Franklin County BibleRecords

Family Bible Record of George Washington Brown and Matilda Foster

(submitted by Zelia H. Cline)

Franklin Co, N. C.


First Page:

    George W. Brown and Matilda Foster married May 18th 1881.

    John A. Holden & Matilda T. Brown married Dec. 20th 1915, N.Y.

    Second and Third Page:

    George Brown, son of P. J. Brown and Sallie Brown was born January 10th 1856.

    Matilda Foster, daughter of Dr. P. S. Foster and Matilda R. Foster was born Dec 5th 1855.

    Born March 24th 1882.

    Born April 10th 1885.

    Mary Ozella Brown, daughter of G. W. and Matilda Brown was born September the 8th 1886.

    Stapleton Foster Brown, son of G. W. Brown and Matilda Brown was born August 14th 1888.

    Matilda Turner Brown, daughter of G. W. and Matilda Brown was born Jan 14th 1891.

    Peyton J. Brown, Sr. was born in Matthews Co, Virginia Sept 5th 1805.

    Peyton James Brown, son of G. W. and Matida Brown was born April 8th 1894.

    Wilmot Ernest Brown, son of G. W. and Matilda Brown was born March 19th 1899.

    Fourth Page

    Peyton J. Brown, Sr.,aged seventy nine years, eight months and thirty days died on the 4th of Jan. 1885 in Warren County, N. C., at his daughters, Mrs. P. H. Allen.

    Mary E Cooke died Feb 17th 1890 aged 36 years.

    Peyton James Brown, Jr., son of P. J. and Sallie S. Brown died December 189f at P. H. Allen’s, his sister in Warrenton, N. Carolina.

    Dr. Peter S. Foster died Oct 20th 1898.  age 75 years, l month and 2 days.

    Matilda F. Brown died Oct. 20th 1912, aged 56.

    George W. Brown died Nov. 20th 1930