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Franklin County Marriages 1779-1868

Marriage of William Pullim to Barbary Jones

Franklin County Freedmen's Marriages

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Marriages in the USGenWeb Archives:

John Baker to Ruthy Hopkins-1813

James Bridges to Nelly Bowden-1817

Simon Bryan to Mary Burlingham-1811

Robert Cannon to Nancy Hill-1810

O.P. Copeland to Hennie C. Grambol-1861

D. Curtis to Lucy Makepeace-1860

P. J. Dement to E. E. Perry-1859

Jeffrey Dent to Adeline Falkner-1840

W. A. Eaton to Otelia Johnson -1862

Franklin County Marriages-Assorted

Richard Frear to Evelina Wynne-1811

James Preston Fugitt to Mary Williams-1859

William Gay to Della Upchurch-1880

Robert Harrison to Mary Tucker-1820

Thomas Henderson Jr. to Ann Fenner-1811

Tilmon Hicks to Polly Driver-1823

Asa Hicks to Sally Massey Edwards-1823

Carter Hilliard to Ammyrilles Hunt-1805

William Hinton to Miss Perry-1817

Henderson Hoket to Gilly Dodd-1859

James House to Louisa Hunter-1804

Nathaniel Hunt to Mrs.(Hilliard) Branch-1810

John Inge to Ann Hill-1817

Charles Johnston to Mary Ann Taylor-1807

Calvin Jones to Mrs. Jones-1819

Thomas Jones to Temperance Williams-1810

Capt. William Jones to Eliza McElroy-1811

Joel King to Martha Long-1806

William Lancaster to Sarah Harrell-1819

Nicholas Long to Miss Long-1804

Benjamin Lucas to Susan Rivers-1814

Murphy Marriages Bonds

James Maxwell to Mary Virgin-1808

James McKee to Priscilla Macon-1811


Miscellaneous Marriages

Miscellaneous-Battle, James, Webb

Eppes Moody to Martha Rawlings-1811

Joseph Nelson to Mary Outerbridge-1816

William Norwood to Marium Massenburg-1860

Joseph Outerbridge to Mary Norwood-1805

Nathan Patterson to Eliza Tunstall-1816

Jeffrey Pearce to Ann Dent-1808

John Perry to Jane Lee-1860

Rhesa Read to Mary Sutherland-1816

Duke Robertson to Sally Arrington/Christopher Robertson to Lucy Foster

A. M. Timberlake to Hattie Wilson-1864

Sterling Wheaton to Lavinia Hill-1805

Henry G. Williams to Eliza B. Williams-1815

Joseph Williams Jr. to Susannah Taylor-1806

Thomas Wynne to Polly Edwards-1793

James H. Yarbrough to Arete Johnson-1859

Yarborough/Foster & Neal/Yarborough-1859