Dizzy Gillepsie & Scotland County

What does this famous jazz musician have to do with North Carolina?

dizzyDizzy Gillespie. October 1948.  Digital image. Life @ Google Images. Google. Web. <http://is.gd/3Rcs4>

Even though I was raised in North Carolina, there is so much history in this state that I know I will never learn it all. I do love learning various trivia about the state and its residents from time to time. Just 5 minutes ago, I learned that Dizzy Gillepsie attended the Laurinburg Music Institute in Laurinburg back in 1932. (Visit their official website).

These are the kind of things you learn when you visit our NCGenWeb sites.  I happened to look this up because Richard Phillips, our recently designated Scotland County Site Coordinator announced the redesign of the website today.  Visit the site now. Even if your ancestors are not from Scotland County.  You won’t regret it.  🙂