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By , March 12, 2014

3/11/2014 9:03:39
Sharon Hewlett
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There is a strong possibility that my ancestor Michael GROAT (GROTE) and members of his family, including sister Margaret and other family members, lived in Orange County, even fighting in the Revolutionary War. We have documentation that suggests they were very closely connected with the DAVIS and GAGE families, moving with them to Canada in the late 1700’s. Michael was a black, freeman or a mulatto. I notice that a Mr. Pickett is listed as a contact for the DAVIS family and I would like to contact him or any others who may have information.


If you have information on the above persons, or access to relevant records, feel free to leave a REPLY below.

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  1. Stewart says:

    Checking my files – I do not find any records for Groat/Grote in Orange Co. – in the following areas: 1) Granville Grants, 2) State Land Grants, 3) Road records.
    Searching Rev War records specific to Orange Co. area, I did not find Groat/Grote in any of these records.
    OF COURSE this does not mean he did not serve – it is more a list of areas checked (or checked off) looking for a name. I also looked at Gage for Orange Co. with the same above references and did not find anything. The Granville Grants would be ca. 1740-63 era, and SLG 1778-1795.

  2. Ginger Smith says:

    Bebe replied: My mother attended Salem College in Winston and Arlington Hall in the DC area. One of her friends was a Dot DEGROAT OR DEGROTE…so the researcher might check out this spelling as well. Sounds FRENCH to me as the DE PART WOULD EASILY MEAN “OF”.

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