Letters to Hartsfields Concerning Moore Legacies
in Greene Co., NC; 1849 - 1866

The following letters are located in the William L. Murphy Collection #746, East Carolina University Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University. The old letters were sent to Mr. Murphy in 1986 by Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hartsfield of Kentucky.

Transcribed and contributed by Martha Marble (mmarble@erols.com), Dec. 1998.

NOTE: original spelling retained.

[Editor's Note: The Hartsfields in these documents were related to the Moore family discussed on our web page "Ephraim Moore."


Hookerton Green Co, N Carolina
August 17th 1849

My dear Nephew,

This inform you that I have the pleasure to acknowledge the reception of your kind letter bearing date July 1st 1849 which is the first letter I have receive from you since you left home. I calculated that you had forgotten that you had any relations in North Carolina by not writing to some person here. This will inform you that I am well at present and the relatives are all well at present hoping these lines may find your enjoying the same blessings. You wished to know much money was due you here in this Country. I can not say at this time how much is due you, by having refference to the record I could tell. When I sent your sisters money to her, there was I think left for you about three Hundred and Fifty or Sixty dollars in the hands of your Guardian. You wished to know if I could Collect your money for you and send it out to you. I can say to you I should be very Glad if you would come out here and see all of your relatives, but if you can not come, I can arraing your affairs for you, but in the first place you must send me a Power of Attorney and make me your agent to collect your money for you in this State. I can say to you, after you send your Power to me for collection, I shall have to petition at the County Court for an order and have a committee appointed to settle with your Guardian and then it is discusanary with him whether he pays off in money or notes if he should pay off in notes and I should have to collect them by a regulary cours of Law which is very common in this Country it may be in that case some six (?) or Eight months before I could collect your money that is after I commence Suit. I give you this information in order to let you know that you need not expect your money soon after you send your Power of Attorney; you will please send me your power very early if you do not come yourself. Direct your letter to Jesse W. Moore at Hookerton Post Office, Greene County, North Carolina. When you write again let me know you are getting through this troublesome world and how you have been getting on since you left Daniel Brinkly and the times in Louisville since the Cholera appeared there. The crops of corn are light in this county and is worth forty cents per Bushel. The wheat crops rulls (?) very much. Injuried with a Snow which fell here on the 15th day of April last, which killed all kinds of vegitation which was killable. I must come to a close, having nothing more interesting to communicate to you. I remain your affectionate

Jesse W. Moore
To B. F. Hartsfield


Envelope attached:

Hookerton, NC
Sept. 29, 1849
JW Moore Pm

B. F. Hartsfield, Esqs


Hookerton, N Carolina
Sept 29th 1849

Mr. B. F. Hartsfield

My Dear Sir

This will let you know that your powers of Attorney arrived by the last mail which was Executed on the 15th Jnst (?). I can only say to you it will be some time before I can collect your money then must be a petition to Court and an order obtained to appoint Commissioners to settle with your Guard. and me; he said that he has no money in hand so he will have to pay in notes and then the notes will have to be collected so you may not expect your money in several months. I wish you to write me in two months and let me know what you and follows in your Town.

Yours Respectfully
Jesse W. Moore


To B. F. Harsfield

Mr. Hartsfield
Hookerton, N Carolina

March the 1st 1850

My Dersir,

I presume by this time you are in ricant of your money and have looked for a letter some time past for some inteligence on the subject. I can say to you, I was disapointed in collecting all of your money. It was promised to me from time to time but I have collected the last and have bought a check on a Bank in New York City at percent discount, which I hope you will sell at up to 2 percent perm ??? in Louisville, Kentucky. The check calls for $420.79/100 but if you can get a 2 percent perm ??? it will make the sum of $429.2-/100 dollars - you must do the best you can in sell the check to the Merchants in Louisville. You stated in your letter that N. Carolina money was 3 1/2 percent discount so I calculated that a check on New York Bank would be the best plan for you to get your money in the shortest way and the least discount. When this comes to hand you will sign this recipt which I send you, then you will put it in a letter and send it back to me, and let me hear from you. When get your money I think you ought to buy some land and go to farming for yourself without you can a fine price for overseeing. I can say to you that all of your relatives are well at present wishing these lines may find you the same. Let me know if Brinkley left a wife living in that section and if you heard from him & children. Latly let me know what you calculate on doing. Let me know all of information.

To Benj. F. Hartsfield
Yours affectionately
Jesse W. Moore


Greene County NC
April the 19th 1860

Mr. B. F. Hartsfield

Dear Sir your letter of the 30th of March came to Hookerton Post Office yesterday and I take the privilege of answering the same. Your uncle Jesse W. Moore is dead and has been dead better than two years and I am his Administrator. He left a will and set all of his negroes free but oweing to the manner in which the will was wrote and their being no witnesses to the will the court has set the will aside and declared it to be no will; so his property will be divided amongst his relation so you will be an heir in said Estate you will also inform the balance of your relation of the Death of your uncle. I shall be ready next spring to settle the estate and I want you all to come or empower some person to receive your share of said Estate. The Estate is worth about eight or nine thousand dollars. The Brinkley heirs are living some where in Missippe but I do not know where to write to them at and if you can find out where they are I would be glad if you would inform them of the same
Yours with respect
Edward Carman, Adm


Greene County NC
October 13th 1860

Mr. Jackson & Elizabeth Carters

I received your letter a short time ago, stating that you were informed that I was the Administrator of Jesse W. Moore who died in this County some three or four years ago and that you wish to know something about his Estate and when a settlement of the same would be made. Also you wish to know something in regard to the settlement of Ephraim Moore Estate that is settled so far as you are concerned. You also wish to know how many of your uncles and aunts are living in NC. There is by 2 living here (viz) Seth Moore & Elizabeth Moore. Sally Dixon & Rachel Hill are both dead leaving children to represent them; your uncle Jesse W. Moore who died here sometime ago made a will and set all his negroes free and gave them all the rest of his property, but the will has been upset, and laid aside, so his heirs can come in and get the property. I shall sell the negroes on the first day of January next for a division by order of the court, on a credit of six months so it will be next fall before the money can be collected. But I can settle the estate in the spring if the heirs will take the notes if not it will be 12 months before I can settle the Estate. You can impower your uncle Seth Moore here to act for you as your agent, if you are 21 years old.

Yours with respect & c
Edward Cariman, Adm

(in case you are not old enough to act for yourselves you must have a guardian. I merely suggest this as you may act properly)


Hookerton NC
Sept. 6th 1866
Mr. B. F. Hartsfield

Dear Sir your letter of the 20th of August has been received and I here write you a few lines in answer to the same in regard to your relations here. I know of none but Seth Moore & Elizabeth Moor who are now living. I have settled with all the Heirs in the Estate of J. W. Moore except your Mothers children and one heir in Florida and the funds in my hands is now in notes & confederate money.

Yours with respect &c
Edward Carman





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