Colonel Thomas Edwards


Colonel Thomas Edwards, d. 1816
Contributed by Roger Kammerer and Elizabeth Ross. <27 Apr 2004>
Col. Thomas Edwards died without issue in Greene Co., NC , when he was shot and killed by a slave. [see also Marriage and Death Notices ]. His widow brought suit, in 1817, against the heirs of Thomas, as represented by administrator James Glascow SHEPHERD. Winnefred was engaged in the latter part of 1808 to be married to Col. Thomas Edwards, and was married January 1809. He died in 1816 and left no children.

The court case listed the heirs:

Theophilus Edwards, brother of Thomas
Henry Edwards, brother of Thomas
John HEATH and wife Sally, dau. of dec'd. bro. of Thomas, of Washington Co., GA
Blaney HARPER and Elizabeth wife, sister of Thomas Edwards
Molly HILL of Lenoir Co., NC, sister of Thomas Edwards
Nancy SHEPPARD of Pitt Co., NC, sister of Thomas Edwards
William MURPHY and wife Polly, dau. of dec'd. bro. of Thomas, of Washington Co., GA

Children of dec'd. bro. of Thomas [not clear if same as above, or a different bro.]:
Thomas Edwards
John Edwards
Isaac Edwards
William Edwards
Dempsey Edwards
Sally Edwards
Nancy Edwards
Absala Edwards
Joel ALTMAN and wife Elizabeth of Wayne Co., NC
Benjamin HARDEE and Polly wife

Children of Zilpha STANLY , a dec'd. sister of Thomas Edwards; all of South Carolina:
John Stanly
William Stanly
Thomas Stanly
James Stanly
Mary Stanly
Zilphia Stanly
Elizabeth Stanly
Sarah Stanly
Matthew Stanly

Abstracted from NC Supreme Court Records, Case #1024: Winnefred Edwards -vs.- Shepherd and Edwards - 1817. NC Archives and History, Raleigh, NC.


Additional notes on Zilpha Edwards Stanley, as published in the book Stanley Ties, by James Savage Stanley, Jr., of Dallas, TX, in 1982:

Zilpha Edward, b. ca. 1740, d. Mar. 31, 1808, in Darlington Co., SC; m. ca. 1759 to Sands Stanley of Dobbs Co., NC, b. ca. 1738, d. Nov. 19, 1799, in Darlington Co., SC. Sands Stanley, Sr., left a will, probated Dec. 18, 1799, in Darlington Co., SC, Willbook C.

They had 13 children, born ca. 1760 to 1778 (in order of birth):

Penelope, Shadrack, Zilpha, John, William, Mary (Polly), Thomas, Elizabeth, Sands Jr., Ann, James, Sarah (Sallie), and Martha.


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