Franklin County Deeds


FRANKLIN COUNTY, NC - LAND, Heartsfield to Heartsfield, 26 Aug 1832

This Indenture made & entered into this Twenty Sixthday of August Anno Domine One Thousand Eight Hundred and
Twenty four Between Andrew Heartsfield of the County of Wake of the first part and James Heartsfield of the County of Franklin
of the second part & both of the State of North Carolina. Witnesseth that the said Andrew Heartsfield of the first part and of the County
aforesaid for and in consideration of the Sum of one silver dollar to him in hand paid by the said James Heartsfield of the Second part
& of the County aforesaid the Receipt whereof for which said sum is in virtue of these presents is duly acknowledged but particularly
& more especially that for the love good will & affection which he the said Andrew Heartsfield hath & beareth unto him the said
James his Son. In consideration of all and which the said Andrew Heartsfield hath given granted bargained sold & conveyed & by these
presents doth give grant bargain sell & convey to him the said James Heartsfield & to him and his Heirs & assigns forever One certain Tract
piece or parcel of land Situate lying & being in the aforesaid County of Franklin on great Crooked Creek & the waters thereof containing
nine Hundred & Sixty Acres be the same more or less adjoining the Lands of Jeremiah Perry (Fork) Hardy W. Tharp the Heirs of James Spivey
dec'd. Bailey Perry & others being the Tract of land given by Jacob Heartsfield to the said Andrew as p his certain Indenture bearing
date on the 31st day of December anno Domini One Thousand Seven Hundred & ninety six which is duly Registered in the Registers office
of the aforesaid County of Franklin in the State aforesaid as reference being had thereto will more fully appear & absolutely appear And
also one other tract of Land adjoining the above which the said Andrew Hearsfield purchases of Robert C. Hall by Indenture bearing
date the 4th day of March Anno Domini 1820 Begining & Bounded as followeth (Viz) Begining at a white oak in Said Heartsfields line
& runing due north fifty Eight poles to a post oack said Heartsfields corner Thence South 74 East 116 poles to a white oak in Jeremiah Perrys line
on crooked Creek Thence So 54 West 5 poles to three burches said Jeremiah Perrys corner thence due South along said Perrys line to Crooked
Creek at the mouth of a Branch on the East side of said creek Thence up the said Creek ot a large pine at the mouth of a branch
on the west side of said Creek thence up the said Branch Eighty nine poles to the Begining Contianing (37) Thirty Seven
acres more or less. To have and to hold unto him the said James Heartsfield the Two Tracts of Land as above described to him
and to his Heirs & assigns forever and the said Andrew Heartsfield for himself his Heirs Executors & Administrators doth hereby covenant
and agree to & with the said James HEartsfield that he is at the time of signing & sealing these presents possessed of a good sure
& perfect indefeasable Estate of Inheritance in fee simple of in & to the aforesaid bargained premises & that he will at this time and
at all times hereafter warrant and defend a good & sufficient title in Law to the same to him the said James Heartsfield & to his Heirs Ex=
=ecutors Administrators and assigns forever. In Witness whereof the said Andrew Hearsfield hath hereunto Set his hand & seal the day and
date first above written
Signed Sealed and delivered}
in presnece of us } Andrew Heartsfield {seal}
Witnesses }
Wm. T. Hollingsworth, Jurat}
Wm. Harrison }

Franklin County September Sessions 1824
I hereby Certify that the Exection of the foregoing Deed was duly proven in open Court by the oath of William T. Hollins-
worth & was on motion ordered to be Registered
Test. S. Patterson C.C.
State of North Carolina}
Franklin County }
The foregoing Deed is truly Registered December 2nd 1824.
Test. B. Perry P.R.


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