From the book The County of Gaston Two Centuries of A North Carolina Region
by Robert F. Cope and Manly Wade Wellman
From a list compiled in 1955 by the late Mrs. Kay Dixon, regent of the William Gaston Chapter,
Daughters of the American Revolution, Gastonia

Veterans who moved to Gaston County after their service was accomplished are indicated by *.
Veterns who moved away from Gaston County after their service was accomplished are indicated by **.
Veterns identified as among the twenty "South Fork Boys" who opened the battle of King's Mountain are indicated by sf.
Those killed in action are indicated by k.
Those wounded in action are indicated by w.
Those captured are indicated by c.
Those missing in action are indicated by m.

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A Alexander, James **
Alexander, John, Capt. **
Alexander, Robert, Capt.
Allison, James
Allison, John
Allison, Robert
Allison, Samuel **
Armstrong, John, Lt.Col.
Armstrong, Matthew sf
Armstrong, Thomas, Capt.
B Baird, Adam, Capt.
Baird, James, Capt.
Baird, John
Baird, Robert
Barber, John Col.
Beatty, Joseph, sf
Berry, Andrew, sf
Berry (Barry), Hugh, Sr.
Berry (Barry), Hugh, Jr.
Berry, John
Berry, Richard
Berry, Robert
Bess, Thomas c m
Boyd, John, Lt. sf k
Bradley, Richard **
Bradley, William **
C Caldwell, Samuel, Capt.
Caldwell, William sf
Campbell, Thomas
Carroll, William
Carson, Andrew
Cathey, George
Chittim, John sf
Chronicle, William, Maj. sf k
Cook, Nathaniel
Costner, Jacob, Maj.
Costner, Thomas, Maj
Cox, Elisha
Craig, Henry * w
D Davenport, William *
Dickson, Joseph, Genl. **
E Eddleman, Peter
Espey, Samuel w
Ewing, George
Ewing, Hugh sf
F Fite, Peter *
Fulenwider, John
G Gibson, David m
Gilmer, Enoch sf
Gilmer, William sf w
Glenn, James
Glenn, John
Gregory, John
Gregory, William **
Gullick, James
Gullick, John, Sr.
Gullick, John, Jr. **
Gullick, Johathan
H Hambright, Frederick, Lt. Col. **
Hambright, John Hardin, Maj. **
Hanks, Thomas
Henderson, James
Henry, Henry
Henry, James
Henry, Joseph w
Henry, Moses k
Henry, Robert sf ** w
Henry, Thomas
Hoffman, Jacob
Hoffman (Huffman), John w
Holland, Issac, Sr. sf (?)
Hovis, John
Hoyl (Hayl, Hoyle), Andrew
Hoyl (Heyl, Hoyle), John, Lt. **
Hunter, Thomas **
J Jenkins, David
Jenkins, Joseph
Johnston, James, Col.
K Kincaid, John, Capt. **
L Lane, Jesse **
Lee, James ** w
Leeper, Mathew sf
Logan, James
Logan, Joseph **
Logan, William **
M McGee, Thomas
McKee, James sf
McKissick, Daniel C., Lt. Col. ** w
McLean, Alexander, Jr. **
McLean, Charles, Lt. Col. ** w
McLean, George **
McLean, John k
McLean, John (son of Charles) w
McLean, William, Surgeon
Martin, James
Martin, John
Martin, Josiah
Martin, Samuel, Capt.
Massey, John
Mattocks, Charles ** sf
Mattocks, John, Capt. sf k
Mauney, Christian
Mauney, Valentine
Mendenhall, Nathan
Moore, Alexander
Moore, James
Moore, John, Genl. sf
Moore John
Moore, William, Capt.
O Oliver, George sf
P Price, Johathan
Price, Thomas
Price, William
R Rabb, William, Lt. sf k
Rankin, Samuel
Rankin, William
Roberts, Joshau
Roberts, Moses
Robinson, Alexander
Robinson, James
Robinson, John
Rumfeldt, Henry *
Rutledge, James
S Scott, Abraham
Shannon, Robert, Capt.
Smith, John,
Smith, Peter
Stowe, Abraham, Sr. *
T Twitty, William, * sf
W Weir, John
White, Isaac, Capt. **
White, James, Capt.
White, Thomas, Lt. **
Wilson, John
Withers, Elisha
Witherspoon, James, Capt. c

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