Will of John Fields, SR

Will Bk G, p. 547 Henry Co. TN

Signed 17 Sept 1844, Probated in Feb. Term of Court, 1854

I, John Fields, being in my right mind do publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me made.
1st. It is my will and desire for my wife Martha to have and to keep my land and live thereon and have all my property together in during her natural live or widowhood.
nd. It is also my will and desire for my two daughters Martha and Freelove to live with their mother, also Mary Kennedy and her little children while they remain single.
It is moreover my will and desire for my wife Martha to dispose of my surplus stock that she may have to the best advantage for her and the above named familys benefit.
It is my will and desire after the death or widowhood of my wife Martha for all my property both real and personal to be sold to the highest bidder except my land if my two daughters Freelove and Martha should live or remain single at the death of my wife Martha in that case. Should it be, it is my will and desire for them to live on said land and be entitled to all the privileges thereon while they remain single or live. If they should marry or die, then it is my will for the land to be sold as the above named property and the proceeds equally divided among the heirs of my body, except Bennett Fields and Nancy Beamon. They have had some propertys and some of the rest have had some.
It is my will and desire for those that have had nothing, to have equal with those that have had and thus an equal division among them all.
It is my will and desire for the part that would be going to Edmond Beamon I bequeath to the heirs of his body to be equally divided amongst them to wit: Ridley, Martha, Sension, Freelove and Nancy Ann Frances, the heirs of Nancy Beamon.
I do hereby appoint John Fields and Seth Fields as executors to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I do to this my last will set my hand and seal this 17
th day of September, 1844.
(seal) John Fields

Signed, sealed and published in our presence and we have subscribed our names in presence of the testator this 17
th day of September, 1844.
James M. Coly
William Martin
John C. Freeman

State of Tennessee, Henry County Court, term 1854
This the foregoing will was exhibited in open court and thereupon stated. James M. Coly, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto who after being duly sworn according to law says that he was personally acquainted with John Fields, the testator, that he saw him sign and heard him acknowledge the same to be his last will and testament with all its erasures. That he was at the time of so doing of sound and diffusing mind and memory and that he signed the same in the testator's presence and at his request as a witness. And it was ordered to be so certified and recorded.
            Robt. Simmons?, Clerk

Will sent by Debbie Fields Murphy (c) Apr. 8, 2005
msdfields AT earthlink.net
The will was transcribed from a microfilm copy found in the Henry Co. TN Library in Paris TN.
John Fields, Sr. was the father of Bennett Fields, Sr. whose will is all ready posted


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