Greene County, NC - 1850 Mortality Schedule


Greene Co., N.C. Slaves Who Died During the Year Ending June 1, 1850
Abstract of 1850 Greene County, N.C. Mortality Schedule

Sex / Color: B or M Month Disease or
Slave Owner Slave Age (B unless Indicated) Died Cause of Death

E.G. Speight Frank 2 M Nov Hooping Cough
Abraham 2 M Nov Hooping Cough
Infant 6/12 F Nov Hooping Cough
W,A. Darden, Tony 92 M Mar Dropsey
Gilly 44 F May Disease of Spine
A. Speight, Demps 1 M Dec Hooping Cough
E. Coward, Isaac 19 M M Apr Pneumonia
Rose 14 F Apr Pneumonia
A. Coward, Nelly 3/12 F Mar Hooping Cough
Thos. Moore, Clary 48 F May Unknown
Mrs. Williams, Jane 6 F M
W.H. Horn, Henry 13 M July Brain Fever
Andrew 1 M July Hooping Cough
James E. Exum, Frank 1 M July Diarear
E. Spivy, Clary 1 F Feb Hooping Cough
M.P. Powell, Caty 20 F Aug Child Bed
Mima 30 F July Billious
B.B. Rives, Meriah 18 F Jan
R.A. Pates, Linda 8 F July Unknown
B. Streeter, Primos 70 M Aug Dropsey
Jas. Williams, Peter 24 M Apr Brain Fever
Jane 5 F Jan Burned
Willis Murphrey, Daniel 17 M Sept Pneumonia
Benit Murphrey, Hymbrick 8/12 M Aug Unknown
Jesee Hart, Daniel 3 M
Benit Fields, Clary 1/12 F May Unknown
George 2/12 M Mar Hooping Cough
Wm. Williams, Jim 70 M Nov Dropsey
Cloah 80 F May Dropsey
J.G. Daniel, Ann 1 F Aug Diarear
Mrs. Jones, Isaac 6/12 M Aug Unknown
James P. Speight, Clary 4 F Feb Burned
Mrs. Edmundson, Judy 6 F Oct Liver Diseas
J.M. Patrick, Mily 6/12 F Aug Unknown
Eleck 6/12 M Aug Unknown
E. Coxes, Manda 8 F Nov Nervous Fever
Braxton, Hannah 6/12 F Nov Pneumonia
B.H. Sander, Minerva 16 F Nov Pneumonia
B. Arthur, Mima 41 F Jan Sudden
J. Dixons, Rose 9 F Feb Pneumonia
John Sugg, Infant 2/12 M Jan Unknown
Dempsey Wood, Vicy 35 F May Over flowing blood
Dick 7 M May Unknown
Smith Pridgen, Tom 8/12 M Oct Hooping Cough
H.H. Harper, Girl 2 F Nov Worms
Henry Best, Harper 18 M July Billious
Rite 6/12 M Apr Overlaid
Eliza 6/12 F Aug Hooping Cough
Axy Harper, Dinah 5 F Jan Typhoid Fever
William Hooker, Pinkney 30 M Nov Dropsey in head
Infant 1 F May Worms
Henry Sugg, Henry 40 M July Unknown
Duke 30 M Feb Hemorage
E. Edwards, Dolly 60 F Feb Unknown
H. Swinson, Amy 2/12 F Feb Infld Bowels
Lean 5 F Oct Worms
R. Taylor, Hariet 3/12 F Feb Strangled
Isaac Edwards, Frank 100 M
Thos. Suggs, Allis 2 F Dec Burned
S.E. Williams, Adam 61 M Dec Unknown
Jim 6/12 M Aug Unknown
Charles Edwards, Dan 60 M May Dropsey
Amy 48 F Sept Hemerage of stomach

Free Persons Who Died During the Year Ending June 1, 1850
Abstract of 1850 Greene County, N.C. Mortality Schedule by Mike Edge,2007

Name Age Sex Widowed Month Died Cause of Death or Disease

Lucopia Albritton 18 F M Nov St. Vitus Dance
William Ander 25 M M Mar Pneumonia
Mary Barfield 55 F Oct Unknown
Telitha Beemon 21 F Aug C
Thomas H Beemon 24 M July N Fever
Serena Braxton 25 F M Sept Child Bed
Nancy Cannady 63 F M Nov B Fever
Sarah Carr 61 F W July Consumption
Martha Chester 45 F M Aug Dropsey
James L Clark 2 M July B Fever
Arthur Coward 67 M M June/1949 Billious Chollic?
Sidney AC Coward 10/12 F Sept C
Charles Cox 50 M M Oct Nervous Fever
Fredderick J Dixon 4 M Feb Pneumonia
Obid Dixon 79 M W July Obst. Of Urine
James G Edwards 31 M M Feb Inf. of Lungs
Louisa Edwards 8 F Apr Pneumonia
Theophilas Edwards 15 M Apr Inf. of brain
Abner Falkner 11 M Mar Epedemic
Louisa Falkner 42 F M Mar Epedemic
Elisha Freeman 24 M June Pneumonia
Lewis? Garris 60 M M Apr Dropsey
Lewis Garris 74 M M Pauper
Elizabeth Glasgo 1/12 F May Diarear
Dr. Hamlet 31 M M Apr Chollary
Hopting T Harper 8 M Dec T Fever
Nancy Harper 63 F W May Liver Disease
Jesee Hart 54 M M Dec Liver Disease
Blaney Heath 1/12 M Feb Unknown
William LP Heath 31 M Sept Consumption
Nancy M Hill 19 F Mar Inf. of Lungs
Tabtha Hill 77 F Aug Cong. Heart
Lany Hughes 40 F Feb Dropsey
John F Jones 45 M M Jan Killed
August Lynch(Mul) 2 M Aug Unknown
Francese Miller 71 F M Nov Unknown
William Miller 52 M July C
Avy Murphrey 50? F M Jan Inf. of brain
Jesse Murphrey 10 M Mar Dropsey
William Murphrey 13 M Nov Dropsey
Ann Titus Pridgen 10 F Nov Dropsey
Redding Raspberry 66 M W Apr Pluricy
Arcena Reddick 35 F M Sept Child bed
William Reddick 3/12 M Dec Unknown
Sarah Ann Shackleford 6/12 M May Strangled
Hariet A. Speight 1/12 F Jan Hooping Cough
Elizabeth Sugg 1/12 F Apr Unknown
John W Sykes 15 M July Inf. of bowels
Jebtha D Taylor 14 M Feb Pneumonia
Kintchen Taylor 40 M M Sept B Chollic
William Taylor 22 M June Dropsey
Levi Tindal ? M June Dropsey
Sarah Vaughn 60 F Apr Consumption
James Walston 24 M Nov Typhoid Fever
James G Walston 14 M Nov B Fever
Nancy Walston 22 F Aug Unknown
Cora B. Ward 7 F May Congestive Fever
William Williams 80 M M Apr Sudden
Jesee Wood 65 M M July C Heart


Abstract by Mike Edge, 2007

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