Franklin County Deeds

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William Boon 1761 Deed

In Franklin Co. Deed book 6 page # 243

William Boon of Franklin Co sold to Elias Bowden of Franklin Co., on June 6, 1789, for 120 lbs. Specie a tract of 254 acres lying on both sides of the
Millstone adjoining FAIR, it being part of a survey granted to JOSHUA YARBROUGH bearing a date of December 1, 1761.
Joseph Jones & Benjamin BOON

William Boon 1788 Deed

Deed Book 6- Courthouse Page 181

William Boon of Franklin Co. wrote a bill of sale to James Boon of Franklin Co., December 23, 1788 for 27 lbs. Virginia money for one Negro boy named Daniel.
Witnesses: William Webb & Richard Webb



Elias Bowden 1792 Deed

Deed Book 7 Page 227 in Courthouse
Elias Bowden to Morgan Murray, both of Franklin Co. NC, on March 12, 1792
for ten pounds. a tract of 36 acres lying on the Southside of MillStone
adjoining both parties and Green.
Wtinesses; John Murray, Morgan Murray, Jr



Morgan Murray 1792 Deed

Deed Book 7 Page 189 in Courthouse Franklin Co.

Morgan Murray to ELIAS BOWDEN, both of Franklin Co., on March 12, 1792, for
ten pounds, a tract of 36 acres lying on the Southside of Mill Stone
adjoining said Morgan Murray.
Witnesses: John Murray, Morgan Murray Jr



Franklin County Deed Book 11 Page 141
This indenture made this third day of October One thousand seven hundred & ninety eight between James Drake of the County of Franklin & State of North Carolina of the one part and Samuel Williams of the County of Warren and State aforesaid of the other part witnesseth for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred & seventy pounds Virginia money to him in hand paid by the said Sam. the receipt whereof he the said James doth acknowledge & himself fully satisfied contented & paid hath bargained & sold & by these presents doth bargain sell convey & confirm until him the said Samuel his heirs and assigns forever a certain plantation and tract of land lying and being in the county of Franklin & on the waters of Cypress Creek beginning at a maple on the run, then West one hundred & sixty poles to a pine, Averett's corner thence by his line south two hundred & sixty poles to his corner, red oak thence to and by Horton's line east one hundred & sixty poles to the said run thence the run as it meanders to the first station containing two hundred & sixty acres (it being a tract of land granted to the said Drake Patent bearing date tenth day of October, one thousand seven hundred & eighty three) with all houses, buildings, orchards, mines, minerals, waters, underwater courses and all the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining & the reversion remainder & remainders rents & services of premises to have and to hold unto him the said Samuel Williams, his heirs, executors and administrators covenant, promise and agree to warrant and forever defend the aforesaid land and premises there unto belonging or in any wise appertaining unto him the said Samuel his heirs, Extr's or Admr. against the lawful claim or demand of any person or person's whatsoever In witness whereof he the said James hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day & year first above written. J. Drake (signature & Seal) signed sealed & acknowledged in the presence of us H. William Lancaster John Bartholomew Jurat Franklin Co. Dec. term 1798 The above deed was exhibited and duly proved by the oath of john Bartholomew & on motion ordered to be recorded teste Ely Hilli ? D Clerk The foregoing deed is truly registered Teste Wm Hilli ?? P. Re


Benjamin Egerton 1785 Deed

Franklin County Deed book 4 Transcribed page 106

Benjamin Egerton of Franklin Co. made a deed of trust to John Dickerson of Granville Co. N.C. on August 19, 1785 for 114/9/5 specie, with the security
being a tract of 100 acres in Franklin County adjoining the lands of Yarbrough, Rerney, sandlot and white.
It is the land and plantation whereon said EGERTON now LIVES; also, a horse and household Furniture.
Witnesses were Mary Peace & John Peace, Jr.


Samuel Jones 1781 Deeds
Deed Book 1  Page 143

Samuel Jones of Franklin County sold to John Norwood of Franklin Co., on
March 29, 1781, 500 pounds for a tract of 70 Acres adjoining Goswick, Green,
Mosley, and Joseph Jones, it being a tract for which the said Samuel Jones
obtained a grant bearing a Date of March 15 1780.
Witness- Matthew Jones, John Barns.


Deed book 5 page 352

Samuel Jones of Franklin County sold to Joseph JONES of Franklin County, on
March 29, 1781, for 100 pounds current money a tract of 100 acres on Buzzard
Branch and the schoolhouse Spring Branch adjoining both parties and Mosely,
Norwood and Goswick, as a grant from the State of North Carolina bearing a
date of March 15, 1780.
Wit: John Barnes, Matthew Jones


Samuel Jones 1790 Deed

Page 141 Deed Book 7

Samuel Jones of Franklin County sold to John Foster of Franklin Co., on
January 2, 1790, for 150 pounds Virginia Currency for a tract of 277 1/2
acres lying on the east side of Crab Tree Creek beginning on Rich Land Creek
where said Foster's line crosses the creek and on Buzzard Branch and the
Schoolhouse Branch adjoining Robert Carr and JOSEPH JONES, including the
plantation whereon said Samual Jones now lives.
Witnesses Josiah Persons & John Foster Jr. & H. Hill


Samuel Jones 1773 Deed

Deed Book at Courthouse Page 165
Samuel Jones of Bute County, NC sold to Joseph JONES of BUTE Co. NC, on
January 13, 1773 80 lbs Proc. money for a tract of 177 acres situated on the
back of Richland Creek adjoining Benjamin Thomas and John Norwood.
Witnesses- John Person's & John Norwood.


Jacob Jones 1786 Deed

Franklin County Deed Book 7 Page 150

Jacob Jones of Franklin County to Councel Jones of Franklin County, on
November 15, 1786, for 30 pounds specie for a tract of 200 acres lying in the
Parish of St. Johns and County of Franklin on the North side of Tar River
adjoining Edward's, the said Jacob Jones, James Walker and Enos Bird.
Witness- Josiah Eley & John Johnson & Robert Jone


Micajah Yarbrough 1780 Deed

Deed Book 1 page 69 at Courthouse

Micajah Yarbrough of Franklin County NC to William Stuart of Franklin Co. NC,
February 2, 1780, for 301 pounds- a tract of land 55 acres adjoining said
Micajah Yarbrough, Jackson, Briton Wood, James Wood and William Stuart.
Wit; John Warren Jackson & John Lennard




William Sandland 1777 Deed

Deed Book 1 Page 63 at Courthouse
William Sandland of Franklin Co. to Charles Yarbrough of Franklin Co, dated
October 20, 1779, for 200 pounds current money of North Carolina. For a Tract
of 216 acres lying on Tailors Creek beginning at the mouth of the Hill Branch
and running up the branch, adjoining Willoughby SELF, it being part of a
GRANVILLE grant to William McBee for 640 acres bearing date March 13, 1760
and was conveyed by deed from said William McBee to William Sandland dated
March 29, 1777.
Wit: Henry Yarbrough & John Parrish


Henry Yarbrough Sr 1793

Deed Book 10  page 98
Henry Yarbrough Sr., of Franklin County a deed of give to his son Nathaniel
Yarbrough, November 8, 1793, for love and affection a tract of 229 acres on
the Road and the Beartree Branch adjoining Henry Yarbrough Jr., Charles
Yarbrough and White
Witness: Michael Dent & William Bettes



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