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By , March 9, 2011

Query Submitted by PJ Roberts

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PJ writes:

Greetings –
I am trying to find out about the history of the Roberts family in North Carolina.

It was the firm belief of my grandfather that our heritage is Welsh. His grandfather, Braxton McCord Roberts, was born in in Wilkes, NC in 1810. We know Braxton was the son of Thomas Roberts and grandson of Carter Braxton, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence (from Virginia), but we’re trying to find out more. Are there any records of anyone named Roberts coming in the 1680s or 1720s? Any information you can provide will be appreciated.

Just as a footnote, I live in Southern California and have been active in the Welsh Choir of Southern California for the last several years.
PJ Roberts

If you have information on the above persons, or access to relevant records, feel free to leave a REPLY below.

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  1. John Marcom says:

    Dear PJ:
    I don’t have any early records on “Roberts” (1680-1720)……But, within the Marcom family of Orange/Durham and Wake counties , I do have a record of “Janette Virginia “Jennie” Marcom” marrying “George P. Roberts” 13th March 1891 in Wake County. Let me know if you want more .
    John Marcom

  2. PJ Roberts says:

    Thank you John. If you have any history on George P. Roberts, that would be helpful. I appreciate your assistance. -PJR

  3. john marcom says:

    Dear P J:
    George P. Roberts had a brother “E.P.Roberts” ;
    George P. Roberts and Janette Virginia Marcom were married March 13th 1891 ,Wake County, NC. They had the following surviving children : ” Ida, Daisy, Maisy, Clyde, Buck, Heck and Herbert”.

    Source : “Markham Family Genealogy” by O.A. & F.G. Pickett 2006

  4. A Rhodes says:

    Hello, PJ.

    Braxton McCord Roberts was my G-G-Grandfather. His son, Wayland D. Roberts was my G-Grandfather. Wayland was a respected doctor in Arkansas. His daughter, Addie Mary Roberts Goodson Swaim was my grandmother.

    I read somewhere that we are related to Carter Braxton, a signer of the Declaration of Independance and that we might be descendants of Rollo of Normandy, who has in his lineage 2 Kings of England!

    Let me know if you have any information on this history.

    Thank you,
    A Rhodes

  5. Betsy Collins says:

    i would really like to know who the ‘Aunt Mary Marcom’ my father, Col. H.W. Collins, wrote about in his diary is

    (HWC was born in Wake County – was stepson of George Benton “Bent” Alford in Holly Springs)

    wrote in 1943-1945 diary:

    “Alice Marshall’s letter dated Sept. 26 and recd. at Camp Djebel, Bizerte, Tunisia, on 10/10/43 informed me that Aunt Mary Marcom died on Sept. 24, 1943. No details given – Mary E. Marcom Born: Oct. 29, 1853 Died: Sept. 24, 1943
    Mrs. Cassie Ellis: Born Aug. 20, 1846 Died: Sept. 22, 1943”
    [below are results of search for Mary E. Marcom 3/14/11 (was she an Edwards? Not likely as HWC’s stepgrandma was named Mary (Mary Ann) Thompson Edwards)
    Census: She (white) was in Alford home (the home of HWC’s stepfather) when HWC was 18 yrs (so was a 4-yr-old white girl, Clia Wright)(so was Roger, HWC’s bro, age 25)
    Census: a Mary Marcom and husb James A., md 33 yrs, appear in 1900 census (census shows she was b 1841 and he was born . . I think 1842 – she had no kids, no pregnancies – bcs)(they and all parents b NC)]
    Census (1880) – this couple lived in Wake Forest – and census shows she was b in 1839 – she is older than husb by 3 yrs

    See (not sure this is the desired James A. – I expect our Marcoms stayed in NC their entire lives – bcs )
    Basley Graves Marcom, born June 20, 1817 in Wake Co North Carolina; d September 01, 1856 Cumberland County, Kentucky; was son of Samuel Marcom and Ave Young. He married Hannah Sewell November 22, 1838, in Cumberland County, KY.

    Hannah Sewell, born May 14, 1817; d September 2, 1859, Cumberland County, Kentucky.

    Later – in HWC’s 1945 entries
    “Learned of Bernad Marcom’s death on Okinawa, May 18, 1945. News came in
    Delcie’s letter dated June 4 and received at Heidelberg, Germany on 30 June 1945.” (I’m guessing that should be ‘Bernard Marcom’ – bcs)
    Coy Bernard Marcom Jr.
    Hometown: Mecklenburg County
    Home state: N.C.
    Class: 1936
    Degree: Not applicable
    Date of Birth: June 15, 1912
    Date of Death: May 18, 1945
    Conflict/Era: World War II
    Branch: Army
    Rank: First Lieutenant

    Marcom was enrolled at UNC from 1932 to 1934. He later was a representative of the U.S. Epperson Underwriting Co. of Kansas City, Mo., traveling throughout South Carolina and western North Carolina.
    Marcom was a member of one of the three U.S. Marine divisions that made up III Corps of the 10th U.S. Army, which invaded Okinawa on April 1, 1945. Employing the attrition tactics that had made the conquests of Saipan, Pelelieu and Iwo Jima so difficult for the Americans, the Japanese provided only token resistance to the initial landings, husbanding their forces from the intense bombardment of the beaches during the landing to use them in prepared defensive positions later in the battle. III Corps swiftly overran the central and northern parts of the island, then was shifted to the south, where XIV Corps, composed of four U.S. Army divisions, had run into the heavily defended Shuri Line.
    Marcom was killed in action on May 18, 1945, as III Corps participated in the assaults against the Japanese defensive positions along the Shuri Line.
    GAA Alumni Records;

    a 1950 will record exists in Mecklenburg County, NC, for a Coy Bernard Marcom

    A James A. Marcom was in Civil War
    Co D, 30th NC Infantry
    Enlisted 2-13-62 at Wake Co, NC. Private, age 21. POW 11-7-63 at Kelly’s Ford, VA. Imprisoned 11-11-63 at Point Lookout Prison, MD. Exchanged in February 1865.

    Holly Spgs Cemetery


    accessed 11/06/08 bcs

    Seagraves, Mary B. Marcom, b. 8 Aug 1861, d. 1 Mar 1956
    Marcom, Caroline, b. 31 May 1825, d. 8 Sep 1914
    Marcom, J. D., b. 13 Oct 1843, d. 26 Apr 1920
    Marcom, Ora J., b. 13 Oct 1855, d. 18 Sep 1932

    • John Marcom says:

      Dear Betsy: Are you confident on the dates for Mary E Marcom born 10/29/1853 died 09/24/1943 ?.What are the specific names and dates you can attach to her? I coundn’t tell what was speculated above and what was verified. I have some possabilites but need clarification please. John marcom

      • Betsy Shafer says:

        Hi John –

        Appreciate your answering . . .

        The only thing i know about those dates is that my dad wrote them in his diary. No idea where he got them (it would help). The census shows her living in his stepfather’s home. Anything else is my speculation. My father did also put the death of Bernard in his diary, and so i suspect they are the same family . . . but i don’t know that. They may not be related to me and she may not have been an aunt of my father’s, as the word ‘aunt’ was tossed around with considerable laxity. Anyone older and a close friend of one’s parents was a candidate. She may have been related to the stepfather . . . . In any case, i would like to know who she is . . . .


        • Betsy Collins Shafer says:

          I figured out she is the daughter of Elizabeth (Betsy) Daniel Clements, for whom i am named, and of Wesley Thomas Jones (so she is nee Mary Elizabeth Jones). She had a son, Lincoy/Coy Bernard Marcom, who also had a son named Lincoy/Coy Bernard Marcom . . . the younger one died in WWII, serving the Navy in the Pacific Theater. This certainly took me a long time! It’s a relief to know! Mary married (William) Carey Marcom – about whom i know little, so far. The dates my father had were not exactly right, clearly. When i saw the death certificate with the father’s name (it says “WF” and “WT” would be correct . . . ) and the mother’s name i knew who she was. She was my father’s great aunt. – b

          • Betsy Collins Shafer says:

            oops . . . he (Coy Bernard Marcom, Jr.) was serving in the Army, not the Navy, and he died in Okinawa (18 May 1945)(son of Rosalie Townsend and Coy Bernard Marcom, Sr.) – b

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