Franklin County Miscellaneous Slave Records


(Wynne Family Papers 1775-1934)

Slave Receipt, Sold to Patewell Milner from Nathaniel Norfleet, 1775
Received of Patewell Miner thirty eight pounds by count in gold and [ ? ] pounds of silver to purchase a Negro for the said Mailner Received by me signed by Nathaniel Norfleet, and witnessed by Edward Norfleet.


Slave Receipt: Robin and Todd Sold to Barsheba Milner from Charles A. Hill,
Administrator of Patewell Milner Estate, 1830
1828, January 5, For the sum of three hundred and thirty eight dollars 58 1/4 cents in full for the purchase of a negro fellow names Robin and an old fellow named Todd, and sundry articles purchased by the said Barsheba Milner at the sale of [Patewell Milner's] estate signed CA Hill.


Slave Receipt; Robin for hire, G.W. Wynne to A.M. Knight, 1849
1849, January 1, Received of G.W. Wynne $5.00 for the hire of negro man Robin for this year. Except the common clothing which the said Wynne is yet to furnish to the said Robin.

Slave Receipt: Jack and Caswell Sold to George Wynne from W.P. Williams 1863
1863, August 25, Received of George Wynne $4,000 for Zack and Caswell.

(From: Wynne Family Papers 1775-1934)