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Dare County Wills

Davis/David Owens [African-American]
Aug. 6, 1889 - Oct. 17, 1889
Will Book 1; pgs. 67-69

August 6th 1889

Nags Head Township

In the Said County of Dare.  I do Convey to her at my death my properer [property] house and land 6 ackers 1 one ox and Cart is at her confually? to Sell for her benefit such ___chues foure her nead and _etesty and all other propere [property] that belong to me.  this is for Sally Owens at my death
/s/ Davis [his x mark] Owens   My will

And at Saley death I wont my daughter to have too 2 akers of land and sheare ekely [share equally] with rest of childrene my propere [property] this is foure my daughter Liday Walker ares [heirs] at Saley Owens at heare [her] death this is Davis Owens will.

At Saley death to Lambe Owens ares [heirs] too 2 akers to goe to his children this to bee done at Saley death.  Davis Owens will

At Saley death too 2 akers foure Harit Jonche [Harriet Johnson] at Saley death or heare ares [heirs] this is to Bene? teudtend? at Saley deportenty?

thene Sarihe F. Tolare to shure Ekely[share equally]  with the rest in the chatel proper [chattel property] to have heare [her] part in it the at Saley death.

Richard Tolare I wont him to have one bed at my wife Saley death.

This is foure my wife till heare death and after heare death is to goe to my childene [children] and grand childene if Saley see fit to give eny thing way she see fit to doe, it is all right.  I hope this will bee Videy all right at my wife death beetwene the childern.  this is my fren? good will.  this is the yeare of 1889 August the 6.  Rote by J.S. Wescott

Witness  Vilet Baum
Witness  Henry C. Baum

My Will is foure all my childern to have too 2 akers peace at my wifee death Liday Walker too 2 ackers Lamb childern childern

Harit Jonche too 2 acker Richard Tolare 1 one bed at Saley death.  Sarihe F. Tolare to come in ekely [equally] share in the chalely propere [chattel property] with rest.

I hope thar will not be eny confunasing? betwen childen

Davis Owens at death

Witness  J.S. Wescott
Witness  Vilet  [this is mark x] Baum
Witness  Henry C. Baum
Witness  George Tillett
Witness  Elizabeth Tillett

Liday I wont yo to have the place when the hous is it is the place I will to yo 2 too aker

State of North Carolina}    SS: In the Superior Court
         Dare County       }
    A paper purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of David Owens deceased is Exhibited before me, the undersigned Clerk of Court for said county by Sally Owens, therein mentioned and the due Execution thereof by the said David Owens by the oath and Examination of J.S. Wescott and Henry C. Baum the subscribing witnesses thereto: who being duly sworn doth depose and say and each for himself deposeth and saith that he is a subscribing witness to the paper-writing now shown him purporting to be the last will and testament of David Owens.  That the said David Owens in the presence of this deponent subscribed his name at the end of said paper-writing which now shown as aforesaid and which bears date of the 6th day of August 1889.
    And the deponent further saith that the said David Owens the testator aforesaid, did at the time of subscribing his name as aforesaid declare the said paper-writing so subscribed by him and Exhibited to be his Last Will and Testament and this deponent did thereupon subscribe his name at the end of said Will as an attesting witness thereto and at the request and in the presence of the said testator.  And this deponent further saith that at the said time when the said David Owens was of sound mind and memory of full age to Execute a will and was not under any restraint to the knowledge information or belief of this deponent.  And further these deponents say not.
    J.S. Wescott        (Seal)
    Henry C. Baum   (Seal)

Severally sworn and subscribed this 17th day of October 1889 before me.
    Jno. W. Evans Clerk Superior Court

NOTE: David Owens and several of the people named in this will were found in Nags Head Twp. in 1870 & 1880.  All were listed as black.

1870 Dare Co., NC - Nags Head Twp.

Owens, David 50 Sailor Can't read/write
Owens, Sarah 44   Can't read/write
Owens, Sarah 7   Can't read/write
Owens, Harriet 33 Servant Can't read/write

1880 Dare Co., NC - Nags Head Twp.

Oens, David 57 Head Farmer & Laborer Can't read/write

Oens, Sallie

55 Wife Keeping House Can't read/write
Nichols, Henry 14 GrSon Laborer Can't read/write
next door in house #88
Johnson, Augustus 29 Head Farmer & Laborer Can't read/write
Johnson, Harriet 27 Wife Keeping House Can't read/write
Johnson, James T. 8 Son    
Johnson, Albert B. 6 Son    
Johnson, Columbus 4 Son    
Gallop, Josephene 12 Dau-in-law Servant Can't read/write
Toler, Sarah F. 18 Dau-in-law Laborer/married  

Source: Dare County, NC Marriage Register; Vol. 1 (1870-1915) by Lois Johnson Meekins
Harriet Owens, daughter of Daniel & Sally Owens, married Augustus Johnson, son of Thomas Grower & Sarrah Johnson, at Roanoke Island on Sept. 6, 1871 by John Wescott.
    Sarah F. Owens, daughter of Richard Aydlett & Harriet Owens, married Robert F. Toler, son of Richard Toler & Cyntha Davis, at Nags Head on June 26, 1879 by Jonas Midgett, minister.
    Sarah F. Toller, daughter of (blank) & Harriett Johnson, married George Baxter, son of (blank) & (blank), at Manteo on Dec. 29, 1902 by J.R. Garrett, minister.

Source: Sacred To Their Memory - Dare County, NC Cemeteries by Lois Johnson Meekins & Amy Midgett Gamiel
Harriet Johnson, daughter of David Owens & Sallie Etheridge, was born Dec. 31, 1847 & died Jan. 26, 1916.

This will was transcribed by Kay Midgett Sheppard. No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these records that pertains to your families, it is strongly suggested that you look at the original record on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information.



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