Franklin County Bible Records



    • Joseph J. Harper was married to Mary A. [Anne] C. [Cooke] Hayes the 7th of January 1835
    • Rebecca Frances King to Eugene Joseph Jones November 25th 1894
    • Mary Anna Jones to William Thomas Horton April 18th 1894
    • Mattie Cooper to John Harper Jones Sept 29th 1897
    • George T. Harper was married to S. [Sarah] A. Timberlake the 13th of June 1867
    • V. [Valerie] A. [R.] Harper was married to [William] Henry Jones the 20th of Dec 1866
    • Fannie Lauretta Jones to Ernest Hugh Rea June 8th 1890 at Ephesus Baptist Church Asbury Wake Co. N.C.


    • Mary A.C. Harper was born the 29th of July 1807
    • John H. Harper son of Joseph & Mary Harper was born the 29th of July 1836
    • George T. Harper was born the 19th of April 1839
    • Valerie A. R. Harper was born the 27th of Oct 1841
    • Dorothy Louise Rea daughter of E.H. and F.L. Rea born Aug 7th 1910 in Hamlet Richmond County North Carolina
    • John Joseph Rea in Hamlet N.C. born Aug 27 1912 son of F.L. & E.H. Rea
    • Eugene J. Jones son of W.H. & V.A. Jones was born August 28th 1868
    • Hugh H. Jones son of W.H. & V.A. Jones was born Dec 9th 1869
    • Fannie L. Jones daughter of W.H. & V.A. Jones was born March 9th 1872
    • Johnny H. Jones, son of W.H. & V.A. Jones was born March 2nd 1874
    • Mary A. Jones daughter of V.A. & W.H. Jones was born April 5th 1876
    • Clarence W. Jones son of W.H. & V.A. Jones was born Sept 17th 1879
    • Effie R. Jones daughter W.H. & Vallie A. Jones was born May 21st 1881
    • H. Clyde Jones son of W.H. & V.A. Jones was born Feb 22nd 1885
    • Walter Thomas Rea son of Ernest Hugh & Fannie Lauretta Rea born July 29th 1892 at Asbury N.C. U.S.A.
    • Born July 25th 1894 at Asbury N.C. U.S.A. Lillian Ester Rea daughter of E.H. & F.L. Rea
    • Born June 11th 1898 at Cary N.C. Bessie Waneda Rea daughter of Ernest H. & Fannie L. Rea
    • Born February 21st 1901 Edward Henry Rea son of E.H. & F.L. Rea at Cary N.C.
    • Thaddeus Pleasants was born March 10th 1853
    • Thaddeus Pleasants son of J.D. and A.M. Pleasants born March 10th 1853
    • Wm H. Jones was born April 14th 1836
    • Albert Ernest Rea son of E.H. & F.L. Rea born in Cheraw Chesterfield County S.C. August 26 1905
    • Charles Alexander Rea born in Hamlet Richmond County NC June 15th 1908 son of E.H. & F.L. Rea


    • Clarence W. Jones infant son of W.H. & V.A. Jones died March 8th 1880 age 5 months & 20 days
    • V.A. Jones wife of W.H. Jones died June 2nd 1888 Age 46 years 7 months & 6 days
    • William Henry Jones died March 28th 1889 aged 52 years 11 months 11 days
    • Edward Rea died October 24th 1895 Aged 68 years  __ months __ days Born in Dewsbery County of York England
    • Ester Rea Beloved wife of Edward Rea died May 9th 1899 in the 71st year of her age at her home at Asbury N.C. Born in Kidderminster County of Worcester England
    • Mary Ann Cooke Harper died the 22 of February 1856
    • Sarah A. Harper wife of George T. Harper died July 14th 1868
    • Joseph J. Harper died July 15th 1876
    • John H. Harper died 1863 on the north bank of the Potomac
    • Albert Ernest infant son of E.H. & F.L. Rea died in Hamlet Richmond County N.C. November 25 1906 aged 15 months
    • Henry Clyde Jones died in Rex Hospital Raleigh N.C. from pistol wound fired by man named Hodge [Arthur R. Hodge according to the Farmer and Mechanic newspaper of 11 Dec 1906] Dec 9th 1906 age 21 years 9 months 21 days


    Notes –

    Although the first page of the Bible says “Mr. Joseph J. Harper Bible 1857” another page of the Bible is marked Hamlet N.C. Feb 14 1909

    The Bible appears to have started with Joseph Harper’s second wife, Mary Anne Cooke Hayes, and passed down through her daughter Valerie Harper and her husband, William Henry Jones, who lived in Wake County.  From there it passed to Fannie Lauretta Jones and her husband Ernest Hugh Rea who moved from Wake County to Richmond County NC as the records are for Harper, Jones and Rea and all appear to be from one Bible (pages are Xeroxed – the location of the original Bible pages is unknown). 

    Ernest and Fannie are the great-grandparents of the submitter, Sharon Rea Gable,