Franklin County Military Records

Solomon Bibby
contributed by Robert Jackson

6 June 1841
State of N. Carolina
Franklin County

This day came Aaron Devancey? before me one Jeremiah Solomon one
of the active Justices of the Peace in and for the county and state aforesaid
to depose and say what he knows of the Revolutionary service of Solomon
Bibby, free man of color of the county of Franklin and state aforesaid who
upon examination depose and say as follows (to wit) that his father was an
officer of the army under Genl Sumner and that he has heard him say
Frequently that he was in the army with him and no finer soldier he never saw
in his life, and he further say that he has heard Captain William Faison say
that he served with him all the time further more he sayeth not Sworn and
submitted this day before me the day and date here written.

Aaron Devancy?


Solomon Bibby (#2)
contributed by Robert Jackson

State of North Carolina Franklin County

This may serve to satisfy that a certain coloured man by name Solomon Bibby
was a soldier in the Revolutionary War he is a free man was a waiter to
General Jethro Sumner. General Sumner was a citizen of Warren County NC and
I was raised a neighbour to him. I was well acquainted with the aforesaid
Solomon Bibby at the time he served under General Sumner and I now know him
and he is still living in this county (say Franklin). There can not be a
doubt but he was a Continental soldier and served his time faithfully. I
have only to add that William Ransom Esq. of this county knows as much or
probably more than I do.

P. Hawkins

This day personally appeared before me Jno. D. Hawkins a Justice
of the Peace for said county Philemon Hawkins and made oath that the above
statement subscribed by him is true. June the 15th Day 1841 as witnessing
hand this day.

Jno. D. Hawkins (J. Peace)


Solomon Bibby's pension file
contributed by Robert Jackson

State of North Carolina
Franklin County

On this the 18th day June A.D. 1841, personally appeared before
me one of the Justices of the Peace for the county aforesaid and one of the
Justices of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of the same, Robert G.
Jeffries of lawful age, and made oath on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God,
that he has frequently heard Richard Rives and Nathan Jean, both old
revolutionary soldiers and pensioners now dead, [smudged, unreadable print]
Solomon Bibby and say that he was a soldier with them in the revolutionary
war, and that he was at the battle of Guilford with them, and at other places.

Robert Jeffries


Sworn to before me
Thomas Howerton, JP