Greene County, NC - 1870 Mortality Schedule


1870 Mortality Schedule Greene County, N.C.
Persons Who Died During the Year Ending June 1, 1870
Name Place of Death Died Race/Gender/ Age Disease or Cause of Death
Married or Widowed
Sarah Azzle Snow Hill July W F 21 Typhoid Fever
Martha Barfield Olds Oct W F W 80 Dumb?Palsy
William Bass Snow Hill Mar W M 8 Congestive Chill
Elizabeth Best Snow Hill June W F W 88 Typhoid Fever
Nettie Best Snow Hill May B F 1 Inf. of Brain
Saml Best Snow Hill Mar B M 4 Burnt to Death
Dinest Blount Olds Dec B M 2/12 Infection in Brain
Edward Blount Snow Hill Feb B M M 35 Typhoid Neumonia
Nead Blount Olds Nov B M M 35 Gun Shot
Patsy Britt Olds Nov W F 30 Typhoid Fever
Spencer Brown Olds Apr B M 30 Inf. of Brain
Albert S Bryant Snow Hill June W M 1 Inf.of Brain
Jackson Caraway Speights Bridge July W M 22 Typhoid Fever
Bryane Caraway Speights Bridge May W M M 74 Fall from a Cart
James Carr Olds July W M 4 Dropsey of the Brain
Sally Chester Speights Bridge July W F M 50 Kings Evil
William G Cobb Speights Bridge Nov W M 42 Consumption of Lungs
Chaney Coward Olds Dec B F W 60 Dropsey of the Heart
Richard Creech Hookerton Oct W M 19 Disease of Heart
Lenard Cuninggin Hookerton June B M M 53 Consumption of Lungs
Seth Dail Speights Bridge Aug W M M 74 Neumonia
Walter D Dawson Snow Hill June W M 1 Inf.of Brain
Emily Delaney Olds May B F M 50 Dropsey of Chest
Cherry Dixon Olds Feb W F W 64 Consumption
Mary Dixon Olds Dec B F 6/12 Inf. of Brain
John Eason Snow Hill Nov W M M 58 Aplopexa of Brain
Hawood H Edmonds Olds July W M M 22 Typhoid Fever
Job Edmunson Snow Hill Apr B M 22 Consumption of Chest
Lucy Edwards Olds Sept B F 8/12 Whooping Cough
May Edwards Olds Oct W F 8/12 Bowel Consumption
Roscoe Edwards Olds May B M 1 Bowel Consumption
John Forest Olds Oct W M 5 Typhoid Fever
Elizabeth Frizzle Olds Aug B F 9/12 Inf. of Brain
Sarah Granger Hookerton July B F 4 Whooping Cough
William Grimsley Olds Oct W M 5 Congestive Chill
Betsey Greene Olds Mar B F M 45 Dropsey of the Chest
Sarah F Hales Olds Sept W F 9/12 Inflammation of Bowels
Elizabeth Hamilton Olds July W F M 27 Cancer of Womb
Blaney Hardey Snow Hill June W M 15 Typhoid Fever
Edwin Hardey Olds May W M M 27 Typhoid Fever
Arcina Hardey Olds Sept W F 3 Congestive Chill
Emma Hardey Olds June W F 3 Inf. of Brain
Thomas Haraing Speights Bridge Nov W M 8 Marasma
James C Hare Speights Bridge June W M 5/12 Inf. of Brain
Jesse Harison Snow Hill Dec W M 13 Inf. of Bowels
Lemuel Harison Snow Hill Oct W M 18 Inf. of Brain
Cloey Harper Olds Sept B F M 35 Cancer of the Breast
George G Harper Hookerton Apr B M 2/12 Diphtheria
William Harper Olds May B M 3 Hemrage of Bowels
William Harper Olds May B M 1/12 Inf. of Brain
Mary Harrel Snow Hill Aug W F 1 Dropsey of Heart
Peney Harrel Olds Mar W F 60 Typhoid Fever
Marcellus Harris Hookerton July W M 1 Acute Diarrhea
Thomas Hart Hookerton Oct W M 9/12 Erysipelas
Amos Hinson Speights Bridge May B M M 50 Typhoid Fever
Harriat Hooker Hookerton Aug B F M 50 Typhoid Fever
John Hooker Hookerton May B M 1/12 Lock Jaw LaFaune
Sarah Hooker Hookerton Feb B F 1 Worms
Sarah Hooker Hookerton May W F W 68 Paralisis
Susan Hooker Hookerton Jan B F 1/12 Dropsey of Brain
Stephen Ivins Speights Bridge Nov W M W 64 Typhoid Neumonia
Franklin Johnson Olds Sept W M 9 Congestive Chest
Dina Lainear Snow Hill Oct B F 1 Hemorage of Bowels
Cathne Lane Snow Hill July B F 7 Worms
Edward Lane Olds Apr B M 2 Neumonia
Joe Lasiter Hookerton Oct B M 10 Typhoid Fever
Walter Letchworth Snow Hill Apr W M 2/12 Inf. of Brain
Charity Linsey Snow Hill Sept W F W 90 Inf. of Brain
Jane Lynch Snow Hill Jan B F 3/12 Inf.of Brain
Judy Lynch Snow Hill May B F M 50 Consumption of Chest
Cardillia Lyons Olds Feb W F 26 Burnt to Death
Milly Manning Snow Hill Mar B F 1 Neumonia
Susan Maye Olds July W F 4 Inf. of Brain
William F Maye Olds Oct W M 2 Inf. of Brain
Caroline McKeel Olds Sept W F 2 Inf. Of Brain
Frank McKinsey Snow Hill Jan W M 6/12 Inf. of Brain
Nancy Meekes Olds Mar W F M 35 Inf. of Brain
Zadach Miller Olds July B M 9/12 Neumonia
Primos Mincy Speights Bridge June B M 1 Hemrage of Bowels
Lucindia Moore Snow Hill Nov W F M 65 Nervous Prostration
Robert Moore Hookerton May W M 9/12 Acute Diarrhea
Polly Nixon Snow Hill Mar W F M 40 Apoplexy of Brain
Theodore Nixon Snow Hill Mar W M M 40 Bowel, Consumption
Adam C Ormand Olds Oct W M 8 Inf. of Brain
Edward Ormand Olds Sept B M 20 Dropsey of the Heart
Francis Ormond Hookerton July B F 1 Dis. of Bowel & Consumption
Jacob Parker Speights Bridge June B M M 60 Hemrage of Lungs
Daniel Patrick Olds May W M 1 Whooping Cough
Emily Patrick Olds May B F M 53 Dropsey of the Heart
Zilphey Phillip Olds July W F M 44 Typhoid Fever
Robert Pope Hookerton May B M 1/12 Overlaid
Frances B Pridgen Olds Nov W M 58 Consumption
James Russel Snow Hill May W M W 66 Apoplexa
Jackie Ann Sarrow Speights Bridge Oct W F M 35 Hemrage of Womb
George Saules Snow Hill Dec B M M 34 Consumption Chest
Henry Saules Snow Hill Feb B M 3 Scroffalus
Susan Saules Snow Hill Feb B F 1 Typhoid Fever
Byrel Shirly Speights Bridge Nov W M M 70 Hemrage of Stomache?
Peninne E Skene Snow Hill Mar W F 9 Dropsey of the Heart
Alameter Smith Snow Hill Oct W F 16 Typhoid Fever
John Smith Snow Hill May B M 1/12 Hemorage of Bowel
Sarah Smith Snow Hill Mar W F W 81 Cancer of Womb
Adlade Speight Olds Nov W F 3/12 Hemorrhage of Bowels
Arcisa Speight Olds Sept W F M 42 Consumption
Harrett Speight Olds Nov W F 21 Typhoid Fever
Henry Speight Speights Bridge Feb B M 1/12 Suffocation in Bed
Henry H Stanly Snow Hill Feb W M 30 Nervous Prostration
Jane Sugg Olds Mar B F 1 Inf. of Brain
July Sugg Hookerton June W F 1 Acute Dysentary
Lucy Sugg Snow Hill Jan B F 8 Aploplexa
May Sugg Snow Hill June W F 1/12 Neumonia
Frances Taylor Olds Oct B F 7 Typhoid Fever
Susan Thomas Hookerton Nov W F M 38 Hemorrhage ?
Robert Vail Speights Bridge Apr B M 3 Neumonia
Press Vaund Snow Hill Mar W F 36 Dropsey of Chest
John Wainright Olds July W M 1 Inf. of Brain
Mary Ward Olds Mar W F 39 Burnt to Death
Nophlus Ward Snow Hill Mar W M W 74 Consumption of Chest
Cherry Warters Olds Apr B F 70 Dropsey of the Heart
Carah Whitly Olds May B F 1 Fits
Ceasar Williams Olds June B M M 25 Typhoid Fever
Charity Williams Speights Bridge Feb B F W 30 Poisoned?
Iver Williams Olds July B M 2 Typhoid Fever
Worthington Olds Sept W M M 70 Inf. of Brain
Worthington Olds Dec W M 12 Scroffalus
Isaac Worthington Hookerton Mar B M M 30 Consumption of Chest
Frank Worthington Speights Bridge Mar B M 1 Dropsey of the Heart


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