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By , April 5, 2013

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Martha Fontenot

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I am helping a Prospective Member of DAR trace her lineage to John GEDDES/GATTIS/GADDUS  who moved from PA to Orange County, NC with the Presbyterian Group.  He received a land grant.  I found his will which names her ancestor, Isaac GATTIS, who moved to Lincoln Co., TN.  I also found a John GADDUS from Hillsborough, Orange County, who was appointed as a juror in Feb., 1777.  Is there a list of person’s who signed oaths of allegiance to the provisional government that was set up in 1777, and was John GADDUS on that list?  I am hoping he is the same John GEDDES, as I found that the name spelling was later changed to GATTIS. If an oath can be found, how can I receive a copy?



If you have information on the above persons, or access to relevant records, feel free to leave a REPLY below.




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  1. sdunaway says:

    It was my understanding that the DAR would accept the State Land Grant as proof of “patriot” cause. When you said “received a land grant” was that a State Land grant? ALSO being a “juror” in 1777 meant the “legal system” recognized you as a citizen of the State, therefor you are a “patriot”. Oath of allegiances were not that thorough – and some people never took it. They would be at the NC State Archives, or some appear in the court minutes. Again, the DAR/SAR (at least the SAR) would accept a State Land Grant, or court duty, even a deed transaction, during the war, as proof of “patriot cause”.

    • Martha Fontenot says:

      Thank you so much. I received the same information at my DAR meeting yesterday. Now, how do I prove that the John Gattis who had jury duty was the John Gattis who was the father of Alexander, the Revolutionary War Patriot, and Isaac Gattis, who moved to Lincoln County, TN. Isaac is the ancestor of my PM. Also, I read that when the new state government was set up in North Carolina in the mid 1770’s that all men there were required to pledge an oath of allegiance or they had to leave. John Gattis did not pass away until about 1810, so he could have been the juror. His original land grant was given by the British. But he paid taxes on it after NC became a state.

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