Franklin County Court Records

Holland Murphey Petition, 1822
Contributed by: Mark Murphy

[Court Petition of Holland Murphey, Mar 1822]
[Franklin Co., NC court records, copy from Betty Gilmer Lenz]]
[transcribed by Mark Murphy, 16 Mar 2001]

State of North Carolina
To the worshipful the Jurors[?] of the Court of the County of
Pleas and Quarter SeSsions of the County of Franklin March
[Seven?] 1822-
In the petition of Holland Murphey widow & seach[?] of Parker
Murphy shewest unto your worships that same time in the year
1822 Parker Murphy the Husband of your Petitioner died interstate[?]
Seized of some real estate lying near the waters of Sandy Creek
adjoining the Lands of Martin Murphy, William Gilliam & others,
and having your Petitioners his widow & James Murphy, Bird Murphy
Elisha Murphy Wm. Murphy, Gray Murphy, Garret Murphy, Doctor
Murphy, Nancy Murphy, Jerl[?] Murphy, Jordan Murphy, John Murphy
and Mary Murphy his children and heirs at Law, Administration upon
his Estate was granted to Gilford Leives[?]- Your Petitioner upon link[?]
that by the death of her said Husband She became intitled to her dower,
or thirds of said Land of which he died Seized and poSseSsed and which
has not been allotted to her - your Petitioner prays that the proper officer
[or affices] may be diviled[?] by your worship to allot to her Dower on
Said Lands according to Law & you Petitioners will. M[?]
Will Plummer[or Plumner]
for Petitioner-

[end of record]