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Mary Elizabeth Daniels
Oct. 17, 1919 - June 3, 1929
Will Book 1; pg. 418

This is my latest Will and Testament, what I desire to be done at my death.

I give Lucy and Miriam Cudworth what money I have except Two-Hundred Dollars to pay burial and tombs if the estate is not to pay it.  I give Miriam my bed and stead and mattress, 2 pillows,1 bolster, 2 sheets, 1 pair blankets, 3 bed quilts that came to me by my grandmother Lane.  I give Miriam my piece of land, Lucy to have the use of it for herself and Miriam as long as she lives but not to dispose of it in any way unless she has to, for her or Miriamís special needs.  Also the money I want Miriam to have for her schooling which she donít have to use for her needs other ways.  Lucy to be her own Executor for herself and child, without any bond or trouble, for her to come in possession of this immediately after my death this October 17, 1919.
    /s/ Mary Elizabeth Daniels

North Carolina}  In the Superior Court before the Clerk
  Dare County }
Will of Mary Elizabeth Daniels
     The undersigned being duly sworn say each for himself: That he was personally acquainted with the late Mary Elizabeth Daniels and knows her handwriting; that he has examined the two sheets of letter paper exhibited to him and hereto attached, and has examined the handwriting upon the same, and that in the opinion of the undersigned the same and each and every part thereof is in the handwriting of the said Mary Elizabeth Daniels, whose will it purported to be; and that they verily believe the signature to said will, as well as all the writing on said two sheets of letter paper, is the genuine signature and writing of the said Mary Elizabeth Daniels.
    W.L. Daniels
    Mrs. Isabel Hooker
    J.B. Hooker

Sworn and subscribed to before me this 3rd day of June 1929.
    /s/ C.S. Meekins, Clerk Superior Court Dare County

North Carolina}    In The Superior Court before the Clerk
  Dare County }
In Re: Will of  Mary Elizabeth Daniels:
    A paper writing without subscribing witnesses, purporting to be the last will and testament of Mary Elizabeth Daniels, deceased is exhibited for probate in open Court by Mrs. Lucy Midgett; and it is thereupon proved by the oath and examinations of the said Lucy Midgett that the said will was found among the valuable papers and effects of the said Mary Elizabeth Daniels, after her death.
    And it is further proved by the oath and examination of three competent and credible witnesses, to wit, W.L. Daniels, Mrs. Isabel Hooker, and J. B. Hooker that they are acquainted with the handwriting of the said Mary Elizabeth Daniels, whose name is subscribed to the said will and that the said will itself and every part thereof, together with the name subscribed thereto, is in the handwriting of the said Mary Elizabeth Daniels.
    It is therefore considered and adjudged by the Court that the said paper-writing and every part thereof is the last will and testament of the said Mary Elizabeth Daniels, and same is hereby admitted to be recorded and filed as the last will and testament of said Mary Elizabeth Daniels.  This 3rd day of June 1929.
    /s/ C.S. Meekins, Clerk Superior Court Dare Co.

NOTE: Mary Elizabeth (Lane) Daniels was born  Oct 4, 1856 and died March 7, 1929.  She was the daughter of Moses D. Lane and Sarah Ann (Tillett) Lane.  She married  Stewart Moss Daniels on Feb. 14, 1878.  Stewart (1858-1918) was the son of Joseph Mann Daniels & Sarah (Tillett) Daniels.  Stewart and Mary Elizabeth are both buried in the Daniels Cemetery on Lovers Lane in Wanchese, NC.  They had the following children:
    1) Arthur S. Daniels (Nov 28, 1878 - Dec. 5, 1878)
    2) Mamie E. Daneils (Oct. 21, 1879 - May 18, 1941) married Benjamin Franklin Cahoon
    3) Moral S. Daniels (Sept 15, 1883 - Sept. 22, 1883)
    4) Theoflus L. Daniels (Jan. 10, 1885 - Jan. 17, 1885)
    5) Isabella Lennon Daniels (Jan. 13, 1886 - Dec. 28, 1936) married Joseph Bertilon Hooker
    6) Carrie E. Daniels (Apr. 25, 1889 - Dec. 27, 1965) married Melvin Royce Daniels, Sr.
    7) Lucille Mae Daniels (Sept. 9, 1891 - May 23, 1980) married 1st William Elwood Cudworth and 2nd Lanis Lester Midgett
    8) Willis Longworth Daniels (Feb. 23, 1893 - Dec. 18, 1979) married Idail "Ida" Midgett
    9) Charlie S. Daniels (Sept. 14 1896 - Sept. 14, 1896)
  10) Pinkie Daniels (Sept. 5, 1899 - Oct. 9, 1900)

This will was transcribed by Marla Beasley. No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these records that pertains to your families, it is strongly suggested that you look at the original record on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information.



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