Free Webinar on NC Taxes

From today until October 5th the NC Genealogical Society is allowing free access to a recent webinar by Mark Lowe on NC Tax Records.  Titled “NC Taxes, People, Places, Time, and Delinquency” the webinar will teach you about the variety of NC tax records and help you locate them for your family history research. 

Mark is an excellent presenter and if you can take advantage of the free webinar, you can visit the NC Genealogical Society Webinar Registration page to learn more. 


2 thoughts on “Free Webinar on NC Taxes

  1. Taneya, thanks for the heads-up about this webinar!! Mark is an excellent presenter and I look forward to learning more about the early NC Tax System. I just signed up.

    • You’re welcome Kay Lynn! I had the pleasure of seeing Mark in person recently and I definitely agree he is a great presenter. I’m planning to watch the webinar later this weekend myself. 🙂

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