Jacob Lassiter to Rubin Lassiter

Jacob Lassiter to Rubin Lassiter ~ 16 May 1833

(Transcribed by Douglas N. Rader)  I recently acquired a handwritten copy dated 16 May 1833 of a deed from one of the burned deed books from Glasgow County, NC (shown on the back to have been registered in Greene County in Book A at page 164). This deed names slaves, and may be of use to African Americans pursuing their ancestry. The deed reads as follows, with spellings as given (except "Lassiter," which is spelled both "Lasiter" and "Lassiter" in the deed):

"To all people to whom these presents shall come. I Jacob Lassiter send greeting. Know ye that the said Jacob Lassiter of the State of North Carolina in the County of Glasgow planter for and in consideration of the love good will and affexion which I have and do bare towards my well beloved son Rubin Lassiter I have given & granted and by these presents do freely give and grant unto my son Rubin Lassiter the following articles as follows. I give my son Rubin Lassiter to him and his heirs executors and administrators and assigns forever that is to say the heirs lawfully begotten of his body the following articles and negro named to wit, twelve negroes named first Short Sarah Coff Nerse Pegg Chancy Simon Thomas Friday Ned Jinney Morning and Martain to which said negroes and their increase I give unto my son Rubin Lassiter forever and I also give unto my son Rubin Lassiter one half of all my lands lying and being in Glasgow County on the Wheat Swamp and also the purportionable part of all my moveable property. In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand & seal this 30th day of November 1793. [signed by mark] Witness: Simon Bell, Josiah Bell. Registered December Term 1793 W. Williams, clerk



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