Franklin County Court Records

Extract of Minutes, 1811-1813
Contributed by: Mark Murphy

[Extract of Franklin Co. Court Minutes, years 1811-1813]
[Film/Rolls 744/C.039.30001-7 NC State Archives]
[transcribed by Mark A. Murphy, 12 Oct 2001]

Minutes of September Court 1811
At a Court of Pleas and quarter Session opened and held for the
County of Franklin at the Court hours in Lewisburg on the second
monday of September being the 9th day of Anno. Dom. 1811
Present their worships Jeremiah Perry William Moore and Duke W.
Davis Esquires
Parker Murphey acknowledged a deed to William Drake[?] and on M.O.R.
A Deed of Trust from John Bowers to Stephen Outerbridge was prov'd by
the oath of James Maxwell and on M.O.R.
The grand Jury was impannelled and sworn as follows (to wit)
James Yarbrough jr (foreman) Aron Bledsoe William B. Bridges
Washington Pinell, Edward Ivy, John Perry (thicket) John Leonard jr.,
Jonathan Davis Benjamin DoSsey James Houzes Altha Thomas, Amos Bridges
Richard Rives[or Rivas] and JeSse Winston.
On motion it is order'd that the litigated cauSes in which Kemp
Plummer Esqr. is concerned as attorney shall not be preSs'd for trial
unleSs by consent he being prevented from attending this Court by
A list of Insolvents in Captn. Houzes district for 1810 was returned
on oath by Jordan Denson collector amounting to five pole order'd the
sheriff be allowed the same in his settlement of the taxes for that
The last Will & testament of Elias Gay decd. was exhibited in open
Court and the execution thereof duly prov'd by the oath of of[sic]
Joshua Jones a WitneSs thereto and on motion orderd to be recorded
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Minutes of March Court 1812
At a Court of Pleas and quarter seSsions opened and held for the
County of Franklin, at the Court House in Louisburg on the second
Monday of March A.D. 1812 being the 29th[?] day-
Present their Worships
Thomas Sherrod Benjamin Brickell & Jeremiah Perry (Fork) }Esquires
The Grand Jury were impannelled and sworn as follows to wit. James
Perry (forman) Elias Wrenn Joshua Abernathy, Daniel Harris, John
Portis, Parker Murphrey, Daniel Westray, John Babb[?], William Jones,
Matthew Medlin, Richard Hall, William Winston, Vinsent Sanders, and
Phil Murry,
Obediah Green appointed and sworn to attend as Constable of the Grand
Ordered that James Yarbrough, James Dent, and Gideon Glenn, audit the
Acounts[sic] of David Fuller Guardian &c. and report &c.-
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Minutes of March Court, 1812
A Deed from Stephen Outerbridge to Joseph Bledsoe was proved by the
Oath of James Maxwell and on M.O.R.
A Deed from John Johnson to James Gupton was proved by the Oath of
Stephen Gupton and on M.O.R.
Ordered that Organ Thomas be appointed Overseer of the road [scratched
out- from Isaac Houze's spring branch] in the room of Thomas Gupton
with the usual hands-
Ordered that Nathaniel Macon be appointed overseer of the road from
Isaac Houze's spring Branch to William Moor's Store with his own and
the usual hands.
An Inventory of the Estate of Green Norris son and word of Robert
Norris was returned by Robert Norris Guardian &c on M.O.R.
Ordered that James J. Hill, Mark White, and Simon Jeffreys jr. audit
the accounts of James Richards Guardian &c and Report.
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Minutes of June Court 1812
Ordered that Stephen Outerbridge, William Birlingham, and Frances
Pugh audit &c Report the accounts of Alexander Falconer Guardian of
Evelina B. Wynne now Evelina B. Freer[?] and Report to next court.
A Deed from Washington Norwood to William N. Stone[?] was proved by
the Oath of Robert L. Whitaker and on M.O.R.
No. 30 James J. Hill Security &c. vs. Edmond Jones admr. &c of
William Brickell decd.} notice &c. Judgement of the Court that the
defendant has fully admr. and has no aSsets that the plaintiffs
recover the sum of L49"1"11" when aSsets and costs
No. 34 Jeremiah Gants vs. Parker Murphey} Case in nature of deceit
[or dicut?]} Jury Charged to wit. Allen Hines, Eley MaSsey, Asay
MaSsey, John Tansel, John Bartholomew, Robert Norris, Daniel Harris,
William Freeman, Nathels[?] Murphrey, David Bowers, Nathan Cook, and
William Jackson, who find Jury withdrawn.
Edmond Jones admr&c of William Brickell Esqr. Returned three several
accounts of the si.les[?] of the Estate of William Brickell his
intestate and on M.O.R.
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Minutes of September Court 1812
Ordered that the Sherriff pay William Murphey, the Contraction for
building the Court House the amount of Taxes laid and by him collected
under the act of the last aSsembly entitled an act authorizing the
county court of Franklin to Lay an additional Tax for the purpose of
building a Court House in Said county
It is further ordered that the Sherriff pay to the said William
Murphey a further sum which together with the Court House Tax shall
amount to the sum of Twenty one hundred and Sixty dollars, as also
ten dollars for the Steps to the Court House doors and thirteen
dollars for Locks by him furnished being extra Charges and not
embraced in the Contracts and that the receipt of the said Murphey
to the Sherriff for the whole or any parts of the above sum be allowed
him in his settlements of the County Taxes
An accounts Currents of Joel King admr. &c of Matthew Dickerson, was
exhibited, together with the CommiSsioners reports theron:- Ordered
that the admr. be allowed 5 per cents on the receipts- and 2 1/2 p.
cents on his disbursement, and on M.O.R.
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Minutes of March Court 1813
Ordered that John E. Denson be appointed Overseer of the Road from
the Sims's road to the newport Road with his own hands and Henry
Ordered that John Haywood jr be appointed Overseer of the Road from
the fork near William Moore's Store to the CroSs Roads near Aron
Bledsoe's with his own hands and the hands of Eppes Moody at his
Conyers plantation and Ephraim Harris's-
A Deed from Jordan Hill to Richard Inge was proved by the Oath of
Nathan Perry & on M.O.R.
A Deed from Nathaniel Hunt to Nathan Patterson and William Murphey
was proved by the Oath of William H. Strother-
Ordered that Elisha Lankford be appointed Constable for this County
who Entered into Bond according to Law with John E. Denson, Jordan
Denson and Marmaduke Jeffreys his Securities-
Court adjourned till Court in Course- Jeremiah Perry, J.P.
John E. Denson, J.P. Robert A. Taylor, J.P.
G. Williams[?] C. C.
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