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AndersonJames1768-1850Orange & Alamance counties, NCAnderson, Holt
AndrewsLabonest. 1772 - 1842Orange County, NCAnderson, Holt
BanksAdam Gerard1798 - 1854Cumberland & Wake counties, NCAnderson, Holt
CatesAaron1798 - 1876Orange County, NCAnderson, Holt
CheekRobert "Robin"ca. 1777 - 1865Orange County, NCAnderson, Holt
CraigJames A.1792 - 1849Orange County, NCAnderson, Holt
FaucettGeorge1777 - ?Orange County, NCAnderson, Holt
HoltIsraelca. 1765 - 1852Orange & Alamance counties, NCAnderson, Holt
LaneSarah1763 - 1843Wake County, NCAnderson, Holt
LeachSusan Elizabeth1809 - 1886Johnston & Wake counties, NCAnderson, Holt
McCullersMatthew1759 - 1825Wake County, NCAnderson, Holt
MebaneAlexander, Sr.1716-1792Orange County, NCAnderson, Holt
MurrayWilliam Lawrence1750-1805Orange County, NCAnderson, Holt
NanceGeorge1771 - ca. 1844Wake County, NCAnderson, Holt
PattersonSarah Jane1850-1884Orange & Alamance counties, NCAnderson, Holt
PerrySamuel R.1808 - 1870Chatham County, NCAnderson, Holt
RayMartha1789 - ?Orange County, NCAnderson, Holt
StoneJulia1811 - 1890Chatham County, NCAnderson, Holt
TinnenMaryca. 1720 - ?Orange County, NCAnderson, Holt
WebsterRichardest. 1817 - 1893Chatham County, NCAnderson, Holt
WilkinsMary Stepney1807 - 1889? & Alamance countiesAnderson, Holt
AndrewsLabon1600sNCAndrews, LauraEngland 1600s to NC
Bealearly 1800sNCAndrews, Laura
Francis1730sSCAndrews, Laura
Hall1750-1807SCAndrews, Laura
MossVA / KYAndrews, Laura
Puckett1600sEngland, VAAndrews, Laura
Ritchie/Richeyearly 1800sSCAndrews, Laura
Stevenson1770-1810VA / NC / SCAndrews, Laura
Arnts / Ernst1751 - presenteastern PAArnts, Robert
EdenPA/England (Devon)Arnts, Robert
Kemmerer1700's - presentNorthampton County, PAArnts, Robert
Sayre1637 - presentPA/NJ/NY/CT/MAArnts, Robert
Strunk1750 - presentPAArnts, Robert
Weaver1700's - presentPA & NJArnts, Robert
Weiss1700 - presentPAArnts, Robert
Wilhelm1700's - presentNorthampton County, PAArnts, Robert
WalkerLouis1875-1900Wake County, NCBailey, Irving
WalkerJoseph1865-1900Alamance County, NC Bailey, Irving
WalkerLewis1838-1900Twp 9, Craven County, NCBailey, Irving
WalkerAnn1860-1910Twp 9, Craven County, NCBailey, Irving
WalkerJoseph1889-1920Granville County, NCBailey, Irving
BradfieldBenjamin Franklin1794-1843Loudoin County, VABellinger, Susan
DownsEdward Francis1822-after 1880St. Mary's County, MDBellinger, Susan
GinglesGeorge1744-after 1810Montgomery County, MDBellinger, Susan
HardyRichard1851-1936Montgomery County, MDBellinger, Susan
McArtorJonathan1755-1835Loudoin County, VABellinger, Susan
Pierce/PearceHector1799-1865Loudoin County, VABellinger, Susan
BerstlerBethenod, Robert
BethenodBethenod, Robert
CarrBethenod, Robert
GrahamBethenod, Robert
WilsonBethenod, Robert
Hubbell / Hubble / Hubel/ Huble / Hubbel1640-presentUS & Canada & UKBoggs, Carol HubbellI am interested in New England/Connecticut genealogy; also in genetics in genealogy.
Allison1750-1850Orange County, NCBrown, John T.My research in the Orange County area centers around the Taylors of the Efland-Cedar Grove area and related names. I am doing other research on the Currie, Black, Ray and Blue families in Moore and Cumberland counties.
BlackMoore & Cumberland counties, NCBrown, John T.
BlueMoore & Cumberland counties, NCBrown, John T.
CurrieMoore & Cumberland counties, NCBrown, John T.
Fuller1800-1850Orange & Caswell counties, NCBrown, John T.
Gunn1775-1850Caswell County, NCBrown, John T.
RayMoore & Cumberland counties, NCBrown, John T.
Taylor1800 & afterOrange County, NCBrown, John T.
Wood1750-1880Orange & Caswell counties, NCBrown, John T.
Brown1790-1815Orange County, NCBrown, Kenneth W
Ellis1790-1815Orange County, NCBrown, Kenneth W
Brown1790 +Ireland, SC & TNBrown, Mary Ann
Clayton1780 +NC(?) & TNBrown, Mary Ann
Jones1810 +TNBrown, Mary Ann
BarnesOrange County, NC & VABurns, Anne P.
MannChatham co., NCBurns, Anne P.
PoythressOrange Co., NC & VABurns, Anne P.
Morris1780-1860Orange County, NCCanady, Betty J.
O'Daniel1780-1860Orange County, NCCanady, Betty J.
Tate1780-1860Orange County, NCCanady, Betty J.
Thompson1770-1850Orange County, NCCanady, Betty J.
SmithLate 1700s - early 1800sOrange County, NCCarpenter, Cynthia
PattersonLate 1700s - early 1800sOrange County, NCCarpenter, Cynthia
Coble / GobelLate 1700s - early 1800sOrange County, NCCarpenter, Cynthia
Gobel / CobleLate 1700s - early 1800sOrange County, NCCarpenter, Cynthia
AdamsLate 1700s - early 1800sOrange County, NCCarpenter, Cynthia
McleanLate 1700s - early 1800sOrange County, NCCarpenter, Cynthia
Crabtree1820 -Durham County, NCCates, Carolyn Hicks
Hicks1840 -Durham County, NCCates, Carolyn Hicks
Medlin1840 -Durham County, NCCates, Carolyn Hicks
Williams1820 -Durham County, NCCates, Carolyn Hicks
BurgessLong1800'sChatham County, NCCooke, Marie R.
Cook(e)1800'sRobeson County, NC & Marion/Dillon County, SCCooke, Marie R.
EllisJames1800'sDurham & Chatham counties, NCCooke, Marie R.
FreemanThomas1800's - presentWake/Durham County, NCCooke, Marie R.
Hursey1800's-presentAlamance, Orange & Halifax counties, NCCooke, Marie R.
RossJohn1700's-presentWake & Durham counties, NCCooke, Marie R.
Tilley/Tillie1800-presentWake & Durham counties, NCCooke, Marie R.
Turner1800's-1900'sRobeson County, NCCooke, Marie R.
YarbroughJoseph1800's - presentChatham/Moore counties, NCCooke, Marie R.
Crain1630-presentCT>MA>NY>MI>Elkhart County, INCrain, Melanie D.
Dalton1735-presentAlbemarle & Pittsylvania counties, VA>Pulaski County, KYCrain, Melanie D.
Lamar1665-presentFrance>MD>OH>Madison County, INCrain, Melanie D.
McCabe1820-1960Ire>NYC>Jefferson County, WICrain, Melanie D.
Pfluger / Phlegar1703-presentGermany>York County, PA>Floyd County, VACrain, Melanie D.
Stark1630-presentCT>Cayahoga County, OH>Elkhart County, INCrain, Melanie D.
Cobbca. 1730 - ca. 1778VA>Northampton County, NCCrocker, Joy Anne
Cobbca. 1778 - ca. 1795Northampton>Chatham County, NCCrocker, Joy Anne
Cobbca. 1795Chatham County, NC>GACrocker, Joy Anne
Cottonpre-RevolutionVA>Chatham County, NCCrocker, Joy Anne
CottonChatham County, NC>GACrocker, Joy Anne
Dodd1740PA>Loudoun County, VACrocker, Joy Anne
Dodd1768Loudoun County, VA>Union, SCCrocker, Joy Anne
DoddUnion, SC>GACrocker, Joy Anne
Langstonca. 1770'sGranville County, NC>Union, SCCrocker, Joy Anne
Mangumca. 1750-1770Granville County, NCCrocker, Joy Anne
Monkca. 1778Wake>Orange/Person counties, NCCrocker, Joy Anne
Monkca. 1778Wake>GACrocker, Joy Anne
Nicholsonca. 1767PA>Mecklenburg County, NCCrocker, Joy Anne
Nicholsonca. 1796Mecklenburg County, NC>GACrocker, Joy Anne
Walkerca. 1795Anson/Rowan counties, NC>GACrocker, Joy AnneThey possibly came from Olde Orange
UmsteadOrange County, NCDavis, Ann Veazey
Veazey1750-presentGranville County, NCDavis, Ann Veazey
DallaglioRemigio1800'sMedesano, ItalyDeLalio, June
LangeMaximillian1850-1930Aschersleben, GermanyDeLalio, June
Maier/MeyersJacob1800'sFlonheim, GermanyDeLalio, June
MathewsJames1811-1885Dundalk, IrelandDeLalio, June
CharlesHans Michael1730-1813Alamance/Orange County, NCDeyoung, Lucy
JamesSamuel R.1770-1836Orange>Alamance>Guilford>KYDeyoung, Lucy
Barbee1700's-1860'sOrange & Chatham countiesDillard, Mabel O.
Blackwood1800-presentOrange, Chatham & Durham counties, NCDillard, Mabel O.
Cheek1850'sOrange County, NCDillard, Mabel O.
Merritt1800's-presentOrange & Chatham countiesDillard, Mabel O.
Riggsbee1700's-presentOrange & Chatham countiesDillard, Mabel O.
Cannonprior to 1800NCDurham, Dan
Durhamprior to 1800Chatham & Orange counties, NCDurham, Dan
Fortune1770-1810NCDurham, Dan
Messickprior to 1820Surry County, NCDurham, Dan
Moodyprior to 1800NCDurham, Dan
Morton1770-1820NCDurham, Dan
Rich1770-1820NCDurham, Dan
Stovall1770-1820NCDurham, Dan
Burner1750-1850Shenandoah Valley, VAElias, Robert
Elias1750-1850Whitechurch, Glamorganshire, WalesElias, Robert
Phillips1750-1875Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire, WalesElias, Robert
Thomas1800-1875Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, WalesElias, Robert
Wilk1800-1885Thuringia, GermanyElias, Robert
Sypherd / Seiffert1805-1840Loudoun County, VAElias, Robert & Cathy
Sypherd / Seiffert1780-1805Frederick County, MDElias, Robert & Cathy
Sypherd / Seiffertpre-1780PAElias, Robert & Cathy
Pointer1796-1885KYElias, Robert & Cathy
Brown1800's-presentChatham County, NCEllington, Richard K.I was born and raised in Orange County. Many of my family lines are still local.
Cheek1700's-presentVA>Orange / Chatham / Alamance / Guilford / Durham counties, NCEllington, Richard K.
Cole1800's-presentOrange & Durham counties, NCEllington, Richard K.
Dillehay1700's-presentEngland?>MD>VA>Person County, NCEllington, Richard K.
Dyson1800's-presentBladen, Columbus & New Hanover counties, NC>Clay & Duval counties, FLEllington, Richard K.
Edwards1800's-presentMonmouthshire, Wales>eastern OHEllington, Richard K.
Ellington1800's-presentJohnston, Chatham, Alamance, Orange, Durham & Wake counties, NCEllington, Richard K.
Pattersonearly 1800's-1950SC>AL>Fulton County, GAEllington, Richard K.
Weston1800's-presentHartlepool, England>eastern OHEllington, Richard K.
Murraymiddle to late 1700'sOrange & Alamance counties, NCEllis, Mary
SmithAnniemid-1800'sCedar Grove, Orange County, NCElsey, Paula
SmithWilliammid-1800'sCedar Grove, Orange County, NCElsey, Paula
Estes1750-1830Granville & Warren counties, NCEstes, Harvey
Estes1830-1900Meriwether County, GAEstes, Harvey
Fuller1750-1830Granville & Warren counties, NCEstes, Harvey
Fuller1830-1900Meriwether County, GAEstes, Harvey
Jarrell1800-1900Meriwether County, GAEstes, Harvey
Reeves1800-1900Meriwether County, GAEstes, Harvey
Wyche1800-1900Meriwether County, GAEstes, Harvey
Anderson1850-1950Elbert County, GAEstes, Harvey & Jean Anderson
Hill1800-1900Edgefield County, SCEstes, Harvey & Jean Anderson
Ready1800-1900Saluda County, SCEstes, Harvey & Jean Anderson
Thornton1650-1850VA > NC > SCEstes, Harvey & Jean Anderson
NelsonJohn1700-1825Orange County, NCFellner, PatriciaI just recently submitted my application to join the DAR under my ancestor Major John Nelson who lived in Orange County and fought in the Revolutionary War.
BowlingCapt. William1819-1907Orange & Granville counties, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
BowlingJohnb. 1755Orange & Granville counties, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
BowlingWillisOrange & Granville counties, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
BurroughsThomasc. 1825-?Orange County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
EvansEliza (Betsy) Estes1790-1873Cumberland County, VA>Orange County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
EvansTheophilas1746-?Cumberland County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
GravesEleanorCaswell County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
GroveSusan CarverCumberland County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
GroveWilliam Barry1764-1818Cumberland County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
JenkinsMannc. 1815-?Orange County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
KimbroughAnna Nancy1739-1843Orange County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
KimbroughThomasc. 1715-?Caswell County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
LattaElizabeth (Bettie)1811-1879Orange County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
LattaJamesc. 1780-?Orange County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
McMannenJohn A.1774-1846Orange County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
McMannenRev. John A.1812-1875Orange County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
PeedThomas1794-?Granville County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
RobersonLouise ElizabethOrange County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
ShermanMichael1770's-?Granville County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
TilleyEdmond1794-1886Orange County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
TurnerHenryCulpepper, VA (1721) - Caswell County, NC (1809)Ferrell, Frances Tilley
TurnerJames1756-1851Orange County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
VaughnBedford1830's-1850'sOrange County, NCFerrell, Frances Tilley
Campbell1870 & laterCaroline County, VAFickle, Mary Jo
Fickle1860-1900Calhoun County, IAFickle, Mary Jo
Irby1840 & earlierHalifax County, VAFickle, Mary Jo
Sale1820-1850Berrien County, MIFickle, Mary Jo
Alstonc. 1774Hickory Mt. TWP, Chatham County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
Atwaterc. 1770'sOrange County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
BarbeeHickory Mt. TWP, Chatham County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
Blackwoodc. 1752Orange County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
BootheHickory Mt. TWP, Chatham County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
BrooksHickory Mt. TWP, Chatham County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
CabeEno River area, Orange County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
CleggHickory Mt. TWP, Chatham County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
CoxWiley W.1872-Eno River area, Orange County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
Hackneyc. 1740'sBynum/Haw River area, Chatham County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
HarrisEno River area, Orange County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
HarrisHickory Mt. TWP, Chatham County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
Headenc. 1762Hickory Mt. TWP, Chatham County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
JohnsEno River area, Orange County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
McCauleyMathewOrange County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
Pattersonc. 1745-New Hope area, Orange County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
PiperEno River area, Orange County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
RivesHickory Mt. TWP, Chatham County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
SnipesHickory Mt. TWP, Chatham County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
Stroud/Strowdc. 1750's-Orange County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
WilsonJohnOrange County, NCFox, Bebe Johns
AndrewsArchibald1787-1891Orange County, NCFrederick, Rosine DodsonI was born and raised in Orange County, NC. Nearly all my ancestors are in the area since the early 1700's - on my Dodson & Pendergrass & Andrews side. My mother's families were from Virginia & Person County, NC. I have very deep roots in this area, mostly farmers, masons and carpenters. My Dodson side may have been in Caswell County, NC. That's my search now.
AndrewsWilliam1744-1824Halifax, NCFrederick, Rosine Dodson
BlackburnFrederick, Rosine Dodson
CreelFrederick, Rosine Dodson
DixonG. W.1825Person County, NCFrederick, Rosine Dodson
Dodson1880-1950Orange & Durham counties, NCFrederick, Rosine Dodson
Frederick1850-1950Durham County, NCFrederick, Rosine Dodson
GreenWilliam1815-Orange County, NCFrederick, Rosine Dodson
GreenWilliam T.1851-1935Durham County, NCFrederick, Rosine Dodson
GrinsteadAddison Y.1847-?Person County, NC & VAFrederick, Rosine Dodson
Hite1750-1900Halifax County, VAFrederick, Rosine Dodson
Jones1750-1900Halifax County, VAFrederick, Rosine Dodson
KirklandMargaret1802-?Orange County, NCFrederick, Rosine Dodson
LewisFrederick, Rosine Dodson
LongThomas1805-1878Orange County, NCFrederick, Rosine Dodson
MeachamJessemarried in 1865Orange County, NC (maybe born in Chatham County, NC)Frederick, Rosine Dodson
Pendergrass1800-1900Orange County, NCFrederick, Rosine Dodson
VannFrederick, Rosine Dodson
Cox1825-1925PA>IL>IA>NEFrye, Mary M.
Kelley / Kelly1790-1900VA>OH>IL>IA>NEFrye, Mary M.
McGuire1828-1890PA>IL>IA>NEFrye, Mary M.
Davis1850Orange County, NCGattis, Franklin B.
Eubanks1850'sChatham County, NCGattis, Franklin B.
GattisThomas Wesley1850'sChatham County, NCGattis, Franklin B.
Pickett1800'sChatham County, NCGattis, Franklin B.
Pope1850'sChatham County, NCGattis, Franklin B.
PruettJohn Massey1850North CarolinaGattis, Franklin B.
Gordon1872Toronto, CanadaGordon, Charles
Shuttleworth1872Toronto, CanadaGordon, Charles
Canen1860-1900TennesseeGordon, Charles
Cannon1860-1900TennesseeGordon, Charles
Sherrod1860-1900ArkansasGordon, Charles
Hughes1860-1900California, OregonGordon, Charles
Sherrod1860-1900MissouriGordon, Charles
CrabtreeAbrahamb. 1776-1800Orange County , NC??Grossman, Cynthia H.
CrabtreeNancy Carolineb. 1838Orange County, NCGrossman, Cynthia H.
HallAndrewb. 1834b. in Orange County, NCGrossman, Cynthia H.
HallCalvin H.b. 1856b. in Orange County, NCGrossman, Cynthia H.
HallRobert1757-1820b. MD - d. NCGrossman, Cynthia H.
HallThomas S.1878-1957b. in Orange County, bd. In Maplewood CemeteryGrossman, Cynthia H.
HallWilliamb. 1781b. in Wake County, NCGrossman, Cynthia H.
Hall1700-presentOrange/Durham counties, NCGrossman, Cynthia H.
HudginsBarzeleb. 1890Orange County, NCGrossman, Cynthia H.
Maze /Mase /Maize /MayseMary Susanb. 1858 d. 1932b. Orange Co., d. Durham Co.Grossman, Cynthia H.
Guin1750-1800Orange County, NCGuin, Dave
Gwin1750-1800Orange County, NCGuin, Dave
Massey1750-1830Orange County, NCGuin, Dave
Poe1750-1830Orange County, NCGuin, Dave
Sugg1750-1830Orange County, NCGuin, Dave
Burroughs1750-1900University Station, Orange County, NCHall, Mary-JoI would like to share research with others.
Cheek1775 - ->Orange & Durham counties, NCHall, Mary-Jo
Hall1850 - ->Orange, Durham & Wake counties, NCHall, Mary-Jo
Holloway1775 - ->Durham & Wake counties, NCHall, Mary-Jo
Jenkins1750-1900Orange County, NCHall, Mary-Jo
Latta1750-1900Little River, South Lowell, Orange County, NCHall, Mary-Jo
McMannen1800-1900South Lowell, Orange County, NCHall, Mary-Jo
McMannen1800-1900Durham County, NCHall, Mary-Jo
Turner1750-1950Caswell County, NCHall, Mary-Jo
Turner1750-1950Hillsborough, Orange County, NCHall, Mary-Jo
Veazey / Veasey1700 - ->Granville & Orange counties, NCHall, Mary-Jo
CannonMiddle TennesseeHamilton, Elizabeth
CapleyMiddle TennesseeHamilton, Elizabeth
CarterHamilton, Elizabeth
CrowellNC > TNHamilton, Elizabeth
EntwistlePennsylvaniaHamilton, Elizabeth
HaleyVA > NC > TN > TXHamilton, Elizabeth
HamiltonMA > VT > upstate NY > VAHamilton, Elizabeth
HoldenMiddle TennesseeHamilton, Elizabeth
LentzRowan County, NCHamilton, Elizabeth
ReedHamilton, Elizabeth
ShortTennesseeHamilton, Elizabeth
Albright1700'sAlamance & Guilford counties, NCHenson, Sandra Long
Sharp/Sharpe1700'sAlamance & Guilford counties, NCHenson, Sandra Long
Blalock1792VA>Orange County, NCHolcomb, Mary K.
Carden1850-Orange County, NCHolcomb, Mary K.
Hall1772PA>Orange & Alamance counties, NCHolcomb, Mary K.
Herndon1803Orange County, NCHolcomb, Mary K.
Hutchens1737-England>MD>Orange & Durham counties, NCHolcomb, Mary K.
Hutchins1797-presentOrange & Durham counties, NCHolcomb, Mary K.
McCauley1747Ireland>Orange County, NCHolcomb, Mary K.
McDade1830-Orange & Durham counties, NCHolcomb, Mary K.
Terrill1720-1755Caroline County, VA & Orange County, NCHolcomb, Mary K.
WhitakerOrange County, NCHolcomb, Mary K.
Winnick (Waynick?)1818Orange County, NCHolcomb, Mary K.
Holloway1770-1950Orange & Durham counties, NC (Eno)Holloway, David S.descendant of Thomas Holloway (ca. 1747-1835)
Aeltjeabout 1590NetherlandsHolloway, Donald A.
Albertin1636Sinsheim, Palatinate (Germany)Holloway, Donald A.
Allshouse1725WuerttembergHolloway, Donald A.
Altman1800PennsylvaniaHolloway, Donald A.
Anderson(Elizabeth)1785Pennsylvania (married Sondles)Holloway, Donald A.
Antoni1689-1748Adamsweiler/Bettwiller, Alsace to Northampton County, PA.Holloway, Donald A.
Bachman / Baugham1750-1880Germany to PAHolloway, Donald A.
Baker1747Allegheny County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Beaudoin1594-1640Cantae, France to GleschendorfHolloway, Donald A.
Beck1691-1885Palatinate to Westmoreland County, PA.Holloway, Donald A.
Berry1821-2004Enniskellen, Ireland to WestmorelandHolloway, Donald A.
Best1745-1823England/Ireland to Westmoreland, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Bier / Beer / Bear1782Holloway, Donald A.
Blum??Holloway, Donald A.
Blumel1485- ca 1535Strassburg, GermanyHolloway, Donald A.
Brinker / Brunnger1634-1817SwitzerlandHolloway, Donald A.
Brouwers1675-1733New Utrecht, Kings, NTHolloway, Donald A.
Buskirk van1726Holloway, Donald A.
Byerly1620-2004Sinsheim, Palatine to Westmoreland Co, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Coehorn1624-1671Metz, Alsace-LorraineHolloway, Donald A.
Cope / Kopp1780-1860PennsylvaniaHolloway, Donald A.
Creiger / Cregier1623Netherlands - New JerseyHolloway, Donald A.
Cruson1774NvirginiaHolloway, Donald A.
Cuvellier1589Netherlands or Nieuw AmsterdamHolloway, Donald A.
De La Vigne1586-1639Southern France to Bushwyck, NYHolloway, Donald A.
De Romaignan1534Namur, Belgium/NetherlandsHolloway, Donald A.
De Sille1510-1660Namur-Maastricht-Nieuw AmsterdamHolloway, Donald A.
Dieter1731-1844PennsylvaniaHolloway, Donald A.
Disli1656Duerrenroth, Berne, SwitzerlandHolloway, Donald A.
Doppelstein1436-1462Stendal, Saxony, PrussiaHolloway, Donald A.
Elbca 1800Mt. Pleasant, PennsylvaniaHolloway, Donald A.
Elliott1746-1787Enniskellen, London, Indiana, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Eshbach1725Northampton County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Everwijnsee MerwinsHolloway, Donald A.
Fisher1803PennsylvaniaHolloway, Donald A.
Gemehlin1510-1704Weilheim u. Teck to Heidelsheim & SinsheimHolloway, Donald A.
Gerretze1620-1668NetherlandsHolloway, Donald A.
Griffin1880 caIndiana County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Gulden1736-1810Berne, Switz. to Westmoreland County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Gutherzca. 1670Reutlingen, Oberwinterthur, Switz.Holloway, Donald A.
Harmonca 1700-1826Netherlands to Westmoreland County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Helman1757-1927York County to Mt. Pleasant, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Hendrickse1587 - 1628Netherlands to Brooklyn, NYHolloway, Donald A.
Henkel / Hinkle1727/1737-1800Northampton County, PA to Westmoreland, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Herter / Hester1628-1720Zurich, Switz. Holloway, Donald A.
Houser1573-1625Glasshaus, GermanyHolloway, Donald A.
HunterHolloway, Donald A.
Ickus1640Floersbach, HesseHolloway, Donald A.
Irwin1736Enniskellen, IrelandHolloway, Donald A.
Kaiserca. 1690-1771Floersbach to Northampton County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
KaufferHolloway, Donald A.
Keister / Koster1630-1831Zinswiller, Bas Rhin - Alsace - Westmoreland County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
KerstHolloway, Donald A.
Kesslerca. 1670-1693Holloway, Donald A.
Konkle / Kunkle1530-1763Glasshaus to Northampton County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Kroesen1615-1829Netherlands to PhiladelphiaHolloway, Donald A.
Langelans1617-1700Netherlands to Bushwyck, Kings, NYHolloway, Donald A.
Le NoirHolloway, Donald A.
Le NotreHolloway, Donald A.
Le Rang1704Bucks County, PA to NYCHolloway, Donald A.
Leininger1680Durstel, Bas-RhinHolloway, Donald A.
Lenhartca 1670-1820Hunsrickm Rheinland to Holland to PAHolloway, Donald A.
Long1796-1815Larimar, PA to Werstmoreland County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Lubbertse1558-1711Amsterdam to BenSalem, Bucks County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Ludwig1700-1843southwest PAHolloway, Donald A.
Markel / Merkelca 1430-1782Gleschendorf, Lubeck to Westmoreland County PAHolloway, Donald A.
Marschalk1586Maastricht, Limburg, NetherlandsHolloway, Donald A.
Martense1583-1638Netherlands to Nieuw AmsterdamHolloway, Donald A.
Mathias1792-1912Westmoreland County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Merwjns / Merwyns1550-1635Netherlands, Arnheim, The HagueHolloway, Donald A.
Meulmans1600Maastricht, Limburg, NetherlandsHolloway, Donald A.
Miller(Hannah)1826-1889Mt. Pleasant, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Morres / Morris17931862Dunfermline, ScotlandHolloway, Donald A.
Munich1580-1607Metz, Alsace-LorraineHolloway, Donald A.
Naeglin1514Wilhelm u TeckHolloway, Donald A.
Petersca 1693Holloway, Donald A.
Pieters1616-1650Brooklyn, Kings, NTHolloway, Donald A.
Pouwels1559-ca 1600Aachen, Nordrhein, WestphaliaHolloway, Donald A.
Puyn1554NetherlandsHolloway, Donald A.
PwjnHolloway, Donald A.
Ramsay1760-2004Dunfermline, Scotland to MEHolloway, Donald A.
Rauscher1624-1715Uhrwiller, AlsaceHolloway, Donald A.
ReichertHolloway, Donald A.
Reiss / Rice1650-1734Alsace to Lehigh County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Rieger1540-1580Bad Canstatt, NeckarHolloway, Donald A.
Robinson1736-1936Enniskellen to Greensburg, PAHolloway, Donald A.
RosinaHolloway, Donald A.
Rughca 1630-1831Emmental Switz to Alsace to Westmoreland. CountyHolloway, Donald A.
Samer1650-1744Floersbach, PrussiaHolloway, Donald A.
Schneider1720-1770Zinswiller/Asswiller/Durstel, FranceHolloway, Donald A.
Seyterca 1600-ca 1700Heidelsheim, Karlsruhe, BadenHolloway, Donald A.
Sharp1814-1889Clackmannor, Scot. to Mt. Pleasant, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Snadan / Snawdon / Snaddon1700 or soClackmannon, ScotlandHolloway, Donald A.
Sondels1754-1925? - Westmoreland County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Staats1587-1695Hutzen, Netherlands to Nieuw AmsterdamHolloway, Donald A.
SteltsmeyerHolloway, Donald A.
StendalHolloway, Donald A.
Steub Von Stein1600 or soProbably PalatinateHolloway, Donald A.
StyntjeHolloway, Donald A.
Suttles1827-1911Westmoreland County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Thomsen1764-1807Dunfermline, ScotlandHolloway, Donald A.
Tijssene1562Charlois, S. Holland, NetherlandsHolloway, Donald A.
Tomasse1587Holloway, Donald A.
Truningerca 1630Holloway, Donald A.
Van Der Goes1500sMechelin, Antwerp, BelgiumHolloway, Donald A.
Van HeusenHolloway, Donald A.
Van Standt1604-1742Netherlands to Bucks County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
VanderHolloway, Donald A.
Vandergrift1509-1850Amsterdam to Bucks County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
VivikenHolloway, Donald A.
Volkerstezn1595-ca 1669New YorkHolloway, Donald A.
WeberSwitzerlandHolloway, Donald A.
Weidman1670Stadel-Ow, SwitzerlandHolloway, Donald A.
Weurtz1680-1766NetherlandsHolloway, Donald A.
Wise1725-1845Northampton to Westmoreland County, PAHolloway, Donald A.
Wolfgang1535-1571Glasshaus, GermanyHolloway, Donald A.
Woods1750Fermanagh, Northern IrelandHolloway, Donald A.
Exum1600-1800NC & VAHorton, Wilma W.I am in the Guiness Book of World Records for having attended the most schools. I was raised traveling in vaudeville.
Lawrence1700-1900Wake County, NC & VirginiaHorton, Wilma W.
Ratcliffe1600-1800NC & VAHorton, Wilma W.
RhodsMartha Anice-1911Durham County, NCHorton, Wilma W.
Taberer1600-1800NC & VAHorton, Wilma W.
WilliamsGeorge1830-1864Wake & Orange counties, NCHorton, Wilma W.
EllisJohn R.1840-1926Orange County, NCHundley, Carl
HallWilliam Jeffersonabt. 1831-1900Wake County, NCHundley, Carl
HundleyDaniel C.1876-1943Orange & Durham counties, NCHundley, Carl
HutchinsWilliam Washington1824-abt. 1897Orange County, NCHundley, Carl
McCauleyMatthew1750-1821Orange County, NCHundley, Carl
NevilleJohn Samuel1840-1922Orange County, NCHundley, Carl
HuntEarly 1800Durham and OrangeHunt, John Thomas
WalkerEarly 1700Durham and OrangeHunt, John Thomas
Bogenhagen1800'sSheboygan County, WIHyer, Charlotte Marquardt
Damitz1800'sDodge County, WIHyer, Charlotte Marquardt
Damitz1800'sJefferson County, WIHyer, Charlotte Marquardt
HeirFayette County, OH (Chilicothe area)Hyer, Charlotte Marquardt
HierFayette County, OH (Chilicothe area)Hyer, Charlotte Marquardt
HireFayette County, OH (Chilicothe area)Hyer, Charlotte Marquardt
Hyer1800SwitzerlandHyer, Charlotte Marquardt
Marquardt1890'sMarinette County, WIHyer, Charlotte Marquardt
Freidel / Fridle / Friddleca. 1805Orange County, NCIreland, Robert
Garrard1815-1862Hillsborough, Orange County, NCIreland, Robert
GreenW. M. (Rev.)1817-1830Hillsborough, Orange County, NCIreland, Robert
HillT. B.1813-1881Hillsboro, NCIreland, Robert
ScottJohn1817-1830Hillsborough, Orange County, NCIreland, Robert
StreetJohn1815-1830Hillsborough, Orange County, NCIreland, Robert
ThompsonSamuelca. 1750-1829Hillsboro, NCIreland, Robert
Angier1815-1950Orange County, NCJohnston, F. Claiborne
Dollar1760-1840VA & NCJohnston, F. Claiborne
DukeJohnston, F. Claiborne
JonesMoses1790-1810VA & Granville Co., NCJohnston, F. Claiborne
Givens1750-1800Rowan & Mecklenburg counties, NCJones, Reece
Berry1800 - presentMonongahela Co., WVKettner, Linda
BlackwoodKettner, Linda
ColeKettner, Linda
CouchKettner, Linda
GoochKettner, Linda
Hackney1800 - 1950Monongahela Co., WVKettner, Linda
HerndonKettner, Linda
HutchinsKettner, Linda
Kettner1850 - presentArlington, VA & Washington, DCKettner, Linda
McCauleyKettner, Linda
MebaneKettner, Linda
Monk1800 - 1950Durham & Orange counties, NCKettner, Linda
Pickett1800 - presentDurham & Orange counties, NCKettner, Linda
Renalds1800 - presentPage, Madison & Warren counties, VAKettner, Linda
Speed1800 - presentGranville, Durham & Franklin counties, NCKettner, Linda
WhiteKettner, Linda
WilsonKettner, Linda
Woods1800 - presentDurham & Orange counties, NCKettner, Linda
YoungKettner, Linda
Albrecht / Albright1730-1830PA & Orange Co., NCKrout, Tonya L.
Faust / Foust1760-1830Orange County, NCKrout, Tonya L.
Faust / Foust1733-1757PAKrout, Tonya L.
Foust / Fouse1830 - presentINKrout, Tonya L.
Fraze1778 - presentNY / OH / INKrout, Tonya L.
Hickman1830'sINKrout, Tonya L.
Keys1800's - presentINKrout, Tonya L.
Kivett1750-1835PA & NCKrout, Tonya L.
Piggott1780-1830Orange County, NC & INKrout, Tonya L.
Swing1800'sNCKrout, Tonya L.
TerryHezekiah1800-presentOrange County, NC Lee, Al
Tilley/Tillylate 1600's-presentWake, Orange & Durham counties, NCLee, Al
Barham1003 - presentEngland, VA & NCLloyd, Charles
Bishop1690 - presentVA & NCLloyd, Charles
Blackwood1700 - presentVA & NCLloyd, Charles
Lloyd1592 - presentEngland, VA & NCLloyd, Charles
Sparrow1752-Orange County, NCLloyd, Charles
Duty1750-1940Granville County, NCMallard, Shirley
Forsythe1750-1900Granville County, NCMallard, Shirley
Harris1750-1900Orange & Durham counties, NCMallard, Shirley
Holsomback1800-1900Person & Durham counties, NCMallard, Shirley
Jones1800-1942Granville County, NCMallard, Shirley
Mangum1753-2005Orange & Durham counties, NCMallard, ShirleyI am currently revising my Marcus Mangum book. It will now include descendants from his grandfather Jesse Mangum (ca. 1805-1852) of Orange County, NC. If you are a descendant of Jesse, I would like to hear from you.
Parrish1750-1850Granville County, NCMallard, Shirley
Roberts1800-1942Granville County, NCMallard, Shirley
Tilley1750-1900Orange & Durham counties, NCMallard, Shirley
Durant1800-1900NC and SCMarshall, John N.
Galloway1800-1900Brunswick County, NCMarshall, John N.
Groux1700-2000France, England, USAMarshall, John N.
Hobbs1800-1900Columbus County, NCMarshall, John N.
Marshall1700-2000Lanarkshire, ScotlandMarshall, John N.
Ritz1800-1900Lehigh & Northamption counties, PAMarshall, John N.
Rowe1840-1900Steuben & Livingston counties, NYMarshall, John N.
Warwick1800-1900VA and NCMarshall, John N.
Zimmer1840-1900Steuben County, NYMarshall, John N.
Masseylate 1700's - presentOrange & Durham counties, NCMassey, Charles Knox, III
McCluer1750-1820Orange County, NCMcClure, Scott
McClure1750-1820Orange County, NCMcClure, Scott
McLuer1750-1820Orange County, NCMcClure, Scott
EdwardsWilliam1791-1863Orange County, NCMcDaniel, Randall
McDanielDaniel1760-?Orange County, NCMcDaniel, Randall
McDaniel1670-1830Orange County, NCMcDaniel, Randall
Leyburn1920's-1930'sDurham, NCMcMurray, Sue
Covington1862-1940Richmond & Scotland counties, NCMcNair, Carrie
Ellerbe1800-1940Richmond, Roberson & Anson counties, NCMcNair, Carrie
Hines1862-1940Richmond & Scotland counties, NCMcNair, Carrie
McNeill1850-1940Harnett, Sampson & Scotland counties, NCMcNair, Carrie
Bunch1750-1850Wake & Orange counties, NCMeyer, Walter Jr.
CheekGeorge W.1825-1870Orange County, NC & Newton, MSMeyer, Walter Jr.
Cheek1750-1850Orange County, NCMeyer, Walter Jr.
Estes1750-1850Orange County, NCMeyer, Walter Jr.
WilkinsElizabeth1825-1860Orange County, NC & Greene, ALMeyer, Walter Jr.
Williams1750-1850Orange County, NCMeyer, Walter Jr.
Wilkins1750-1850Orange County, NCMeyer, Walter Jr.
Craig1754-1850Hillsborough vicinity, NCMiller, John Hart
Hart1754-1850Hillsborough vicinity, NCMiller, John Hart
Moore1754-1850Hillsborough vicinity, NCMiller, John Hart
Nelson1754-1850Hillsborough vicinity, NCMiller, John Hart
Paul1754-1850Hillsborough vicinity, NCMiller, John Hart
Tate1754-1850Hillsborough vicinity, NCMiller, John Hart
Anderson1800 +GeorgiaMiller, Mary Ruth
Boyd1700 +GA & NCMiller, Mary Ruth
Hughes1700 +GA & NCMiller, Mary Ruth
Miller1800 +GeorgiaMiller, Mary Ruth
Towns1800 +GeorgiaMiller, Mary Ruth
Overman1831NC/VAMines, Edith
Freeman1853NCMines, Edith
Chappel1840NCMines, Edith
Thompson1840NCMines, Edith
HurtVirginia, MississippiMowry, Fred
Jackle1860-1930Philadelphia, PAMowry, Fred
Kreowski-1930Posen, Prussia/Pozan, PolandMowry, Fred
Lear1840-1880Jersey City, NJMowry, Fred
Lear1860-1930Corning, Steuben County, NYMowry, Fred
Mowry1840-1940Canastota, Madison County, NYMowry, Fred
Weaver1870-MississippiMowry, Fred
Weaver1700-1900Granville County, NCMowry, Fred
Weaver1700's-1870Warren County, NCMowry, Fred
Emerson1800 onOrange County, NCMurray, Ike E.
Murray1800 onOrange County, NCMurray, Ike E.
Nichols1800 onOrange County, NCMurray, Ike E.
McCauleyMathew1750-1832Orange County, NCMurrell, Anita McCauley
BlackwoodWilliam1706-1774Orange County, NCMurrell, Anita McCauley
Johnston(e)George1700-1762Orange County, NCMurrell, Anita McCauley
CraigeElizabeth1716-1772Orange County, NCMurrell, Anita McCauleyElizabeth Craige Blackwood
DillonThomas P1772-1851Orange County, NCMurrell, Anita McCauley
AndersonJoseph > George1820-1900Sevier and Knox counties, TNNackman, Ava Hartman
BaileyRobert or Patrick > Henry > William W.1700's-1880'sIreland > Brunswick Co., VA > Oglethorpe Co., GA > Talbot Co., GA > Butts Co., GANackman, Ava Hartman
BerryDavid1770-1850Edgefield Co., SC > Butts Co., GANackman, Ava Hartman
BledsoeGeorge > William > Aaron > William > Morton > James > John P.1625-1905England > Northumberland Co., VA > Culpeper Co., VA > Orange Co., VA > Greene Co., GA > Oglethorpe Co., GA > Butts Co., GANackman, Ava Hartman
BrockmanHenry > Samuel > John > Samuel > Lewis1670-1830MD > King & Queen Co., VA > Orange Co., VA > Greene Co., GANackman, Ava Hartman
CarterJohn > John Jr.1700-1845NY or NJ > PA > VA > NC > Washington Co., TN > Greene Co., TNNackman, Ava Hartman
CooperChristopher1800-VA . Greene & Washington counties, TNNackman, Ava Hartman
Crittenden1600's-presentVirginia & GeorgiaNackman, Ava Hartman
CunninghamAndrew1770-1850SC>eastern TNNackman, Ava Hartman
HartmanJoseph > Marshal > Newton C. > Newton S.1750-1910VA>Greene Co., TNNackman, Ava Hartman
Henley1750-1830VA > eastern TNNackman, Ava Hartman
HullJohn1770 -PA > Greene Co., TNNackman, Ava Hartman
JacksonHenry1740-1790'sBrunswick Co., VANackman, Ava Hartman
KellerSamuel1790-1870Shenandoah Co., VA > Greene Co., TNNackman, Ava Hartman
LingenfelterJohann Jacobeastern TNNackman, Ava Hartman
MaloneyWilliam > William A.1790 -VA > Greene Co., TNNackman, Ava Hartman
MooreJohn1800-1860SC>Sevier Co., TNNackman, Ava Hartman
MortonElijah1740-1800Henry Co., VANackman, Ava Hartman
ParsonsNazarene1820-1870VA>Knox Co., TNNackman, Ava Hartman
WebberWilliam > Moses A > Andrew Jackson > Charles1800-1950Spartanburg, SC>Knox Co., TNNackman, Ava Hartman
Welch1700's-presenteastern TennesseeNackman, Ava Hartman
Durhamca. 1800-presentOrange County, NCNunnery, Joyce C.
Edwardsca. 1763-1850Orange County, NCNunnery, Joyce C.
Lindsey / Lindsayca. 1770-1850Orange & Chatham counties, NCNunnery, Joyce C.
Lloyd1753-presentOrange County, NCNunnery, Joyce C.Descended from Major Thomas Lloyd through Stephen, Tracey, Tom, Saurin and Bettie Lloyd Dickerson. Happy to share any information with other family researchers.
Morrisca. 1754-1825Orange County, NCNunnery, Joyce C.
Nunnery1810North CarolinaNunnery, Joyce C.
Robertsonca. 1763-1850Orange County, NCNunnery, Joyce C.
Stroudca. 1800-presentOrange County, NCNunnery, Joyce C.
LipscombJulia Forsythb. 1832Olson, Gwendolynformer Wm. Forsyth slave, I believe
LipscombPeterb. 1810Olson, Gwendolynformer Arrow Head slave
LipscombPhilipb. 1830Olson, Gwendolynformer Arrow Head slave
LipscombSamuelb. 1828Olson, Gwendolynformer Arrow Head slave
McMannenEaster/ Estherb. 1835Olson, Gwendolynformer Elsey Harris slave
McMannenNathanb. 18??Olson, Gwendolynformer McMannen slave
CoxThomasc1694-after 1762Middlesex, Eng? > Gloustershire, Eng > Chester (now Delaware) County, PA > Johnston (now Wayne?) County, NCPalmer, Jeffrey A.
Cutler1700's - presentOntario, CanadaPalmer, Jeffrey A.
FewJames, Sr.1703-1787Chester County, PA > Wilmington, DE > Hillsborough, NCPalmer, Jeffrey A.
HighfieldFrank & Gillian1925-1965Los Angeles, CAPalmer, Jeffrey A.
Learn1700's - presentOntario, CanadaPalmer, Jeffrey A.
Marsh1700's - presentOntario, CanadaPalmer, Jeffrey A.
Pierson1728 - presentDelaware areaPalmer, Jeffrey A.
Stafford(John D.)1887 - presentDelaware areaPalmer, Jeffrey A.
Vail1700's - presentOntario, CanadaPalmer, Jeffrey A.
Zavitz1700's - presentOntario, CanadaPalmer, Jeffrey A.
Amos1800's-presentGA, MA, DC, IN, AL, LA, WA, TXParker, Florida F.
Fisher1600's-presentNC, VA, GA, WV, MA, DE, MD, IL, OK, MO, KS, LAParker, Florida F.
Foster1700's-presentNC, VA, DCParker, Florida F.
Graves1800's-presentVA, DC, FLParker, Florida F.
Jackson1600's-presentVA, MA, PA, DCParker, Florida F.
Neeley/ Neely1800's-presentAL, DC, FLParker, Florida F.
Parker1800's-presentNC, MD, VA, CA, AR, OK, KS, MO, WA, TXParker, Florida F.
Poythress1800's-presentGAParker, Florida F.
Tompkins1700's-presentVA, DC Parker, Florida F.
Wilks1800's-presentAR, MO, OK, KS, GAParker, Florida F.
AGAN1734 - 1800Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
ALMOND1730 - 1766Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
BARBEE1773 - 1773Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
BISHOP1796 - 1913Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
BLACKWOOD1706 - 1885Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
BOHANNON-Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
BROWDER1655 - 1785Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
BRYANT1745 - 1840Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
BULL-Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
BURROUGHS-Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
CARLTON1769 - 1904Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
CARROLL1798 - 1860Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
CATE1715 - 1863Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
CHEEK1748 - 1976Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
CHISENHALL1810 - 1882Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
COCKE1741 - 1817Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
COLE1749 - 1965Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
COUCH1710 - 1906Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
CRABTREE1814 - 1898Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
CRAIG1733 - 1828Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
CRAIGE1694 - 1772Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
CURRIE1763 - 1851Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
DANIEL1750 - 1850Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
DAVIS1730 - 1801Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
DELONEY-Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
DEWITT-Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
DOLLAR1758 - 1867Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
DRAKE-Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
ESTES1738 - 1872Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
GWINN1822 - 1822Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
HARDY-Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
HARRISON1800 - 1800Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
HASTINGS1695 - 1812Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
HAYES1775 - 1950Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
HERNDON1708 - 1879Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
HUTCHINS1737 - 1830Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
JOHNSTON1697 - 1850Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
KING1724 - 1829Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
LANGSTON-Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
LATTA1730 - 1820Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
LEWIS1729 - 1780Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
LOGAN1708 - 1763Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
MABRY1760 - 1840Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
MARKHAM1717 - 1912Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
MASSEY1728 - 1810Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
MCCAULEY1740 - 1916Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
MCDANIEL1708 - 1800Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
MCGEE1706 - 1790Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
MCNEIL1740 - 1740Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
MORROW1735 - 1830Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
NELSON1715 - 1948Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
NUNN1743 - 1844Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
PARIS1786 - 1896Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
PATTERSON1739 - 1838Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
PICKETT1712 - 1983Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
POE-Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
POPE1817 - 1994Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
PROCTOR1760 - 1890Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
REEVES1680 - 1978Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
RHODES-Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
ROBERTS1658 - 1806Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
SCOBY1782 - 1785Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
SHAKLEFORD1656 - 1656Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
SHEPHERD1751 - 1865Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
SIMPSON1752 - 1752Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
SMITH1818 - 1892Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
SYKES1750 -Orange County, NCPickett, Dick
Chandler1800-1900Person & Granville counties, NCPickett, Dominique
Gooch1800-1900Chatham County, NCPickett, Dominique
Gudemard1700-1900Cotes der Nord, FrancePickett, Dominique
Pickett1800-1900Orange & Durham counties, NCPickett, Dominique
Fearrington1800-1900Chatham County, NCPickett, Dominique
Weaver1800-1900Chatham County, NCPickett, Dominique
Cheekcolonial-present"old" Orange County, NCPickett, Richard Floyd
Colecolonial-present"old" Orange County, NCPickett, Richard Floyd
Craig/Craigecolonial-present"old" Orange County, NCPickett, Richard Floyd
McCauleycolonial-present"old" Orange County, NCPickett, Richard Floyd
Pickettcolonial-present"old" Orange County, NCPickett, Richard Floyd
Popecolonial-present"old" Orange County, NCPickett, Richard Floyd
Thompsoncolonial-present"old" Orange County, NCPickett, Richard Floyd
MarshalJohn1720-1805Orange County, NCPotts, Barbara
MarshallBenjamin1780's-1806NCPotts, Barbara
PasmoreRuth1770-1790Orange County, NCPotts, Barbara
WellsCharity1780's-1820NC & INPotts, Barbara
Link1700-1800'sNCPowell, Deborah
Owens1700-1800'sNCPowell, Deborah
Powell1700-1800'sNCPowell, Deborah
Stewart1700-1800'sNCPowell, Deborah
CoffinTristram1600-1658Devonshire, EnglandReid, William D.
MooreJames1764-1843Thetford, VTReid, William D.
PageEphraim1760-1815Westmoreland, NYReid, William D.
HainlineSidney1823-1876Kentucky, KansasRibeiro, Barbara
Hobson (Hopson)Rachelearly 1800's-1836Surry County, NCRibeiro, Barbara
VestalDinah1826-1914Surry County, NC/Missouri/ KansasRibeiro, Barbara
VestalJohnabout 1800 - mid-1800'sOrange/Surry counties, NC, Missouri & KansasRibeiro, Barbara
BradfordMargaret Janeb. 1846Orange & Caswell counties, NCRichmond, James B.
RichmondGeorge Thomas1815-1898Orange, Alamance & Caswell countiesRichmond, James B.
RichmondMartha Mooreb. 1813Caswell County, NCRichmond, James B.
WagonerElizabeth Jane Faucette BradfordOrange, Alamance & Caswell countiesRichmond, James B.
JonesCapandraearly 1800'sOrange County, NCRicketts, Jack
RayDavid1700's-1807Orange County, NCRicketts, Jack
RickettsJohn1790-1830'sOrange County, NCRicketts, Jack
RickettsSamuel1780-1825Orange County, NCRicketts, Jack
RickettsWilliam1792-1810Orange County, NCRicketts, Jack
JohnsonCharles1750-1825Orange County, NCSanders, Robert
JohnsonWilliam Addison1800-1845Orange County, NCSanders, Robert
BledsoeJordan1810NC > TN > VASaunders, Doris G.
BledsoeMary W.1823NCSaunders, Doris G.
Bledsoe1700-1900Granville Co., NC > Wake Co., NC > VA > TN > GASaunders, Doris G.
BrameJulia Ann1840Granville County, NCSaunders, Doris G.
Brame1700-1920Granville Co., NC > VA > TNSaunders, Doris G.
Gresham / Grissom1700-1930Granville Co., NC / VA / TN / GASaunders, Doris G.
GrissomMary Annie Stone1859 - 1880Franklin County, NCSaunders, Doris G.
GrissomThomas LewisFranklin County, NCSaunders, Doris G.
Grissom / GreshamJohn/Jack1818Granville County, NCSaunders, Doris G.
Layton1700's - 1800'sNCSaunders, Doris G.
PerryAlfredFranklin County, NCSaunders, Doris G.
PerrySallie JaneFranklin County, NCSaunders, Doris G.
Perry1700-1920NC / VA / TN / INSaunders, Doris G.
Perry1700's - 1800'sVA/NCSaunders, Doris G.
Reames1700's - 1930VA/NC/TNSaunders, Doris G.
StoneJames F.1820Franklin County, NCSaunders, Doris G.
Stone1700-1900NC / VA / TNSaunders, Doris G.
Fausett1700-1830Orange County, NCScarlett, LoreleiMy husband's Scarlett & Fausett families moved from Orange Co., NC to Orange Co., IN in the early 1800's, but our son moved to Durham, so we have the pleasure of visiting Orange Co., NC about once a year.
Scarlett1700-1844Orange County, NCScarlett, Lorelei
AdamsSusan1800-1820VirginiaSkinner, Linda
Benson1810-1890Johnston County, NCSkinner, Linda
GreenJameslate 1700'sEastern NCSkinner, Linda
JonesDorcasearly 1800'sEastern NCSkinner, Linda
McLambPhoebemid - late 1800'sEastern NCSkinner, Linda
MooreBenjaminearly 1800'sEastern NCSkinner, Linda
PorchWinifredearly 1800'sEastern NCSkinner, Linda
RaynorAllen Lovit1830-1880Eastern NCSkinner, Linda
Rigsbee1850Orange County, NCSkinner, Linda
RyalsAlfred1830-Eastern NCSkinner, Linda
SkinnerAlton1880-1950'scoastal area, NCSkinner, Linda
VickersMildred1800-1860Orange County, NCSkinner, Linda
WallaceAaron1815-Eastern NCSkinner, Linda
BrooksChristopher Williams1781-1840Caswell County, NCSmith, Ginger
GravesJohn1715-1792Caswell County, NCSmith, Ginger
KerrJohn1754-1816Caswell County, NCSmith, Ginger
LeaJamesCaswell County, NCSmith, Ginger
RiceJohnCaswell County, NCSmith, Ginger
WilliamsHenry1734-1785Caswell County, NCSmith, Ginger
ColeTheresaearly 1800'sFayette County, ALStratton, Janice
DeasEmanuel1840'sJackson County, MSStratton, Janice
JacksonJessa Fenton1800'sFayette County, ALStratton, Janice
Cox1600's-1880'sPA>DE>MD>VA>PA>KY>MOThomas, Virginia WilsonI have been doing genealogy research since 1999. Most of my family members lived outside of NC. I also dabble in some of my husband's lines which center around Iredell County, NC.
Edison1700's-presentVA & NCThomas, Virginia Wilson
Finley1700's-1900's?>OHThomas, Virginia Wilson
Froman1700's-1800'sGermany>NJ>PA>VA>KYThomas, Virginia Wilson
Fye1700's-presentGermany>PA>OHThomas, Virginia Wilson
Hammond(new surname)Thomas, Virginia Wilson
Harrisearly 1800's-early 1900'sIredell County, NCThomas, Virginia Wilson
Herman?-presentNE Ohio, Pittsburgh, GermanyThomas, Virginia Wilson
Hite1600's-1700'sGermany>NY>PA>VAThomas, Virginia Wilson
Hobbs1700's-1900MD>KY>MOThomas, Virginia Wilson
Kendall1725-1920MD>PA>OH>IN>MOThomas, Virginia Wilson
McGee1700's-1830'sIRE>PA>VA>KYThomas, Virginia Wilson
Stoerkel1800-presentGermany>Pittsburgh>NE OhioThomas, Virginia Wilson
Sumner1600's-presentVA>NC>TN>MO>TX & ARThomas, Virginia Wilson
ThomasIsaac1839-1845Iredell County, NCThomas, Virginia Wilson
Weisnerearly 1800's-presentIredell, Forsyth counties & othersThomas, Virginia Wilson
Wilson?-presentKY, MO, TX, NCThomas, Virginia Wilson
Arnett1700-1800MD>OHThompson, Linda BarbeeWorking seriously on family research; volunteer for the local Family History Center (in FL); co-editor on a family book about my family in Ohio (due soon, I hope!)
BarbeeVA & NCThompson, Linda Barbee
CouchNCThompson, Linda Barbee
Covey1700-1900OH & MDThompson, Linda Barbee
LeighNCThompson, Linda Barbee
Shirley1700 - presentNYThompson, Linda Barbee
Thompson1880 - presentNY & DenmarkThompson, Linda Barbee
Tiller/De Roo1850-presentOH & NetherlandsThompson, Linda Barbee
TriceNCThompson, Linda Barbee
JonesHalifax, Edgecombe & Martin counties, NCVeasey, Sylvia J.
Ray1700 - onHaw River area of Orange County, NCVeasey, Sylvia J.
ScottWake & Chatham counties, NCVeasey, Sylvia J.
Sykes1700 - onOrange County, NCVeasey, Sylvia J.
Thompson1700 - onOrange County, NCVeasey, Sylvia J.
Clark1800's -1900'sOrange County, NCWagner, Mary Ann B.Floyd R. Clark - 1891-1952 - buried in Maplewood Cemetery : William Clark - 1853 - alive in 1900 : James M. Clark - 1830 - may have been born in TN
AlexanderWagoner, Nancy Budd
MooreJesse1740-1810Orange County, NCWagoner, Nancy Budd
BlackwoodOrange County, NCWalk, Paige
McCauleyJames Blackwoodc. 1810-1877Orange County, NC, VA, TN (Memphis)Walk, Paige
McCauleyOrange County, NCWalk, Paige
Crabtree1700 - 1865Orange County, NCWard, James
Daniel1700 - 1840Orange & Chatham counties, NCWard, James
AxtelRebecca1660-1749London, England> Charleston, SC> Philapelphia, PAWatkins, Harry T.
GreenMager1800Person, Orange & Durham countiesWatkins, Harry T.
GreenSally1800Person, Orange & Durham countiesWatkins, Harry T.
HamlinJefferson Davis1857-1929Orange & Durham countiesWatkins, Harry T.
HamlinWilliam1800Person, Orange & Durham countiesWatkins, Harry T.
LambertFrances1692-1782France>New York CityWatkins, Harry T.
LockhartNancy1849-1903Orange & Durham countiesWatkins, Harry T.
MooreAlonzo1815-1879Mt. Tirzah, Person County, NCWatkins, Harry T.
MooreCol. John1686-1749New York City & West Point, NYWatkins, Harry T.
MooreJohn1659-1732London, England> Charleston, SC> Philapelphia, PAWatkins, Harry T.
MooreLt. Col. Stephen1734-1779New York City > West Point, NY > Mt. Tirzah, Person CountyWatkins, Harry T.
MooreMartha1817-1907Person County, NCWatkins, Harry T.
MooreMary Agnes1871-1927Mt. Tirzah, Person County, NC, Durham County & Orange CountyWatkins, Harry T.
MooreSidney1794-1838Mt. Tirzah, Person County, NCWatkins, Harry T.
MooreWilliam1843-1911Mt. Tirzah, Person County, NC, Durham County & Orange CountyWatkins, Harry T.
PhillipsGriselda1748-1822Boston > New York City > Person CountyWatkins, Harry T.
ReadeMary1843-?Isle of Wight, VA & Person CountyWatkins, Harry T.
WatkinsJohn1670Wales > Isle of Wight, VAWatkins, Harry T.
Watkins1670Wayne County, NCWatkins, Harry T.
Watkins1670Johnston County, NCWatkins, Harry T.
Watkins1670Henrico County, VA & Wake County, NCWatkins, Harry T.
Watkins1670Wake & Durham counties, NCWatkins, Harry T.
Boroughs1800-1900Chatham County, NCWelch, Mary Mizell
Dunnagan1800-1900Orange & Durham countiesWelch, Mary Mizell
Tilley1800-1900Orange County, NCWelch, Mary Mizell
WhitfieldDurham County, NCWhitfield, Bernard
Bryan1700's forwardChatham & Durham counties, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Cameron1700'sChatham County, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Clark1700's forwardChatham & Wake counties, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Crutchfield1800's forwardChatham & Durham counties, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Freeman1800's forwardChatham County, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Gunter1700's forwardChatham County, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Hackney1700's forwardChatham & Durham counties, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Harrington1600'sChatham County, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Kelly1700's forwardChatham County, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Lasater1700's forwardChatham & Durham counties, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Marks1700's forwardChatham & Durham counties, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
McNeill1700's forwardChatham, Lee & Durham counties, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Parham1800Chatham County, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Watson1700's forwardChatham & Durham counties, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Womble1700's forwardChatham & Durham counties, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
Yarborough1700's forwardChatham & Durham counties, NCWilliams, Mary Louise Gunter
MebaneAnne Louie1780-1810Hillsborough, Orange County, NCWoods, Robin F.
Woods1780-1810Hillsborough, Orange County, NCWoods, Robin F.

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