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CARR in Arkansas. Transcribed and contributed by Ruth Fentress, ruthbf@erols.com (Dec. 1998). Descendants of Titus Carr, I, of Greene Co., NC.

1850 Census, Bradley Co., Arkansas: Bradley Co., Ark., Quachita township, 25 Oct. 1850:

#157-157 Elizabeth CARR 44 f w b. NC

Charles Carr 24 farmer b. NC

Titus Carr 22 b. TN Mary Carr 17 b. TN

Martha Carr 14 b. TN {next door was Wm McCauley, age 49,b. NC, and family}


1860 Census, Bradley Co., Arkansas: p.592, Bradley Co.,Ark, Quachita township, P. O. Gravel Ridge: #991-991

Titus M. CARR 31 m w farmer b. TN

Ailcey Carr 27 f b. AL Virginia Carr 4 b. Ark

Sonora? Carr 1 f b. Ark #115-115, Bradley Co., Quachita township, P.O. Lehi?:

Thomas CARR, 24 m w teacher 400/500 b. TN

Martha Carr 24 b. TN

William Carr 5 b. TN

Jane Carr 3 b. TN

Mary A. Carr 1 b. TN

------------End Carr------------

COWARD in Arkansas. Transcribed and contributed by Ruth Fentress, ruthbf@erols.com (Dec. 1998). The following census records might be of interest to anyone researching the COWARD family of Pitt/Greene/Lenoir/Jones counties, NC.

1850 Bradley Co., Ark., Quachita township, 24 Oct. 1850: p.098 #140 140

Anthony COWARD 33 m w farmer $300 b. NC

Mary Coward 26 b. NC

Elizabeth Coward 7 b. TN

Louisa Coward 6 b. TN

Maria Coward 4 b. Ark

Rufus Coward 2 m b. Ark

Chloe Coward 38 f b. NC

Joseph TAYLOR 24 farmer b. SC p.099 #152 152

John E. Grissett? 26 farmer b. NC

Lucinda " 22 b. AL Alfred " 5 b.

AL Robert " 1 b. AL

SHADE COWARD 73 m w school teacher b. NC

[Anthony and Chloe Coward were children of Shadrack Coward who was living in Lenoir Co. in 1818. He was a son of John Coward and wife Mary (Shipp) Coward --RF]

1860 Bradley Co., Ark, Pennington township, p. 535:

#582-582 Anthony B. COWARD 43 m w brickmason 1000/300 b. NC

Mary Coward 35 b. NC

Mary L. Coward 16 b. TN

Jemima P. Coward 8 b. Ark

Sarah Coward 3 b. Ark

Frances Coward 1 f b. Ark 1870 Bradley Co., Ark.,

Hurricane township:

#12-12 Anthony COWARD 52 m w farmer 2000/500 b. NC

Mary Coward 45 b. NC Lou " 25 f b. TN

Sarah " 13 b. Ark Annie " 9 b. Ark

Benjamin " 7 b. Ark

Wiley RATCLIFF 1 m w b. Ark

Edward FRANKLIN 41 m B laborer b. Ark

Esther FRANKLIN f B domestic servant b. Ark

------------End Coward------------



Contributed Sep 01, 1999

Patty Day

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