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FRANKLIN COUNTY, NC - MISCELLANEOUS- Obituary of Perry Wilson, 1918
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Perry Ashley Wilson Perry Ashley Wilson, oldest son of Mr. And Mrs. A.T. Wilson, of Franklin County was on the 24th Day of March, 1891 and died Nov 21st 1918. He was a member of Co.M. 331st Inf. 81st Division. He left on the 25th of May for Camp Jackson, from which Camp he was soon transferred to Camp Sevier. He sailed in August, and on Nov.11th received the wound in the Memorable battle of that date which Caused his death on the 21st. After The first news of his having been Wounded was received he was not Heard from again until his father re- Ceived official notice of his death al- Though every possible means for in- Formation concerning his condition Was sought during the time entervening. The parents and friends in the Community of the young man had hoped Against hope that he would survive the Wound until the official communication Was received, long after his death. Since going to camp and after arriving In France he wrote regularly to his parents And near friends at home and in these Letters and even the last that was written For him after the fatal wound, he displayed The same courage and cheerful disposition that Made him so well liked by his friends and Acquaintences. It was our pleasure to know Perry Wilson From his early youth. He was a young man of The real stamp. His patriotism was shown not Merely of words, but it found expression in deeds And there will be no surprise that he showed no fear In the field of battle. He was of splendid figure, and Posessed a disposition of the kindest and gentlest Elements. Franklin county responded to every quota she was Called upon to fill and lost many of her noble and gallant Sons of whom it may truly be said that our esteemed young Friend was nmbered among the bravest and best. His name Is on the honor roll of the country and he belongs to the ages Just as truly as if he had been among those who lead, instead Of among those who followed. While we prepare to welcome home those who have Been spared, the gallant sons who fought for us overseas Let us not be unmindful or those who sleep over there They gave their lives for us. It will be a loving duty of those of Us who remain at hom to keep in tender memory the name Of this worthy and honored son of Franklin, Perry A. Wilson.