Claude and his twin sister, Clyde were born on July l5, l9l0 to Zeb and Minnie Ham WADE. Claude married Celia Mae, only daughter of James Thomas and Patsy KEARNEY, they had six children. Although Claude’s principle occupation was a farmer, he held several part time jobs to supplement their incomes. In the late l930’s and early 40’s he sold Wadkins Products or Raleigh Products from his car, traveling around in the area on specific days. Later he started measuring land for the Government and worked his way up to supervisor. He spent many hours in and around the Court House and came to realize that his end of the county was not represented among the County Commissioners.
Being a “soft spoken” person , he did not fit the description of a typical politician, however, he ran and won. Served l4 years, two as chairman of the board, and was taken ill in the Court House and rushed to the hospital where he passed away. While commissioner, he retired from farming and was a partner in the WADE and Murphy Farm
Supply Company.

He was a member of the Shine Ruritan Club, served 34 years on the board, and as treasurer of the Jerusalem Methodist Church Sunday School.

Celia Mae was also “soft spoken” and devoted her life to her family. For many years she would style the neighborhood ladies hair, no charge but occasionally one would tip her a few cents. Few knew that Celia could read music, better by the shape note, and she sung in the choir. Wherever she was, she kept a low profile.

Claude died Dec. 2, l977, Celia Mae died September l4, l985;
Their children:

l. Reba WADE, born ll-ll-l934, md. Frank Creech.
A David (passed away)
2. Zeb T. WADE, born 3-24-l936, md Kay Griffin, born 8-l3-l938, dau. of Fenner &
Estelle Griffin.
A. Sheila WADE Owen, b. 2-7-l958 (divorced)
Al. Celia K. Owen.
A2. Leigh A. Owen
A3. May E. Owen.
B. Terri WADE, b. 5-l2-l960, md. Jon Carpentar .
Bl. Laura Carpentar.
B2. Anna Caroline Carpentar.
C. Kelly WADE Owens, b. 7-l9-l964, (divorced)
CL. Emily Denice.
D. Frances (Frannie)
3. LaVerne WADE Rhodes, b. ll-ll-l940, md. Delbert Vernon Rhodes, b. ll-7-l939, son
of Ivey and Rorine Rhodes.
A. Phyllis, b. 8-31-l962, Md. Randall Myrick.
Al. Justin Randall, b. 3-l3-87.
A2. Kristen Rebecca, b. 2-l6-l989
4. Donald Wad e, b. l2-22-l938, md. Faye KEARNEY, dau. of James D. (Reuben) and
Mary Edmundson KEARNEY.(Donald killed as a passenger in auto accident, l964.)
A, Donald WADE, Jr., md. Denise Darby.
Al. Nicole.
A2. Amber.
5. Kenneth R. WADE, b. 9-26-42, md. Diane Vaughn, dau. of Dillard and Grace Taylor
A. Kenneth WADE, Jr., md. Angie Tripp.
Al. Dillon.
A2. Hayley.
B. Brian, md. Christy Rogers.
Bl. One child ?
C. Michael
6. Claude Winfred, md., lst. Daphine Faircloth, dau. of Carl and ? Smith Faircloth,2nd. Barbara Hagan.
A. Colin (only child by Faircloth).
Al. Gabreille
B. Wendy.
C. Michelle, md. Richard (Richie) Harris.
Cl. Carter.
C2. Hagan.


Clyde, the twin sister of Claude WADE and the daughter of Zeb and Minnie Lee Ham
WADE, born 7-l5-l9l0, md. Henry Lee KEARNEY, born Oct. l0, l9l3, son of James Thomas and Patsy KEARNEY. Henry died June 2, l941 leaving Clyde a small farm next door to her mother and with four children, oldest age 11, to raise. She was up to the job, I know because I have seen her plowing tobacco with the one mule she had. Her property surrounded the Ham Cemetery where she and Henry are buried.
l. Jewel Frances KEARNEY, born l930, md. Isaac L. Aldridge, b. l922
A. Elizabeth, b. 9-l6-l950, md. Benjamin Franklin Ramsey.
Al. Benjamin Joseph Ramsey.
A2. Amy Elizabeth Ramsey.
A3. Joey Lynn Ramsey.
B. Isaac L. III, b. ll-l0-l954 md. Cynthia Harrell.
Bl. Branigan Lee Aldridge.
B2. Jacob Isaac Aldridge.
C. Lori, b. 5-9-l96l, md. Mark Pope.
Cl William Daniel Medlin.
C2. Erwin Pope.
D. Pam., b. 2-28-l967 md. Johnny Yelverton.
2. Harvey KEARNEY, md. Judith Mae Tharrington.
A. James Lee KEARNEY, md. Sandy Zeadker.
B. Brenda, md. Neil Brennan.
Bl. Wendy.
BlA. Trae.
C. Faye, md. Henry McDuffie.
Cl. Beverly McDuffie.
C2. Heather McDuffie.
3. Minnie Evelyn, b. 1934, d. 8-7-2002 md. Joseph Lexton Perry.
A. Vickie, md. George Ramond Whitley, Jr.
Al. Susan Renee Cook., md. James David Smith, Sr.
AlA. James David Smith, Jr.
AlB. Allison Smith.
A2. April Michelle Cook.
A3. Kevin David Whitley.
B. Keith
Bl. Crystal Elizabeth Perry.
C. Kay Perry, md. Donald Jay Padrick
Cl. Christy Ann Padrick.
C2. Heather Denise Padrick.
D. Rodney, md. Debbie Marie Whitley.
Dl. Stephanie Marie Perry.
D2. Lexton Rodney Perry.
D3. Christopher Brian Perry.
4. Heber, md. Catherine Faye Holloway.
A. Jennifer Rose KEARNEY, md. Walter Carter Whitfield.
Al. Dwayne Grant.
B. Wanda KEARNEY Howell Jones
Bl.. Rhonda Lynn Howell, md. ?
BlA. One child.
C. William (Boa).
Cl. Jeffery William KEARNEY.
C2. Jessica Marie KEARNEY.
C3. Ashley Nichole KEARNEY.

NOTE: Printouts on Claude and Clyde will be included in the printed records of the KEARNEY Family.

Max KEARNEY l0-l0-l998
2804 Orkney Place Micro-word-ccWADE
Raleigh, N.C. 27604
Tel. 9l9 876 7975


Pinkney Hardy WADE, born 8-28-l828, md. Nancy Whitley, b. ?-l6-l838, d. 9-l7-l912.
(There are records indicating wife’s name as Navy Aldridge)
l. Emma WADE. B. 7-11-1866, md. Haywood Ham.
2. John WADE. b. l869, 1st. Winnie Taylor, 2nd Mary Tyndall Hobbs..
3. Joseph S. WADE, b. Dec. 15, 1870, md. Mary Carlyle, b.April 15, 1870 d. Nov 28, 1960 Buried Daly’s Chapel Ceme. Survivor, one adolpted or foster son, Wilbur Perry and three grandchildren.
4. Rufus WADE.b 1873, md. Patsy W. Foyles.

5. Jesse WADE. b. 1875, md. Elizabeth L. Aldridge
6. Zeb WADE. b. 1877, md. Minnie Lee Ham (1880 census list Zeb as Pinkney Z.)
7. Patsy S. WADE, b. 1861
8. Elizabeth WADE, b. 1859.
Note: l880 U.S. Census Records show a daughter Patsy S. age l9 and the name of the
number 6 child as Pinkney Z. born l877.

l. Emma WADE married Hayward Ham, Sr.
(See Ham Genealogy) Both buried in the Ham Cemetery, Ham Town.
2. John WADE, md. 1st. Winnie Taylor, ( dau. of Needham & Marrenda Taylor) 2nd. Mary Hobbs. (John WADE is buried at Harrell’s Chapel Church. Winnie Taylor WADE is buried in the Ham Town Cemetery on the north side of her father. Mary Hobbs and her 1st. husband are buried at Laney Wood Hill.)
A. Lizzie, md. Luther Head.
Al. Willa Faye, md. Larcey Walston, Jr. (Note twin)
AlA. Tony Walston, md. Jill Harrison.
AlB. David Walston, md. Joann Harrison.
A2.. Wilma Gray, md. Abbie Hardy Suggs. (Note twin)
A2A. Jeffery Sugg
A2B. Phyllis Sugg.
A2C. Gary Sugg.
B. James Pinkney, md. Thelma WADE, dau. of Vander WADE, Sr
(Thelma died 11-12-1998 at age of 91.).
Bl. Mercer WADE, md. Evelyn Murphrey.
BlA. Mellonie WADE, md. Randy Murphrey
BlAl. Brandon Allen.
BlB. Myra WADE, md. Danny Grant.
BlBl. John Mark Grant
BlB2. Daniel Grant.
BlC. Mark WADE, md. Stephanie Price. (Stephanie died 11-24-1998)
BlCl. Mark Clinton WADE.
B2. Harold WADE, md. 1st. Reba Harrison, 2nd. Thelma Adams (No children)
B3. Bertie Jean WADE, md. Boyd Barrow.
B3A. Kimberly Sue Barrow (not married)
B3B. Neil Barrow, md. Rebecca Baker.
B3Bl. Hunter N. Barrow.
C. Raymond WADE, md. Bertha Fraizer, daughter of Will Fraizer.
C1. Raymond WADE, Jr. b.1-27-29, md. JoAnn Beamon, b. 4-28-l934, dau. of Joe and Clara Heath Beaman.
ClA. Raymond (Randy)WADE, III b. 2-17-1958 (Not married)
ClB. Ronnie Dale WADE, b. 3-21-1961 md. Allison Bunn, b. 1-8-1966,
dau. of Charlie & Betty Corbett Bunn
ClBl. Joseph Dale, b. 12-25-1985 C1B2 Stacy Renee, b. 1-3-1990
C2. Fraizer WADE, md. 1st. Selma Hill, 2nd. Helen
C2A. Darlene WADE, 1st. wife
C2B. Garland Fraizer, Jr., 2nd. wife
D. Guy WADE, md. Mary Thomas.
D1 John F. WADE, md. Peggy Kennedy.
(two sons)
D2. James H. WADE, md. LaDene (no children)
E. Joe WADE, md. Bobbie Fields.
El. Kenneth.
E2. Beverly.
E3. Laura.
E4. JoJo
E5. Dewight.
E6. Cathy.
E7. Brenda.
F. Luther WADE, md. 1st. Clyde Hill, 2nd. Mary Mitchell.
Fl. Clyde WADE, son of Clyde Hill WADE, md. Laura Bynum.
F1A. Clyde Hilton WADE, md. Tammy Ginn.
F1Al. Joshua Aaron WADE.
F1A2. Summer Anne WADE.
F1B Darl Evan WADE, md. Paula Ann Anderson.
F1C. Angela Elizabeth WADE, Eddie Webster.
F2. William Mitchell WADE, (Billy) md. Linda Strickland
F2A. Michael WADE, md. Tracy Grover.
F2Al. Haley Nicole WADE.
F2A2. Brandon Michael WADE.
F2B. Cynthia (Cindy) WADE, md. J.P. Brown.
F2Bl. Sarah Catlin Brown.
F3. Luther Mack WADE, md. Pamela Walser.
F3A. Christopher WADE.
F3B. April WADE.
F4. John Craig WADE, md. 1st. Carol Swett, 2nd. Donna Armstrong.
F4A. Angie WADE, md. William (Kess) Myrhang, 1st.
F4Al. Brittany Nicole Myrhang.
F4A2. Bryston WADE Myrhang.
F4B. Lauren WADE.
F4C. Sarah WADE.
F5. Perry WADE, md. 1st. Katherine Morris, 2nd. Pat Lavin
F5l. Amanda WADE, 2nd.

(I have no information on Rufus, Jesse and Joe WADE. See Ham Gene. For Zeb WADE.)

NOTE: I am including information I have on the James Hampton WADE Family because I believe that Pinkney WADE and J. Hampton were close kin, possibly brothers as they were next door neighbors at the time of the l880 census.

1880 US Census;
James Hampton WADE, b. 7-3-l835, d. 4-l5-l913.
Lucretia Sugg, wife, b. l841.
l. Martha, age 11.
2. Patience, age 6.
3. James H. V. age 3.

1900 US Census.
James H. Vander WADE, b. 6-8-l877, d. 10-3-1943.
Carrie Smith WADE, wife, b. 10-l7-l877, d. 7-11-1903.
l. Clyde, b. l898
2. Ran, b. l899.
NOTE: A second son, Vander, was born about the turn of the century, married Nora Ham, daughter of Haywood and Emma WADE Ham.

Vander (l)’s 1st. wife, Carrie died in 1903, he then married Bertie Lewis.
Children, not all.:
l. Carrie, who married William M. KEARNEY, son of William Berry and Betsy KEARNEY
2. Thelma, who married Pinkney WADE (3), son of John and Winnie Taylor WADE.
3. John D., who married Alma Wells, dau. of Willie and Annie Ham Wells.
4. Wayne , who married, Celia, dau. of Raymond Hart.

Max Kearney e-mail if you have further information on this line.


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