Brother Stephen Lemon KEARNEY, son of deacon John James and Celia Howell KEARNEY, was born October 18, 1888, and died February 25, 1964. He was first married to the late Lola Mae Ham KEARNEY, December 17, 1906, and to them were born the following daughters and sons; Sister Emma Mae Rouse, Mrs. Doris Cunningham, Mrs. Marie Harris, Robert, Albert, Fred and Lyman. His last marriage was to sister Lillie Coats who survives, along with a number of grandchildren, great grandchildren and step children.
Brother KEARNEY united with the Church at Mewborn’s the second Sunday in August, 1924, and was baptized by the late Elder William Berry KEARNEY, his brother. On the second Sunday in June, 1926, he was set apart as a deacon for the Church, which office he filled usefully and wisely. Brother KEARNEY was a wise counselor, and many sought his advise in spiritual as well as natural affairs. He is greatly missed in this respect, as well as by all who loved him, but we are made to realize that God in his own way and time is able to raise up others upon which to place this mantle. He was blessed with a good bass voice, and appreciated good singing in the homes and churches
Those who knew and visited in our brother’s home will long remember the patience, longsuffering, and the enduring humble spirit he was blessed to manifest for the ten years from 1950 to 1960 when Sister KEARNEY was an invalid. This affliction was a great trial for Brother KEARNEY and his family. Through it all, we never heard him murmur, nor complain, as it was with Job who sinned not with his lips, neither charged God foolishly. See Job 2:22.
Brother KEARNEY was a farmer and a merchant for many years, and was a good provider to his family. The Lord blessed him to accumulate worldly values to the extent of providing each of his children with a natural home. In all of this, he was meek and manifested an humble spirit.
His funeral was conducted by Elders T.F. Adams and J.M. Mewborn, on February 27, 1964, the latter in the absence of his pastor, Elder J.E. Mewborn, who was unable to attend because of Illness, after which his body was laid to rest in the resurrection when corruption shall put on incorruption and the bodies of his saints shall be changed and fashioned like unto Him who liveth and abideth forever.
Written byrequest of the Church, March 14, 1964.

J.E. Mewborn and J.M. Mewborn: Committee.
(Stephen 1888---Lola 1892)
I. The following is an obituary on Robert Leland KEARNEY prepared by his three surviving daughters, Panis K. Watson, Rosemary K. Guevaria, and Lola K. King.
“ ROBERT LELAND KEARNEY, the oldest child of Stephen L. and Lola Ham KEARNEY, was born on December 8, 1907. He was born in the Ham Town communityl He went to school at Britt School near the Oakdale community and then transferred to |Shine. At that time the seventh grade was the highest grade available at Shine, but the students could either repeat the seventh grade or go to Snow Hill. He chose to repeat. He was interested in baseball and he ran track. He was very quick with numbers (math).
On March 13, 1927, he was united in marriage to Eula Corbitt, daughter of Heppie Taylor and Isaiah Corbitt, b. June 6, 1888-Jan. 31, 1951. He was married by and at the home of Elder Berry KEARNEY. To this marriage, he was blessed to have four daughters. Heppie Ramona, b. Dec. 12, 1928-Jan. 9, 1929 Panis (married Leroy Watson), Rose Mary (married John Guevarra), and Lola Ruth (married to Tom King).
He was a good provider not only in material wealth, but in the truth he taught his family. He never told his children not to do this or not to do that, but they knew by the example he set what was right and what was wrong. He made his living by farming. He inherited the Jim Stallings homeplace from his parents. He was fortunate enough to purchase another farm in the Jason community (formerly owned by Carl Hardy). One of his favorite hymns was “When God Revealed His Gracious Name”. He spoke often of the last verse in the planting season: “though seed lie buried long in dust, It shan’t deceive their hope; The precious grain can ne’er be lost, For grace ensures the crop.”
His interest outside the family and farming was hunting. He was a very avid fox hunter and he had a special love for his fox hounds. He had many friends whom he shared this interest with. He also enjoyed fishing.
He was a man of few words, but when he spoke, you knew to listen because he always spoke the truth. He was an honest person and never said a bad word about anyone He believed if you couldn’t say something nice about a person, then you needed to keep your mouth shut. He was also a man of small stature, but in the eyes of his children and grandchildren, he was a tall as a mountain.
On October 31, 1979, the Lord took him out of several months of suffering from lung cancer. His years on earth was 71 years. 10 months, and 21 days. He faithfully attended Mewborn’s Primitive Baptist Church and was laid to rest in the Mewborn’s Church Cemetery. Elder J.M. Mewborn spoke from Matthew 7:16-20 at his funeral on November 2, 1979. According to this scripture, a person is known by the fruits they bear. Elder Mewborn spoke of Robert’s family (his ancestors and his living relatives).
Robert set a good example for his family, one that his family is very proud of. He left behind many fond memories.
This obituary was submitted, upon request, by his daughters; Panis, Rose, and Lola
July 23, 1996.”
NOTE; Eula was a hardworking and loyal wife, devoted to the entire KEARNEY family.
Her mother died when Eula was a teenager and after her marriage to Robert she bonded with her inlaws and went beyond the call of duty to assist and care for her mother inlaw
Lola KEARNEY during the 10 years she was confined to bed because of a series of strokes.
She, the daughters and other daughter inlaws provided daily care on a rotation basis without question or complaint. Her maternal Grandparents were Benjamin T. and Lottie Eason Taylor. (MFK)
Extended Family of Robert and Eula;
A.    Panis Natoy KEARNEY Watson, b. 12-26-1929, LeRoy Watson, b. 83-1924-2-28-
1991, son of Walter Fess & Maude Faust Watson.
A1. Robert LeRoy Watson, b. 12-26-1948, md. Linda Carraway, b. 11-23-
1948dau. of William Nola Carraway.
A1A. Robert Ashley,b. Nov. 19-1970 md. Tracy J. Barnes.
A1A1. Robert Hasten Watson, b. 7-4-2000.
A1B. Allison Watson, b. 9-6-1978, md. Jamie Ross.
A1B1 Lyndsey Page Ross, b. 5-29-2000
A2. Panis Iteelia Watson Wall, b. 4-24-1952, md. Cameron Smith 1st. ,
Carlton Wall, 2nd.
A3. Calvin David Watson, b. 4-10-1958, md. Winnifred Harper, b. 1959 dau.
of James and Jean Harper
A3A. David Harper Watson, b. 4-28-1984
A3B. Jane Loude Watson, .

B.    Rose Mary KEARNEY Guevarra, b. 10-8-1945, md. John H,. Guevarra, son of Henry
and Margaret Jenkins Guevarra.
B1. Jennifer Rose Guevarra, b. 7-23-1970, md. Christopher Kelly.
B1A. Ashley

C.    Lola Ruth KEARNEY King, b. 2-14-1948, md. Thomas Carol King, Jr. b. 5-14-1949,
son of Thomas, Sr. and Gracie Woodall King.
C1. Thomas (Tommy) Carol King III, b. 4-17-1978.

11.     ALBERT LLOYD KEARNEY, b. 8-13, 1909 (6-24-1971) was the second son of Stephen L. and Lola H. KEARNEY. He was born in Hamtown in a house that was located next to his mother’s parents, Haywood and Emma Ham. Early in his life he was known to be a “day dreamer” . When he was supposed to be working in the fields the birds and other things were quick to get his attention. He simply did not care for plowing, picking cotton, housing tobacco, etc. In 1917 his father was drafted in the Army and the children had to help pick cotton. It is said that Albert would pick off the green cotton pods and throw them in the woods so he would not have to pick it later. Later on the pods opened and the woods was covered in white cotton.

He attended Britt School for a short time and then Shine School. Completing the seven grades available, started the eight grade in Snow Hill, N.C. but soon stopped as many did in those days. . He never did become a good farmer until he purchased an Allis Chamers two row tractor on Oct. 21, 1949. His own admission was “the tractors made good farmers out of many a sorry one.” Before the tractor he would work at other jobs and hire the farm work done when possible. He helped build Seymour Johnson Air Force Base barracks, installed oil burners and the like when he could find the work.

His main recreational interest was bird hunting and baseball. He liked to raise and
train bird dogs. In 1946 he purchased a 16 guage Browning Automatic shotgun
that held five (5) shells but the N.C. law required a plug and you could only use
three shells. In 1960, twice the same day, I saw him drop three birds when the covey split, dropping two to his right, turning and dropping one on his left.

He played some sandlot type baseball as a youngster but he is remember most for his management of the Jason semi-pro team from about 1946 to 1954. He enjoyed and worked well with young men. His oldest son, (I) played four years of varsity baseball in High School and he never missed a game. The Jason team was made up of mostly local boys but most all the teams paid a pitcher or special player from time to time. The league was organized, had rules and regulations to go by. John Allen Farfour, owner of Music and Sports in Goldsboro, N.C. was the president, and of course sold most of the equipment to the teams.

In 1928 he married Laura Ellen Smith, b. 10-20-1911 (3-6-1991), dau. of Joseph Darius and Nora Gardner Smith, and they made their home on KEARNEY land that Albert later inherited. Laura had about the same education as Albert but she never did public work until they opened the KEARNEY Grocery Store in 1953. They farmed and operated the store for about 8 years. After Albert’s death in 1971 she did work part time as a clerk for Shine Fabrics. Laura did not have a lazy bone in her. She worked the fields, tended a garden, put up fruits and vegetables and made most of her clothing. She made my shirts until I was in the third grade. She was a member of the Mewborn Primitive Baptist Church and seldom missed a service. She, her sisters in law, Eula, and Albert’s sister Emma and two of Albert’s first cousins, Annie KEARNEY Ginn and Nellie KEARNEY Carter liked to visit other Primitive Baptist Churches throughout eastern N.C.

Laura was devoted to her family, along with her sisters in laws ,engaged in a rotation looking after Lola Ham KEARNEY for 10 years after she suffered several strokes.

I have always heard that opposites attract and nothing is more true with Albert and Laura Ellen. Albert was a free soul, often said that everybody did the best they could, if they could do better they would. Old traditions were not things he concerned himself with. In the late 60’s and early 70’s young people began rebelling against traditional things as boys began wearing their hair long and girls wearing jeans and short shorts. He would say” leave them alone, they will grow out of it, or we will get use to it”. The important thing to him was “what you did, not how you looked.” He had the attitude that if it felt good, do it, but you must be responsible for what you did. He never tried to be rich, just live like the people he associated with. Laura Ellen, on the other hand, was frugal and felt that everyone should work toward their own independents, both financially and mentally. She did not see why people did not think before they did things that would be detrimental to self , family and friends. Laura tried to protect and prepare herself for the future and Albert was more concerned with , today.

Both had a great influence on their children and it is doubtful that the children felt totally independent before their deaths. When you lose your devoted parents, where do you turn to then? In most cases GOD becomes your up-most guide. How nice.
2A. Max Forrest KEARNEY, b. 8-20-1929, md. Dorothy Hamm KEARNEY, b. 11-26-
1930, dau. of Carl and Bessie Hamm.
2Al. Timothy Forrest KEARNEY, b. 1-26-1952, md. Kirstie Lovett (Divorced.)
4-23-1999. (Md. 1984, separated 1986)
2A2. Mitchell Glen KEARNEY, b. 11-15-1956, md. Donna Davis (Divorced
1985) dau. of Claude and Jenny Davis.
2A2A. Justin Ryan KEARNEY, b. 2-25-1981.
2A2B. Laura Brooke KEARNEY, b. 2-20-1982.
2A3. Rhonda Ellen KEARNEY, b. 3-12-1960, md. David Harold Woodlief,
b. 2-15-1957, son of Willis Spirus & Ada Grace Alford Woodlief.
2A3A Brent Ashley Woodlief, b. 6-14-1984.
2A3B. Kyle Michael Woodlief, b. 8-9-1988.
2A4. Jill Michelle KEARNEY, b. 3-3-1967, md. Peter Bryan Bite, b. 10-14-1960
son of Petre and Alta Bite.
2A4A. Holly Elizabeth Bite, b. 5-24-1993.
2A4B. Eric Bryan Bite, b. 9-10-1998.

2B. Everette Conrad KEARNEY, b. 1-3-1931, d. 09-14-2002 md. Barbara Hardy, 1st.,
Peggy Jones Carney, 2nd. Peggy b. 1-21-1936 (Peggy’s 1st. hus. James Carney
died in drowning accident while in the military.
“ Everett Conrad KEARNEY of Wilmington, NC died Saturday, September 14, 2002.
He was born the son of Albert Lloyd KEARNEY and Laura Smith KEARNEY of Snow Hill, NC.
He was retired from Piedmont Airlines with 33 years of service, was a member of the Oleander United Methodist Church and a Korean War Veteran having served in the US Army. He was a member of the American Legion Post #10, a 32 degree Mason and member of St. Johns Lodge#1 A.F.& A.M., Sudan Shrine Temple of New Bern, Arab Shrine Club of Wilmington and Goldenrod Chapter #142 Order of Eastern Star. He served as Worthy Patron for two terms and was Past District Deputy Grand Patron of NC Order of Eastern Star.
For many years he was Activities Coordinator for Shriners Hospitals for Burned and Crippled Children,. He felt that his greatest accomplishment was having enrolled over 100 children into the Shriners Hospitals. In 1998, he was awarded the Albert H. Parker Shriner of the Year Award.
An avid golfer, He founded Piedmont Airlines Duffers Tournament in 1979. The tournament was later renamed the Everett C. KEARNEY Invitational an is held the first week in May annually, drawing airline employees from all over the United States.”
2B4B. Summer Carney, b. 10-13-1979.
He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and was beloved by many friends.
Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday, September 18, 2002,at Andews Mortuary Vally Chapel by Rev. Linda Taylor, Interment will follow in Oleander Memorial Gardens with Masonic Rites.”
Survivors: Wife of 38 years, Peggy Jones KEARNEY and (below)
2B1. Connie Paige KEARNEY, b. 9-3-1956 md. Norman Brooks.
2B1A. Carrie Paige Brooks, b. 7-8-1981.
2BlB. Henry C. (Hank) Brooks, b. 2-18-1984.
2B2. Theresa Carney, b. 4-26-1954, md. Vincent Soddu.
2B2A Andria Soddu, b. 8-14-1973
2B2A1. Brittny, b.
2B3. James Daniel Carney, b. 1-17-1957, md. Michelle. (Shelly)
2B3A. Brianna
2B4. William Joseph Carney, b. 5-10-1958, md. Cathy. 1st.
2B4A. Micky Carney, b. 5-15-1977.

2C. Nora Janet KEARNEY, b. 95-1934m md. Carlos Jones, b. 10-16-1930 (10-1-
1970), son of Walter & Minnie Heath Jones. 2nd. Alton Lewis Hamm,
b. 1942,son of Lee and Alma Taylor Ham.
2Cl. Carlos Derek, b. 3-17-1953, md. Tammy Haywood.
2C1A. Jeremy Haywood Jones, b. 5-10-1982
2C1B. Cassidy Jones, b. 6-4-1985.
2C2 John Michael Jones, b. 12-22-1955, md. Sandra Toler, 1st., Cathy 2nd.
Jada, 3rd.
2C2A. Shawn Michael Jones, b. 1-22-1982 (Sandra’s)
2C2B. Cody Jones (Jady’s)
2C3. David Lloyd Jones, b. 2-2-1963, md. Tammy Waller, dau. of Wm. &
Cathy Ham Waller.
2C3A. Rachael O’Neal Jones, b. 9-23-1998.
2C4 Stephen Ham, (Stepson) (Divorced)
2C4A. Cricket.
2C5 Timothy Ham (Stepson).

111.    FRED LEMON KEARNEY, b. 4-26-1913 (7-20-1965), md. Christine Harrison b. 5-9-1915, dau. of Bunyan & Etta Mooring Harrison. Fred and Christine were employed as farmers on land owned by Stephen KEARNEY, Fred’s father. He eventually inherited about l/2 of the Stallings place and the family still owns it. In the 1950’s a bone infection in his foot caused him to lose the use of it . He continued to farm, was able to drive his tractor, cure tobacco, etc. He and his brother, Robert, were neighbors all their lives and needless to say, Robert’s
family assisted when necessary.

He is remembered as a talented musician, learning to play guitar, banjo,
fiddle, and most string instruments. His best performances were with the fiddle, playing “old time ho-downs”, playing for many “square dances” assisted by his cousins, Johnny , Joshua , and Edmond KEARNEY . In the 1960’s
I was privileged to sit in. During the fall of the year, after the crops had been housed, as many as 75 people seeking some variance in their routine would drop in when the band played at local Country Stores. Norwood (Knotty or Nottie) Wells would do the “Buck Dance”. and performers would drop in and sing from time to time. To me, neighborhood people hanging out, having a few drinks, singing and dancing to a local band is “Southern Culture” and I am proud of the part the KEARNEY family played. I believe I am truthful when I say the band members were the soberest people there.

At the encouragement of his friend, Baily Turnage, who played with the band
many times, he entered the “Fiddlers Convention Contest “ held annually at
the North Carolina State Fair, and won first prize . His dear wife,
who at her own admission, has told of considerable nerve racking while he
learned, has his fiddle and trophies in her home and she will proudly show them. Early influences on Fred were his Uncle Zeb Wade, who played Banjo
and fiddle and his Uncle Cleveland Ham who specialized in Banjo. Johnny
and Joshua KEARNEY played on a Kinston radio station at one time . They invited Uncle Cleveland to guest the show and he played “Uncle Pin”, twice on the same program. I leave it to others to tell the whole story.

Fred’s demeanor was that of a quite, humble, easy going person but could talk
all day one on one. When he was in the 2nd. Or 3rd. grade attending the Britt
School, a cousin, Eula Belle Oakley, was living with the KEARNEY’s, was put in charge of the lunch bucket. In those days any off colored word would embarrass mixed company. Fred looked up Eula Belle at lunch time and found her sitting on a log in the edge of the woods with some of her classmates and Fred simply walked up to her and said “If you have eat my piece of sausage I’m going to whip you tail”. I loved the man, he did everything he could to help me with my very small talent.

Fred died from a kidney infection after a long stay at Wayne Memorial Hospital, Goldsboro, N.C. in 1965. Christine has never remarried and is now living in a home she inherited from her parents. She worked at Caswell Training School, a State Hospital , for several years before she retired. After her retirement she traveled to several interesting places with groups. She has been completely loyal to Fred’s family, assisting in the care of Fred’s invalid mother, and has, encouraged and attended the KEARNEY Family reunion held annually
since 1963.
3A. Etta Faye KEARNEY Lee, b. 9-2-1940, md. Raeford Lee, b. 5-15-1938.
(Registered Nurse)
3A1. Curtis Allen Lee md. Debra Moore, Div
         3A1A. Christina Michelle Lee, b. 1980, d. 9-11-2003. Christina was
         raped and murdered in her home in the James City area of
Craven County, N.C.
             3A1A1. Dylan DeWayne Collins. b. 2001 (father, Elwood
                    Skeet Collins)
3A2. Kevin.
3B. Fred Lemon KEARNEY, Jr. b. 1-19-1950, md. Vicky Dail, 1st. b. 10-8-1947, dau.
of Ralph Wm. & Alice Lassiter Dail. 2nd wife, Sherry Lynn Jett.
3B1. Jeffrey Thomas KEARNEY, b. 10-1-1972
3B2. Craig William KEARNEY, b. 5-23-1979.

1V. EMMA MAE KEARNEY ROUSE, b. 6-28-1915, d. 8-23-2002, dau. of
Stephen & Lola
Ham KEARNEY, md. Marvin Wayne Rouse, b. 7-2-1913, son of Tom and Eva
Ginn Rouse.
Emma, the fourth child and oldest daughter of Stephen L. and Lola Ham
KEARNEY was born in the tenant house of her Grandfather which has been
moved behind the home of Janet KEARNEY Jones Ham, being used for storage.
. She attended Britt School before she became of school age many times as a
visitor, but most of her schooling was at Shine and Snow Hill schools . She
learned early how to look out for herself. She felt she had two many bosses
other than her parents She felt that brothers Albert and Fred were on her case
all the time and she learned to fight back. After her schooling she married ,
Marvin Wayne Rouse in 1933.

She, all her life, has shown pride in the accomplishments of her parents and
grandparents and was quick to apply pressure, when she could , to get all
her children, nieces, nephews and other relatives to live up to the better
standards set by older family members.

They began their lives together on the Ginn farm, formerly the Patrict
Lynch farm and now (1999) called “Corbett Town”. In the late 30’ or early
40’s moved to the Whitted farm that her father had looked after for several
years. In 1953 they moved to her present home on highway #13, four miles
west of Snow Hill, N.C. Over the years they operated a country grocery
store, sold farm supplies next to their current home. And in the late 50’s
Marvin was a partner in the Farmers Warehouse in Goldsboro, N.C. Emma,
in addition to being a housewife and mother, was extremely active in the
cperation of the farm.
Among her many admirable attributes was her ability to LISTEN to people,
offer advise the only way she knew, The Old Baptist Way. After her
children were educated and settled she became a social worker for Greene
County Social Services .

Marvin liked to grow Red Roses and Emma liked any kind of bush, tree,
shrub or flower she could grow. Their beautiful garden reflects their efforts.
4A. Jean Rouse Hardy Preston, b. 5-25-1935, md. Hugh Forbes Hardy, b.
1-19-1931., son of Jack & Mary Forbes Hardy. After Hugh’s death she
married John Preston.
4A1. Lisa Hardy, b. 11-21-1957. died at age 10 due to Cystic Fibroses.
4A2. Suzanne Hardy, b. 9-11-1962 md. Jeffery P. Castleberry .
4A2A. Cameron Hardy Castleberry
4A2B. Jeffery Parker Castleberry, Jr.
NOTE: Jean , after retiring from an educational administrator, served in the N.C. House of Representatives for the District that included Carteret County and part of Onslow County.

4B. Lemon Wayne (Sandy) Rouse, b. 5-20-1938, md. Peggy Hart, dau. of
George and Ann Hart. (divorced) Md. Linda Ham, dau. of Harper and
Carolyn Price Ham, 2nd.
4Bl. George Wayne Rouse.b. 1959, d. 8-21-2003
4B2. Stephen KEARNEY Rouse
4B3. Wayne Rouse. (by Linda)
4B3A. Joshua Wayne Rouse
4C. Stephen Reynolds Rouse, Sr. b.4-23-1940, (d. 1-31-2002) md. Linda
Rouse Taylor, dau. of Preston Rouse. (Attended EMI Military Academy)
4C1. Stephen Reynolds Rouse, Jr. b. 1-12-1971, md. Sherry Taylor .
        4C2. Frances Denise Taylor (stepdaughter)
        4C3. Charles Emory Taylor, Jr. (stepson)
4D. Charles Rouse, b. 9-1-1944 md. Deidra Edwards
4E. Marvin Thomas Rouse, b. 10-8-1946, md. Sandra Kinney Rouse, b.
1-24-1952, dau . of Willie M. & Mildred Stark Kinney.

V DORIS KEARNEY CUNNINGHAM, b. 5-13-19, d. 1951, md. Robert Lee
Cunningham, son of Lee & Libby Sutton Cunningham. When a teenager
Doris had a wisdom tooth pulled and her jawbone was fractured. The bone
Got infected that started a series of operations on 5-21-1938 and eventually
over a period of years all her lower jawbone was surgically removed. Robert
and Doris continued to date and later married. Inspite of her problems and the
deformity of her face she continued to have a great sense of humor and her
laughter is one of the traits most remembered.
5A. Doris Linda Cunningham, b. May, 1943, md. Stewart Randolph McCoy
5Al. Dicky McCoy
5A2. Sybil McCoy, b. 9-30-1962, md. Donald Ray Shingleton.
5A2A. Amanda Shingleton, b. 4-12-1983
5A2B. Nicole, b. 7-6-1990.
5B. Bobbie Cunningham, b. 9-3-1945, md. Bobby Ham 1st., Luther (Shorty)
Adams, son of Reuben & Ruth Adams (La.) 2nd.
         5B1. Debbie Ham, b. 1-2-1965
            5B1A. Heather Ham, b. 9-24-1984
             5B1B. Bryant Jones, b. 7-5-1988
        5B2. Donnie Ham, b. 5-27-1967, md. Joel Parker
            5B2A. Amanda, b. 5-17-1988
            5B2B. Brady, b. 12-29-?
            5B2C.     Whitney (female) b. 1-11-2001

V1. STEPHEN LYMAN KEARNEY, b.,7-29-1922 (7-26-1964)(auto accident)
     md. Dorothy Corbett Underhill, 6-15-1945, b. 8-15-1921, dau. of Luther and
Bertha Turnage Corbett.
     Lyman enlisted in the U.S. Marines on Jan. 8, 1940 at the age of 17. He gave
an older date of birth to enlist without his parents signature. His basic training
    was in Parris Island, S.C. and later was transferred to the New River Marine Base near Jacksonville, N.C. Served in the Caribbean for special training, then
from April, 1942 until Nov. 17, 1944 served in the South Pacific. Participated in action against the enemy at Guadalcanal from 9-14-1943 to 1-5-1943, Cape Gloucester New Britain Island, 12-16-1943 to 3-1-1944, and Peleliu Palsu Group 9-15-1944 to 10-14-1944. Honorably Discharged with the rank ofCorporal 3-4-1946. His monthy pay at the time of discharge was $66. Per month. His discharge pay was $100.00 plus $0.05 per mile from Camp Lejuine, N.C. to Raleigh, N.C. Serial number 280101. He came through the war without a scratch. After his discharge in 1946 he signed up for job training under the GI bill and worked as a bookkeeper for Thompson-Wooten Oil Company, Goldsboro, N.C. until he returned to farming in the early 1950’s..
    In addition to farming he worked as a compliance man for the ASCS office and part time as a salesperson for various tobacco warehouses.
6A. Barbara Ann KEARNEY Hemby Skipper, b. 4-30-1946, md. Mitchell
         Hemby (div) . Barbara married three other times, the last to Skipper.
         6A1. Stephanie Diane Hemby
         6A2. Michele Lee Hemby
         6A3. Kimberly anne Hemby.
6B.     Joan KEARNEY Stancil, b. 3-31-1949, md. Linwood Donnie Stancil, b.
         5-9-1948, son of Linwood D. and Eunice Ridenhour Sttancil.
         6B1. Christie Lynn Stanacil, b. 5-30-1975, md. Benjamin Elbert Howell
             son of Claude Elbert and Annette Townsend Howell. Christie and
             Ben graduated from East Carolina University.
             6B1A. Colbie Benjamin Howell, b. not yet
         6B2.     Jane Elizabeth Stancil, b. 1-19-1978

V11. LOLA MARIE KEARNEY HARRIS JOYNER, b. 3-3-1928, md. Robert
         Harris, 1st., (widowed) md. Joseph Nelson Joyner, 2nd.b. 8-4-1927, d. 11-
13-2002 (Bob and Nelson
were Navy Veterans)
         7A. Deborah Harris Dail, Hardy, Sutton. B. 5-12-1950, md. Ricky Dail
         1st., Allen B. Hardy 2nd., Harold Sutton 3rd. b. 9-3-1961, son of
John Waters & Marie Dail Sutton.
            7A1. Robert Brian Dail, b. 1-16-1968.
         7A2. Allison Hope Dail, b. 3-4-1971, md. Bradley House (div)
            7A3. Daniel Wade Sutton, b. 4-30-1986
         7B.     Donna Kay Harris Fields Ezzell, b. 12-1-1952, md. Gary Fields
             son of Bobby and Nannie Mewborn Fields,(div), Edward Ezell.
             7B1. Brad Fields
             7B2. Brooke Fields
         7C. Robert L. Harris, Jr., b. 5-4-1955, md. Florette
             7C1. Robert L. Harris, III

2804 Orkney Place,
Raleigh, N.C. 27604
Tel: 919 876 7975

NOTE: Doris and Robert are buried in the Mewborn Church Cemetery.
Robert married Ruby Beamon and fathered Sammy Cunningham and
Patrict Cunningham.

V1. STEPHEN LYMAN KEARNEY, b. 7-29-1922 (7-26-1964 due to auto accident),
md. Dorothy Corbett Underhill, 6-15-1945 b. 8-15-1921, , dau. of Luther and
Bertha Turnage Corbett.

Lyman enlisted in the U.S. Marines on Jan. 8, 1940 at the age of l7. He gave an
older date of birth to enlist without his parents signature. His basic training was
in Parris Island, S.C. and later was transferred to the New River Marine Base
near Jacksonville, N.C. He later served in the Caribbean area and from April,
1942 until Nov., 17, 1944 served in the South Pacific. Participated in action
against the enemy at Guadalcanal from 9-14, 1942 to 1-5-1943, Cape Gloucester
New Britain Island, 12-261943 to 3-1-1944, and Peleliu Palsu Group 9-15-1944
to 10-14-1944. Honorably Discharged with the rank of Corporal March 4,
1946.    His monthly pay at the time of discharge was $66.00 per month. At the
time of his discharge he was paid $100. mustering out pay plus $0.05 per mile
from Camp Lejuine, N.C. to Raleigh, N.C. Serial number 280101. He
came through the war without a scratch. After his discharge in 1945 he signed up
for job training under the GI Bill and worked as a bookkeeper for Thompson-
Wooten Oil Company until he returned to the farm in the early 1950’s. In
addition to farming he worked part time with the ASCS office measuring quoto
crops and also at tobacco warehouses.

6A. Barbara Ann KEARNEY Hemby Skipper, b. 4-30-1946, md. Mitchell
Hemby. (Div). Barbara married three other times, the last to Skipper
6Al. Stephanie Diane Hemby.
6A2 Michele Lee Hemby.
6A3 Kimberly Anne Hemby

6B. Joan KEARNEY Stancil, b. 3-31-1949, md. Linwood Donnie Stancil, b.
5-9-1948 , son of Linwood D. and Eunice Ridenhour Stancil.
6Bl Christie Lynn Stancil, b. 5-30-1975, md. Benjamin Elbert Howell,
son of Claude Elbert and Annette Townsend Howell
Christie and Ben graduated from East Carolina University.
6B2 Jane Elizabeth Stancil, b. 1-19-1978

V11 LOLA MARIE KEARNEY HARRIS JOYNER. b. 3-3-1928, md. Robert L.
Harris (widowed) md. Joseph Nelson Joyner, second. (Bob & Nelson were Navy
7A. Deborah Harris, Dail, Hardy, Sutton. , b. 5-12-1950, md. Ricky Dail, 1st.
Allen B. Hardy, 2nd. And Harold Sutton 3rd. , b. 9-23-1961, son of John
Waters and Marie Dail Sutton.
7A1 Robert Brian Dail, b. 1-16-1968
7A2 Allison Hope Dail, b. 3-4, 1971, md. Bradley House (Divorced.)
7A3 Daniel Wade Sutton, b. 4-30-1986.
7B. Donna Kay Harris Fields, b. 12-1-1952, md. Gary Fields, son of Bobby
and Nannie Laura Mewborn Fields, 1st (divorced), then Edward Ezzell.
7B1. Brad Fields.
7B2. Brooke Fields.
7C. Robert L. Harris, Jr., b. 5-4-1955, md. Florette.
7C1. Robert Harris 111.

NOTE: This record is incomplete. Hope to add to as I receive information.
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