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I am trying track the movement of my wife’s ancestor, Thomas CAMP.  According to family lore, he moved to the Orange County/Durham area around 1765 and possibly operated a mill in the area.  He and his large family migrated to Tryon County in 1775-1776 shortly after the conflicts in Alamance.    There are conflicting reports that he was a Loyalist and a Whig with neither giving any reliable confirmatory support.   I am trying to find information that positively places his family in Orange County and anything that might give answer to “”why”” he moved on to Tryon County.  Any suggestions of help would be greatly appreciated,



If you have information on the above persons, or access to relevant records, feel free to leave a REPLY below.


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  1. sdunaway says:

    Sorry I couldnt find a THOMAS Camp, I thought it would be worth the effort to inform about EDWARD and JOHN Camp – in case they are relatives. Early Orange Co. deed records were destroyed during the Revolution. The books were buried in the ground, and were damaged or soiled. At the NC State Archives is a microfilm of the early Orange deeds via the Court Approval process. Although this will not provide metes/bounds (Survey) it does list dates and transactions (Grantee and Grantor). The list has Edward buying a Granville Grant (236a) in Orange Co. Aug 13, 1765. Also a Granville Grant (200a) May 13, 1766 for John Camp.

    Searching the court minutes for Mill petitions (required by law) there are NO Camp names listed.

    In my work at NCSA the Tryon Co. records are very rare – but Mecklenburg would be the county to look for any info – OR Rowan County court records – a very old district (although Anson is the original county but these old records are very rare).

    I ASSUME you know he is here via a petition in the State Records for Orange Co. – listing his name (Tho Camp) in a list of other “Orange Co.” residents asking Royal Gov. Martin to divide the county (Orange) into smaller pieces. Martin replaced Tryon after the war in June 1771. Josiah Martin listened to the complaints of the people – and found them VALID – highlighting that Tryon wasnt very honest or sympathetic to the people. Book Vol 9 pg 89-90 has a list of people – the preamble states “he Humble Petition of the inhabitance of the north part of Orange County…” note “north part”.

    There is a great book on Loyalist in the Southern Department – if he SERVED against the Patriot cause he would be listed there.
    I have transcribed ALL of the State confiscation records – there is NO Camp listed anywhere in the State.
    This location (Tyron Co.) was certainly remote – usually showing isolation from current events….and the Meck.Co. people in the 1750/60 early era were a tough bunch. VERY mixed over the war (tory/patriot).

  2. sdunaway says:

    Another follow up – searching deed records in Orange Co. Deed Office – there are NO deeds for THOMAS. However, like before, there are deeds for John Camp selling land 9/27/1765 and 4/29/1772. This land was in northern part of Orange Co. on the Flat River.

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