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Meeting Locations

By , April 21, 2011

Hi all,

Last month we held our monthly meeting at the Christ Church in Southern Village in Chapel Hill. I was finally able to fit it in with all of my school papers and projects and to see Richard’s slide show on the places and people of Carrboro!  The church had a very nice and spacious meeting room with tables and chairs which made it amenable to taking notes and chatting with the folks around you. I even met one member who was attending her first meeting! The audio visual was nice too. Richard was able to hook up his laptop and project it onto the screen. He had a little device that clicked through the slides.

The one thing I noticed that was missing, though, was our members. And that got me wondering about why we missed so many people. So what better way to anonymously query the membership than with a survey!

Please click on this link and answer the ONE question I asked. It is totally anonymous. I look forward to reading your responses.

Link to survey:

Thank you,
Ginger Smith, Webmaster

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