Ed Waters to Owen Waters, 1942

Copy contributed by Kay Waters Sakaris, (c) Oct. 5, 1999

May 23rd, 1942

Mr. Owen Waters,
Dear Folk All

Well I have decided to answer that long letter that we were glad to heare from you, but I can account for it. The ground was wet and you had nothing to do but since it has quit raining I guess you have plenty to do and dont sleap so late. The farms are late and what they have planted is getting grassy. The cabbages and strawberries are bringing the farmers lots of money. Most of them are clearing more than $1000 an acre on berries. I think the GPA has got the ceiling price too high on some things. $8.00 for berries and ten cents a pound for sweet potatoes is too much. It dont harmonise with other things and ___ hams at 80 cts lb and lard at 20 cts dont work together. After all there is nothing that we can do about it. You spoke about your potatoes they are $8.00 bu[shel] here. Pearl if I was over there we would bake a big pan full and I'd eat all the potstoes and butter I wanted. Pearl thank you for the points [?] if any of you have any to yearse [?] we will appreciate them. There is a little meat comes to the grocier about once a week but it is gone before you turn around we have to put our orders in and then dont get it every time. They dont get enough to fill their orders. The midlin Lloyd sent us was a blessing to us. Beulah is thinking about sending Lloyd a check as he goes around a right smart he might piick up a midlin [?] or two for her. I suspect it will be worse in a year.

Well I guess that is enough of our hard luck. We are all well as comon. The children were all rite the last time we heard from them. Owen you said something about Frank's birth place. He was born Apr 24, 1857 in Green Counry, NC near Snow Hill. I was born Aug 7, 1860. He and Ella and Jim were born in the same house that Pappy was Grandfathers Old Home. Wil, Smithy and Nannie were born in Wain Co. Neare Grandfather Brits. The other children were born in Tennessee. Grandfather Waters was an Englishman, Grandfather Brit was Scots Irish. Pappa and mother were sisters children. Mothers mother was English so we are Scots Irish. The red hair comes from the Irish side. The English are generally very affectionate the Irish are smart witty and generaly high tempered but after all it is a rite good mixture. Well I don't know what else to tell you. I hope that all of you are well and enjoying the richest of Gods Blessings. Write us when you have time.

Lots of Love for all,
Uncle Ed
Return address on envelope says:
638 W. Royal St.
Jackson, Tenn


  • Addressed to:
    Mr. & Mrs. Owen Waters
    R 1, Wattensaw, Arkansas

[NOTE: This letter was written to my grandfather, Owen Waters, by his uncle Ed Waters. Ed Waters lived in Jackson, TN. In 1870, my grandfather's grandgrandparents (my great-great-grandparents) Simon Peter Waters and Nancy Jane Britt Waters, moved from the Greene-Lenoir County area of NC to Gibson County, TN. They later moved to Prairie County, AR where they lived out the rest of their lives. S.P. and Nancy Waters had a family of ten known children. Like many of his generation, Uncle Ed Waters didn't use any punctuation when he wrote the letter, so I added it in order to clarify it for readers. The original letter is in my possession. Kay Waters Sakaris]

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