Franklin County Court Records

Extract of Minutes, 1834-1837
Contributed by: Mark Murphy

[Extracts of Franklin Co., NC Court Minutes, 1834-1837]
[Film/Rolls 744/C.039.30001-7 NC State Archives]
[transcribed by Mark A. Murphy, 4 Dec 2001]

[March 1834]
Ordered that P. Hawkins, Archd. U. Davis, & W.D. Webb be appointed
committee to audit the accounts of Alfred Perry report tomorrow
Ordered that the County Trustee pay to James Murphy Const. of the Court
Seven dollars for his attendance at Fall Sup. Co., at Dec Co & at
this Term in Seven days- & that &c-
Seven Justices being on the bench Richard Jan[or San?] is allowed a
Licence to retail Spirits for one year at Hayesville[?].
State vs Alfred A Lancaster} Bastardy. It appearing to the [Jurs?]
& alim[?] of the Court that Polly Alford, Single Woman, had been
deliverd of a Bastard child and that Alford A Lancaster is the Father,
It is therefor ordered that that[sic] the said Alford Lancaster pay
dam n quant[?] $15 for the first year and ten dollars for each year
six years thereafter and that he enter into Bond in the Sum of $200
with sufficient security that the said child shall not become
chargeable to the County
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[Sept 1834]
Ordered that the following persons be summoned to serve as Jurors at
December Court next-
1. Brickell Bridges 16. Johh H Edwards
2. Richard Ward 17. Robert Jeffreys
3. John Yousef[?] Jr. 18. Leroy Jackson
4. John Wilson 19. William Britton
5. Ruben Stallings 20. John Leonard
6. Matthew Walker 21. Isaac H Winston
7. John Wood 22. Edward Merril[?]
8. Amos Jones 23. Drury Winton[?]
9. Nelson Green [scratched] 24. William Chavis
9. David Collins 25. Hugh Perry
10. Benjamin Jones 26. Howell Cooke
11. Thomas Y. Wright 27. Richard Conyars
12. Nathan Pearce 28. Joseph Winston
13. Bryann[or Bnjmn] Waddy 29. Julius[or Julus] May
14. James Collins Jr. 30. Solomon Batchelor
15. Eppy Timberlake

Ordered that the following persons be summoned to serve as Jurors at
the next Sup. Co. of Law to wit
1. Wm M. Hight 11. Jno D Hawkins 21. Jno Baker
2. Jacob Fox 12. Francis D Allen 22. Eben N Davis
3. Alex. Evans 13. Geo. W. Stamper 23. Hezikiah Terrell
4. Isaac Winston 14. Briggs S. Edwards 24. Bnja. May
5. Emmitt Pearce 15. Thomas Galloway 25. Rob. Thomas
6. Willis Perry (fork?) 16. James Gay 26. Bird Murphy
7. Willis Perry L.R., 17. John Griffin 27. Willie Clifton
8. Allen Hams[or Rams] 18. Nat. Macon 28. Jno. Overton
9. Wm Jeffreys 19. Sam. Harris 29. Jno. M. Earls
10. Wm G. Collins 20. Robt. Gupton 30. Henry Keany[?]
31. [sic] Thomas Cope 31. Thos. Wright
32. Richd. Arrandell
33. Thos. G. Stone
34. Saml. James
35. Baldwin Perry
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[Dec 1834]
Ordered that James Murphy Const of the grand Jury be allowed $6.00 for
his attendance at Sup. C. oct & at this term & that &c
The CommiSsioners appointed to audit the accounts of James Cooke Excr
of William Harrison made their report in open Court which on Motion is
[paragraph scratched] On motion administration for the Estate of
Louisa Stubblefield be granted to Wilson D Webb who enters into Bond
in the sum of $600- with William Stone his security who is approved of
by the Court-
On motion administration in the Estate of Dickerson Perry decd. be
granted to Presley C. Person who enters into Bond in the sum of $1200
with JeSse Person & Howell Corde[?] his securities- & qualified &c[?]
The execution of a Deed from Mary Dungan[or Donagan?] third[?] to John
Parker was duly proved in open Court by the oath of William G. Collins
[?] & was on MOR
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[June 1835]
State v Allen Hanes[?] } on motion it is ordered that the fine which on
Allen Hanes[or Harris] on account of a forfeited Rieznezann[?] at last
Court be committed[commuted?] to the sum of $10 & the costs-
Ordered that JeSse Brown be appointed overseer of the road from Sells'
to Underwoods old place in room of William Coppedge with the usual
Ordered that James Murphy Cons. of the grand Jury be allowed two
dollars for two days attendance at March Court last & that &c
Ordered that Samuel Morgan son of Nancy Morgan about Eleven years of
age be bound to Burwell Stalling untill he arrive to the age of twenty
one years, who enters into Bond according to Law with William Jackson
his Security who is approv'd of by the Court-
a majority of the Justices being present, Burell Baker is Elected
County Trustee for the County of Franklin who offers as his securities
Sam. Winston[?] and James Baker who are approve of by the Court.
ordered by the Court- (a majority of the acting Justices of the County
being present) that Hardy W Harp[?], Col. Sam. Perry & David M Luves[?]
be appointed CommiSsioners to contract in their discretion the
construction of a good
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[Sept 1835]
Sam. Perry Esq. retd. a List of Taxable property for Foster's Mill
District for the year 1835
ordered that Alfred[or Alford] Pearce be appointed overseer of the road
from Contrary Creek to Mocason Creek in room of Wm. Medlin with the
usual hands.
ordered Harrison W. Irby be appointed over of the road from Shocco
Bridge to Benjamin Pearces in room of Phenner[or Plummer?] Pearce with
the usual hands
Isaac Winston Esq retd a List of Taxable property- Cap. Bridans[?]
District for 1835
ordered that the hands Doct. Master work in the road from the county
line of Granville to Fullers Crop Road with[?] Jas. Winston overseer
no. 4 Norflet Gupton v Henry H. Ingram[?] } Jury charged to wit
Young Patterson James Mosley Brickel Bridges
David Thomas David Hunt David Stone
Hardy Wood Jn. A Whitaker Simon G. Jeffreys
Reynolds Burnitt Nathl. Hight Jnt Odum
who find- Jury withdrawn
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[June 1836]
no. 2 Norflet Gupton v Henry H. Ingram} appl. Jury charged to wit-
James Houze Leroy Jackson Juan S. Williams
Jacob Moody Jno. M Earls Tho. R. Debnam
Howell Cook Wm Reeves Eben Davis
Isaac Perry Jno. Young Jr. Calvin Upchurch
who find all the iSsues in favour of the plantiff and aSseSs his
damages to $47.60 of which sum $40 is principal & costs- defendant
prays an appeal to the Superior Court & offers as security Elijah B.
Perry & Thos. J Judkins. 47.60/95.20
A majority of the magistrates being on the Bench Burell Baker is
Elected County Trustee who enters into Bond according to Law with James
Sparks[?] and James Baker Jr. his Securities who are approved of by
the Corut-
iSsd Ordered that Gringe[or George] Davis be allowed sixteen Dollars
& 12 cents for Bail fees in Orange County & his expences in bringing
Merrill Blue from Hilsburrogh to this place. & that & an order iSsue
for the same-
Ordered that James Murphy Sr. be appointed overseer of the road from
Cobbs CroSs Roads to the underwood Hill in room of Henry James with
the usual hands
ordered that John Thomas, Eben N. Davis & Doct Thomas Davis be
appointed CommiSsioners to let the building of a Bridge acroSs Red Bird
Creek on the Road heading from Sell[or Sill?] to Warrenton-
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[March 1837]
Ordered that Susan Williams a Girl of Colour of the age of Eleven years
be bound to David Bunn according to law who enters into Bond in the sum
of $500 with Benjamin Jones his security who is approved of by the
Ordered that Archibald H. Davis, William R. Williams & Jones Cook be
appointed CommiSsioners to audit the accounts of Richard Noble Guardn.
to Sarah Jes[?] Alston & report ot this Court
ordered that Joseph J Williams, Elijah B. Perry & James Murphy to let
the building a Bridge acroSs Sandy Creek at angston[?] mill & report
to next court
Crawford[or Cranford] Keany is appointed Constable in the County of
Franklin who enters into Bond in the Sum of Four Thousand Dollars with
Stephen Sparks, Gupton[or Genton] Perry & Shawn[?] Keany as his
Ordered tha Smith Patterson be allowed thirty three dollars & 89c for
Books &c according to acct. filed & that the County Trustee pay the
same and it allowed the same
Richard Noble returned his account as guardian to Sarah Jes[?] Alston
in open Court on oath & was on MOR
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[June 1837]
Ordered that the following persons be appointed Poll keepers at the
different Election grounds for the year 1837, to wit,
at Hayesville- Jordan Denson, Jas. Houze & David Stone.
Macons Store- Jas. Solomon, Edwd. T. Fowlkes[?], & Tol. Turell
Arrington's Mill- Ted[Fed?] Leonard, Jas. J. Williams & Elijah B. Perry
Davis'- A H Davis H H Harris, & Saml. Brodie
Harrison's Store-James Baker, Tho. Y. Wright, & Abnr. Evans
Fullers-Jones Cooke, Allen C. Perry, & Jas. Yarbrough
Hicks' Store- Col. Isaac Winston, Tho. Yarbro & Jas. Keaney
Louisburg-Wm. P. Williams, Burell Baker, & A B MaSsenburg[?]
It is ordered that Nathaniel Murphry be appointed Constable in Cooke's
District untill March Court next, who enters into Bond according to
Law with Jno. Parker, W. Macon[?] & Jas. J. Thomas his securities who
approved by the Court all the members of the Special Court being
present & qualified accordingly-
Ordered that William H Newby[Numby?] be appointed constable in Franklin
County for Fosters District until march Court next who offerd for his
securities Joseph J. Maclin & Thomas Haverton who are approved by the
Court the whole of the special Court being present- &qualified-
ordered that William Floyd. a boy of Colour, who has thus ban[?] covt.
inform[?] the court to be bound, be left in the care of Alford A
Lancaster. untill it shall appear to the Court hat[sic] the said boy
be bound to some other person, of which the said Lancaster is to have
due notion.
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[Sept 1837]
An inventory and an account of Sales of the Estate of Mary Maxwell[?]
decd. was returned in open Court by Lahew[?] Ferrill Excr & was on
motion ordered to be Recorded
The execution of a Deed from Gaston Perry Sheriff to Elijah B. Perry
was duly acknowledged in open court & was on motion was ordered to be
ordered that David Yarbrough be appointed overseer of the road from
Arrington mill to Cobbs CroSs Roads in room of Gupton with the usual
ordered that an Execution iSsue against David Williams, Jno. C Jones
& Jordan Bridges Jr. the amount of the Debts filed in farm of John
Winston & K. Keany
Tho. Y. Wright & James Murphy returned their List of Insolvent debters
&c and which was allowed by the Court (Seven members)
ordered that Simon G. Green[?] & Taylor Young be exempt from the paying
of county taxes working on Roads & serving Jurys. and correganence[?]
if Louisburg[?] musicians[?] in Capt. Jeffrey's district-
iSsd ordered that Wade Yarbrough be appointed overseer of the road from
Jas J. Williams by Arrington mill with the usual hands.
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Minutes of December Court 1837
State of North Carolina
At a court of pleas and quarter seSsions opened and held for the county
of Franklin at the Court House in Louisburg on the second Monday in
December 1837. & it being the 11th day.
David M Luves[?] Jordan Denson Jones Cooke Gideon Glenn} Esquires
ordered that the following Jurys be summoned[?] to serve at next court
1. Thomas Wynnes 16. William Andrews
2. James Harris 17. Has[?] J.G. Ruffin
3. William Harper 28.[sic] Jno. Pearce
4. Sion Whisky[?] 19. Benjamin Bridges
5. John Gupton Jnr. 20. Jno. G. Leonard
6. Abram Moses 21. Peter Gill
7. Hillard Stallings 22. Silas Winston
8. Nathl. Gilliam 23. Thomas Pearce
9. William A. Cheves 24. Tho. Y. Wright
10. Elijah B. Perry 25. Josiah[?] Murphy
11. Howell Cooke 26. Winton Perry
12. Isaac H. Winston 27. [??] Westray
13. William Jackson 28. Joel Harris
14. Joseph Lancaster 29. Abram Spencer
15. Bennett Stallings 30. Eaton Leonard

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