Ephraim Moore


Contributed by R. Kammerer and E. Ross.
Ephraim Moore, wrote his will Dec. 6, 1837 in Greene Co., NC, naming children:

Nancy Moore HARTSFIELD (later alias BRINKLEY)
Jesse W. Moore*
Elizabeth Moore
Seth Moore
Rachel HILL (later DIXON)

and granddaughter:
*Jesse W. Moore, d. in Green Co. in 1856, will written June 3, 1856 and proved Nov. term 1856, with William DIXON, executor. Jesse's devisees were:

sister Elizabeth Moore, of feeble intellect and quite idiotic
brother Seth Moore
sister Rachel, wife of Robert DIXON
sister Nancy BRINKLEY
sister Zilphia, md. _____ PARROTT. Lives out of state, believed to be in Florida in 1857

Children of Robert and Sally DIXON: Esther, Benjamin, Penina, Seth, Sarah, and Nancy DIXON.

(Note that Zilphia was given as a granddau. rather than a daughter of Ephraim Moore in the interpretation of the earlier will of Ephraim.)

Source: NC Supreme Court Case #8276: Edward Carmon -vs.- Seth Moore, 1860, Greene Co., NC. North Carolina Archives and History, Raleigh, NC.


This from Martha M. Marble (Nov. 1998):

Apparently the above Ephraim Moore was a junior. An earlier Ephraim Moore is recorded:

1. Ephraim - Lived between Loosing Swamp and Briary
2. 1769 Dobbs Tax list with son Zachariah
3. Zachariah on no further Tax List or voting list but one on 1800 Census of Lenoir County, aged 26 - would this be a different generation
4. 1780 Tax List - Ephraim, Amaziah, Azariah
5. Voting List 1788 - Azariah, Azaziel
6. Greene County 1800 Census - Ephraim - probably a Jr.
7. 1790 Dobbs Census:

over 16 under 16 Females Ephraim: l m+16, 0 m-16, 0 f --lived in Contennea Neck
Isaiah: l m+16, 5 m-16, 3 f
Emphrain: l m+16, 0 m-16, 2 f
Amaziah: l m+16, 3 m-16, 2 f

"My guess would be that Ephraim Sr was the father of Zachariah, Isaiah, Emphrain, Jr. and Amaziah - liked those Bible names - if we assume a person to be 16 when listed on the tax list then Zachariah would have been born by 1753 making his father born by 1730; however the Zachariah on the 1800 Census was born no earlier than 1774. Also Amaziah and Azariah would have been born by 1759 to be on the 1780 Tax List. It thus appears we have three generations. ACCOMACK COUNTY, VA NEEDS TO BE DOUBLE CHECKED

Ephraim Jr. probably married Sheany Scott daughter of Andrew Scott. Will of Andrew Scott of Wayne County - left to his daughter Shany Moor and son-in-law Ephraim Moore of Greene County - 1812."

Source: Notes of Martha Marble, Nov. 1998.


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