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By , January 27, 2012

I updated the Query page on the website. It is accessible from the home page as a link across the top. You click on the Queries link and it will take you to the Query page. From the Query page you can 1) Fill out the form to submit a new query or 2) click on the link to “View all Queries on the Website.” The queries page is part of the blog where I post all of the queries that I receive from the online form or ones I receive in email.

Please review these posts periodically because they might contain names of your ancestors or questions on how or where to research persons, places, or records. You can respond to a query by clicking on the “Comments” link at the top of the query post. Or if you cannot get that to work, then send me an email and I will post a reply for you.

I receive quite a few queries and could use some help getting them posted to the website and coordinating with Richard to get them posted in the Newsletter (or the Journal). If you are interested in helping me post queries to the website and/or acting as a liason between people who leave queries and our membership, please let me know. You do not have to live in North Carolina to do this. And you do not have to know how to create webpages either – posting queries is very easy and would be a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in writing a blog!


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