Franklin County Cemeteries

Haywood Baptist Church

photographed by Sheila Hanna

This cemetery was being photographed by our late Coordinator, Sheila Hanna; we are forever grateful for her contributions to this website.  The images that she completed are below.

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Alston, Hattie T.
Alston, Ira Sr.
Alston, Joseph
Alston, Queen E. and Zeal Thomas
Brandon, Curnel
Brandon, Gracy B.
Bullock, Charlie L.
Bullock, David
Bullock, Martha E.
Bullock, Pattie O.
Bullock, Willie G.
Burrell, Tempie
Burwell, Bernice H.
Burwell, Raymond "Poppie"
Danzey, Danette S. and Deverette D.
Davis, Celester P. Alston
Davis, Mary Bell
Dunston, Hixie D.
Dunston, Hixxie D.
Foster, Adeline
Foster, Eugene
Foster, Helen
Foster, Robert A.
Foster Section
Foster, Thomas H.
Foster, Tom M.
Glover, Hubert R.
Green, George Frank Jr.
Green, James Walter
Greene, Matilda D.
Greene, Pauline Wright and Frank L.
Greene, Sadie M.
Hawkins, Anna
Hawkins, Cooper T.
Hawkins, Lillian F.
Hayes, Neppie L.
Hendricks, Felix H.Sr.
Hendricks, Ira T.
Hobgood, Frederick D.
Hobgood, Joseph and Wille
Hobgood, Lewis (headstone)
Hobgood, Lewis
Hobgood, Mozil (headstone)
Hobgood, Mozil
Holden, Sarah B.
Hunt, Clevan
Johnson, Birtha (w/o B.J. Johnson)
Johnson, Viola B.
Jones, Earlie
Jones, Eddie
Jones, Eugene
Jones, Lela Bell
Jones, Nathaniel (plaque)
Jones, Nathaniel
Jones, Sadie Closs
Kearney, Nannie Alston
Marrs, Michelle
Pulley, Pauline T.
Rawlings, Ira
Steed, Bessie D. and Willie W. (headstone)
Steed, Bessie
Steed, David L.
Steed, Flossie H. and David Lee(headstone)
Steed, Flossie H.
Steed, Willie W.
Stephens, Martha L.
Sutton, David
Sutton, Nellie Elnora
Terrell, Datis Earl (plaque)
Terrell, Datis
Terrell, Noel II and Annie Bell Jones
Tharrington Family
Tharrington, Thomas Jr.
Webb, Calvin
Williams, EvieBelle
Williams, Hurley
Williams, Ida and Henry
Williams, John R.
Williams, Lena B.
Williams, Mary I.
Williams, Omega Buckeye
Williams, Richard Walter
Wright, Ernest
Wright, Millie and Willie
Wright, Plummer
Yarborough, Ozer
unknown, Elena B.
unknown, Lenwood L.
unknown, Lowell A.
unknown (located between Elena and Lowell)