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WPA Cemetery Census


In the 1930's and 1940's, the workers of the Works Progress Administration (now called the Works Projects Administration) set out to record burial information for cemeteries across the state.  These records have now been added online by the NC State Archives and State Library of NC.

The survey includes listings for the following cemeteries.  Do keep in mind that there may be errors and/or mistakes, but the value of these records is immense.

                 The Battleboro, Battleboro (pg. 3-7)

                 Calvary Episcopal Cemetery, Tarboro (pg. 35-37)

                 Dawes Family Cemetery, Rocky Mount (pg. 8)

                 James Gay Cemetery, Rocky Mount (pg. 9)

                 Luther Gay Cemetery, Rocky Mount (pg. 10)

                 Greenwood Cemetery, Tarboro (pg. 38-40)

                 Jackson Cemetery, Rocky Mount (pg. 11-12)

                 Jerusulem Cemetery, Whitakers (pg. 44, 49)

                 Old Cemetery, Tarboro (pg. 41-42, 47)

                 Pineview Cemetery, Rocky Mount (13-32)

                 Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Tarboro (pg. 43, 46, 48)

                 Unity Cemetery, Rocky Mount (pg. 33-34, 52-53)

                 Whitakers Cemetery, Whitakers (pg. 45, 50-51, 54-55)


You can find the Edgecombe County files here. To view more from across the state, click here.


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