Letter from Delpha Ann Hartsfield Miller Shipp, Texas, 1905

Copy contributed by Ruth Fentress. (c) July 12, 1999

"April 7, 1905

My dear Madam:
Your letter received and can't tell you my surprise to think that I should again hear from my sister's family, for I am sure you are my niece. This is the first information I have had of her since 1842. I was only four years old when my parents left for (sic) N.C. but will write you all I know of my parents and their families. My mother was LOVIE BARFIELD and was married to Louis HARTSFIELD on or near Hookerton, Greene County, N. C., in the year 1827. Mother had five sisters: SALLY MOORE, CLOY HILL, BETTY TENDLE, SAMATHA LASTER, and WINNIE who died single, and one brother, JAMES BARFIELD, also a half brother and sister, ALLEN AND NICCIE STANSEL.

Mother had ten children, five girls and five boys. Their names were: Sally Adeline (who was your mother), Richard M., Elias H., Benajmin T., Thomas A., Jefelony H., John C., and Delpha Ann Hartsfield Miller Shipp, the writer. Father had only two brothers that I have any knowledge of, Benjamin and David Hartsfield, who when last we heard of lived in Mississippi. Father moved from Johnson (sic) County, N.C. to Butler County, Ala. in 1836, and in 1854 came to Nacogdoches Co., Texas where he lived until his death in 1866 at the age of sixty seven. Mother died two years previous at the age of sixty two. I am the only one of my father's family left alive, and am seventy three years of age. I'm the mother of seven children, of whom three are living, namely: Mrs. MILLER ANDERSON of Bogard, R.S. SHIPP and B. L. SHIPP, all of this state, Shelby County. Three of my brothers lived to be grown and married. Brother Richard was murdered by his slaves 10 Feb. 1862 leaving a wife and two children, MARY ALICE AND WILLIAM T. HARTSFIELD. My sister, JEFFY, was married to L. SOUTHERN in 1867 dying in 1886 leaving two sons and three daughters. I am the grandmother of nineteen children and four great grandchildren. I am at present on a visit to my baby child who is thirty seven years of age. My home is with my daughter, MRS. J. T. BOGARD of Timpson, Texas.

I have written you briefly what I know of my parents and their families. I would be very glad indeed to have you visit us in the near future, and would highly appreciate one of your pictures. Please answer soon and let me know all you can of your ancestors. Again hoping to hear from you and to receive one of your pictures, for you have no idea how I appreciated your letter, for I had no hope of ever hearing from my sister or her family again. When I write again I will send you a sample of my needle work. I am sincerely,

  • Delpha Ann Hartsfield Miller Shipp
    Timpson, Texas
    Shelby County"
Note from contributor: . . . my GA friend who sent the above copy: Delpha was a sister of Sarah Adeline Hartsfield Bell. The letter was written to Mrs. John R. Tolar of Brooklyn, N.Y. --Ruth Fentress.



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