greene Co., William S. CASWELL, Esq. (Dec. 23, 1814)

Died. Snow Hill, on May 12th, Mrs. Mary Jones SHEPPARD, wife of Major James G. SHEPPARD. Age 32, leaves 3 children. (June 21, 1816)

Died. On the 23rd Ultimate, Col. Thomas EDWARDS of Greene Co. was shot dead by one of his negroes, now confined and confessed in jail at Kingston [Kinston]. (July 13, 1816)

Died. Greene Co. on 21st Ultimate, Richard G. BRIGHT, Esq., a member of the House of Commons in our last General Assembly. (Feb. 13, 1824)

North State Whig; Washington, NC
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Married. At Holly Grove near Greenville on Dec. 24th by Rev. John P. DUNN of Lenoir Co., Joseph DIXON, Esq., of Greene Co. to Miss Sallie A. E. BROWN, daughter of Capt. John S. BROWN of Pitt County. (Jan. 1, 1851)

Died. Greene Co., Henry MILLER. (Oct. 8, 1851)

Raleigh Christian Advocate; Raleigh, NC
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Died. Hon. Joseph Dixon, Greene Co. (Mar. 12, 1884)

Died. Last week, Mrs. William DARDEN of Greene Co. ( June 18, 1884)

Died. Greene Co., July 15. Mrs. Martha ADAMS, age 67. ( Aug. 6, 1884)

Died. Greene Co., Maria, wife of Henry BEST. Age 73, born 1812. ( Sept. 24, 1884. Also Wilson Advocate, Aug. 29, 1884)

Married. Greene Co., near Ormondsville at the bride's father's house, W. F. EDWARDS [father] on Dec. 18, 1884, A. B. NOBLE of Craven Co. to Mis Laura EDWARDS. ( Jan. 14, 1885)

Died. Greene Co., Thomas H. SUGG, age 59. He was twice married, first in 1848 and second in 1856. ( Apr. 22, 1885)

Married. Greene Co., E. A. DARDEN to Stella HARPER, dau. of Sheriff HARPER. ( Feb. 10, 1886)

Died. Greene Co., Martha B. EDWARDS. ( Oct. 13, 1886)

Raleigh Register; Raleigh, NC
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Died. in Hookerton, Greene Co., Matilda ORMOND, age 27, wife of Samuel ORMOND. (July 28, 1847)

Died. Sen. Jesse SPEIGHT at Lounds Co., Miss., on the 1st Instant. Age 5_?, US Senator. From Greene Co., NC. (May 21, 1847)

Died. Greene Co., NC, James HARPER, Legislator. (Se[t. 20, 1844)

Died. Greene Co., on the 17th Instant, Samuel VINES, aged about 60. (Dec. 6, 1844)

Died. in Greene Co., Samuel VINES, Esq., in the 70th year of his age. (Jan. 3, 1845)

Married. in Greene Co., Thomas J. DAWSON of Lenoir Co. to Miss Huldah T. DANIEL. (Nov. 6, 1846)

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"Melancholy Case"

From the Raleigh Register newspaper published in Raleigh, NC, September 25, 1847. "We are pained to record a case of poisoning which occurred at a wedding in Greene County week before last. On Thursday, the 19th ult., we learn that a wedding took place at the residence of the late JOHN W. TAYLOR, formerly Sheriff of that County. On that day several gentlemen met at the house without any knowledge of the wedding, to transact some business in relation to the estate of the deceased. Having finished their business, several of them upon the polite invitation of the family, consented to remain at the wedding. Among them Messrs. JAMES G. EDWARDS, HENRY HOLMES, and we believe a MR. BRIGGS. The company was small, and at an early hour after supper they returned home. Boiled custard was one of the delicacies partaken of by most of the company, as well as the negroes of the family. The next morning we understand MR. EDWARDS, MR. HOLMES, MR. BRIGGS, the bride and other whites, besides sixteen of the family negroes in fact every one who ate of the custard, were taken violently ill, with excessive perking and purging, and an insatiable thirst. Medical aid was immediately called in, and every effort was used by the physicians which happily proved successful, except in two instances. MR. HOLMES lingered for several days enduring great suffering, and in the early part of the following week sunk in the arms of death. A negro of the family also died. Several others we are told have narrowly escaped with their lives. The death of MR. HOLMES is deeply lamented by the citizens of that county and indeed all of his acquwaintance. He was a noble specimen of human nature - modest, sober, industricous, honest, full of the milk of human kindness, and withal a Christian. His last moments were full of comfort, and he died in the hope of a blessed immortality.

Occurrences of this kind are exceedingly rare in this section. We learn no investigation has been had, which is certainly blamable. No one pretends to account for it, or to charge any one with the foul deed; though it has been said that one of the physicians thought they had been poisoned by arsenic. We incline to the opinion that a thorough investigation would throw some light on the subject, and correct that suspicion. It may be that some poisonous substance was without the knowledge of the cook, in the vessel in which it was prepared, or that some ingredient was improperly but innocently put in the article while in the process of making. We trust the true state of the case will be soon developed. "New Bernian"

Taneya Koonce:
Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 01 Feb 1836
Name: Mrs. Martha Albritton
Info: Died 30 Jan 1836

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 28 Oct 1828
Name: Maso Brown
Died 12 Oct 1828

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 20 Feb 1804
Name: Titus Carr
Died 9 Feb 1804

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 21 Mar 1828
Frederick H. Dixon
Died 9 Mar 1828, of Greene Co.; Onslow Co.

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 25 Nov 1828
Mrs. Windsor Dixon
Died 14 Nov 1828

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 14 Oct 1834
Theophilus Edwards
Died 6 Sep 1834

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 28 Mar 1828
Delany Harper
Died 4 Mar 1828

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 31 Dec 1833
Mrs. James Harper
Died 21 Dec 1833

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 13 Oct 1835
Mrs. James Harper
Died 4 Oct 1835

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 7 Dec 1832
Death: Samuel Hart

Mrs. L. N. Howcutt (see Mrs. Bettie Hargrave)

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 20 Mar 1829
James Ormond
Died 3 Mar 1829

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 28 Apr 1826
Married: John Menan Patrick to Louisa Patrick, Apr. 18, 1826

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 13 Mar 1812
Death: Mrs. John Pope

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 13 Sep 1826
Death: John Powell

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 22 Nov 1836
William Vines Speight
Died 31 Oct 1836

Raleigh Register Semi-Weekly; Raleigh, NC
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Married. Snow Hill, Greene Co., by Rev. W. J. McMASTER, Dr. W. H. HORNE to Miss Mary E. PORTER, both of that place. (Dec. 4, 1840)
Tarboro Southerner; Tarboro, NC
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Died. Nathan Edwards of Greene Co. (Feb. 18, 1876)

Died. Snow Hill. Jan. 30, Mrs. Margaret DAIL, wife of John R. DAIL, Esq. (Feb. 7, 1878)

Washington Progress
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"Tar Heel Widow Becomes Riches Woman in South"

From Washington Progress Sept. 4, 1913

" Kinston, Aug. 28. --Mrs. Jesse P. Williams, of Atlanta, formerly Miss Cora Taylor, of Bullhead, Greene county, has succeeded to the princely estate of her late husband, who was a noted southern capitalist. Mrs. Williams becomes the largest landowner of her sex in the world, and the richest woman in the south.

Captain William died several weeks ago, and leaving no children and no will, his wife became the sole heir.

His great estate is variously estimated at from $5,000,000 to 10,000 [sic]. She is the only woman in the Southern states to control a 200-mile interstate railroad, with its trains, stations, shops, terminals, docks and a steamboat line.

She owns a quarter of a million acres of farming and timber lands in Georgia and Florida. Mrs. Williams is well-fitted to manage the property, having acted as the closest counsellor of her husband and virtual manager of his extensive interests during the last few years, when he was an invalid. Captain Williams has a brother at Mt. Olive, N.C. Mrs. Williams is connected with leading families of this section. "

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we may be able to provide an index. Note: "Instant" means in this
month; "Ultimate" means in the previous month

Wilson Advance; Wilson, NC
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Died. Daughter of H. G. SPEIGHT in Greene Co. (Apr. 21, 1882)

Died. in Greene Co., Saunders P. COX. (Aug. 18, 1882)

Married. Carr's District in Greene Co., John E. HALES to Bettie DIXON. (Feb. 8, 1884)

Died. Greene Co., Col. Joseph DIXON. (Mar. 7, 1884)

Died. H. F. GRAINGER, born 1840 in Greene Co. (Mar. 7, 1884)

Died. Col. R. C. D. BEAMAN, Greene Co. (June 20, 1884)

Married. Greene Co. last Tuesday [Aug. 5], Jesse W. GRAINGER, Kinston merchant, to Miss Clara DIXON. (Aug. 8, 1884)

Died. Snow Hill, John R. DAIL, age 75. (Sept. 5, 1884)

Died. Snow Hill on Aug. 29, Appie Daniell ALBRITTON, wife of E. T. ALBRITTON. Age 27. (Sept. 5, 1884)

Died. Snow Hill, Joseph G. WORTHINGTON. (Sept. 26, 1884)

Died. Greene Co., Haywood EDMUNDSON, age 80, former Sheriff. (Nov. 10, 1887)

Married. Nov. 30, Ex-sheriff Luby HARPER of Greene Co. to Mrs. Albert CARR of Greene Co. (Dec. 1, 1887)

Died. Mr. E. G. BRITT, formerly of Greene Co., for several years a resident of Brazil. Left considerable property to his brother John G. BRITT of Greene Co. (Jan. 5, 1888)

Died. William I. WOOTEN, Greene Co. (Jan. 26, 1888)

Died. Greene Co. Miss Allice EDWARDS. (June 28, 1888)

Died. Greene Co. Benjamin W. BEST, age 72. (May 9, 1889)

Married. Greene Co., on Apr. 25, Lawrence A. COBB to Sudie J. PATRICK, dau. of John PATRICK. (May 9, 1889)

Married. Greene Co., John GRANT to Miss Bettie BEST. (Jan. 13, 1890)

Died. Greene Co. W. H. HOLDERNESS. (Feb. 6, 1890)

Married. On the 4th Instant, Lawrence CARR to Hattie HARPER, daughter of Luby HARPER of Greene Co. (Feb. 13, 1890)

Died. Capt. W. A. DARDEN, born May 15, 1836, of Greene Co. (June 5, 1890)

Married. Greene Co., on Wednesday last, Calvin WOODARD to Sudie FAIRCLOTH. (Dec. 11, 1890)

Died. Near Speight's Bridge, Greene Co., on Saturday night, James R. SPEIGHT, age 80. (Apr. 9, 1891)

Died. Greene Co., the wife of Dr. E. H. HORNADY of Greene. (July 9, 1891)

Died. W. R. BRYANT of Greene Co. (July 20, 1893)

Died. Greene Co., Peter BYNUM. (Mar. 8, 1894)

Married. Greene Co. on Jan. 23, Hattie BYNUM to Joseph PARISH. (Jan. 24, 1895)

Died. Snow Hill educator, J. B. WILLIAMS. (Feb. 14, 1895)

Year - Month - Day: Greene Co, NC People in the Newspapers

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 01 Feb 1836
Name: Mrs. Martha Albritton
Info: Died 30 Jan 1836

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 28 Oct 1828
Name: Maso Brown
Died 12 Oct 1828

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 20 Feb 1804
Name: Titus Carr
Died 9 Feb 1804

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 21 Mar 1828
Frederick H. Dixon
Died 9 Mar 1828, of Greene Co.; Onslow Co.

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 25 Nov 1828
Mrs. Windsor Dixon
Died 14 Nov 1828

Kinston Journal (Lenoir Co.) - 27 Dec 1878
Name: Mr. E. W. Edwards
E. W. Edwards of Little Rock, Ark. visits Greene Co. where he was born and moved away 10 yrs. ago.

Raleigh Register (Wake Co.) - 14 Oct 1834
Theophilus Edwards
Died 6 Sep 1834

Roanoke Beacon (Washington Co.) - 30 May 1890
Mrs. Bettie Hargrave, of Snow Hill, has been visiting her sister, Mrs. L.N. Howcutt for the past week.

Kinston Free Press (Lenoir Co.) - 21 Jun 1906
From the Snow Hill Southern Laconic - Mrs. Katie L., wife of Mr. S.L. HARGRAVE, died here after a lingering illness of several months' duration, Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock and was buried Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock. Rev. Mr. CHEATHAM, priest in charge of the Episcopal church in Wilson, NC, conducted funeral services at the interment. Mrs. HARGRAVE was before marriage Miss Katie L. HASKITT. She died a consistent member of St. Barnabas Episcopal church. She leaves a husband, two children and a host of friends to mourn her loss, to whom the Laconic extends sympathy in this hour of bereavement. [Mrs. HARGRAVE was a niece of Mr. J.P. HASKITT, of this city, and formerly made this her home - Free Press]



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