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George C. Daniels
Aug. 23, 1926 - Oct. 4, 1938
Will Book 2; pg. 113

I, George C. Daniels being of sound mind make this as my last Will and testament giving off my cleared land to my children as herein after described, To Wit:
    Sealia Arleta Tillett the first Strip on the South and adjoining the lands of W.D. Tillett.
    Inez L. Austin the second Strip.
    Ethan Crawford Daniels the Third Strip.
    George Columbus Daniels the Fourth Strip.
    Mary Lucetta Montague the Fifth Strip.
    Caswell Hobson Daniels the Sixth Strip.
    Thomas Eldon Daniels the Seventh Strip.
    Lillian Eugean Daniels the Eighth Strip.
    Clarence Luther Daniels the Ninth Strip including the Home and all the buildings thereon that I may own at my death.
    William Efelbert Daniels the Tenth Strip on which his house now stands, starting from the north side of old lot running to the land of     C.B. Daniels Sr. for which he has a deed of gift.

It is my wishes and desire that if Luther Daniels dies without Heirs, that his part shall go to Lillian Daniels and she shall be given the use of the Old Home for a period of Two (2) years after my death if she wishes to remain and without charge.

I make the following division of one Strip of land that I now own which is described as follows, Starting from the State Highway running to the land of Buck Saunders joining the land of C.B. Daniels Sr. on the south and Billie White Daniels on the North, said tract or strip of land to be divided as follows.
    Ethan Crawford Daniels the First Strip on the West End.
    Inez Austin the second strip.
    Luther Daniels the Third strip.
    William Efelbert Daniels the Fourth strip.
    Caswell Daniels the Fifth strip.
    Arletta Tillett the Sixth strip.
    George Columbus Daniels the Seventh strip.
    Thomas E. Daniels the Eighth strip.
    Lucetta Montague has been given her part and she has conveyed the same to James Montague.
    Lillian Daniels is to have her part joining that held by James Montague this Strip will join the land of Albert Payne in the north running to the Public road on the East.

All my right title and interest in that certain tract or parcel of land known as the Great Swamp, I leave to all my children to be held by them in common and a privilege to share alike in all the wood and other things that  may be obtained from this Swamp.  I hereby appoint, as my executors after my death, my two sons William E. Daniels and Thomas E. Daniels and hereby request that they  sell my chattle property that I may leave that is worth selling and apply proceeds of said sale to the discharge of my burial expenses and any other bills that may be against me at the time of my death, and to equally divide the remainder, if any, between all my children.

In Testimony hereof I hereunto set my hand this the 23rd day of August in the year of our Lord. 1926.
/s/ George C. Daniels

Signed in presence of
    Melvin R. Daniels
    W.F. Baum

State of North Carolina}    In the Superior Court
        Dare County        }
    A paper writing purporting to the last Will and Testament of George C. Daniels deceased, is exhibited before me, the undersigned, clerk of the Superior Court for said County, by W.E. Daniels, one of the executors therein mentioned, and the due execution thereof by the said George C. Daniels is proved by the oath and examination of  Melvin R. Daniels and W.F. Baum, the subscribing witness thereto, who being duly sworn, doth depose and say, and each for himself deposeth and saith, that he is a subscribing witness to the paper writing now shown him, purporting to be the last Will and Testament of George C. Daniels; that the said George C. Daniels, in the presence of this deponent, subscribed his name at the end of said paper writing, which is now shown as aforesaid, and which bears date of the 23rd day of August, 1926.  And this Deponent Further Saith, That the said George C. Daniels the testator aforesaid, did, at the time of subscribing his name as aforesaid, declare the said paper writing so subscribed by him and exhibited to be his last Will and Testament, and this deponent did thereupon subscribe his name at the end of said Will, as an attesting witness thereto and at the request and in the presence of said testator and this department further saith that at the time at the same time when the said testator subscribed his name to the last Will as aforesaid, and at the time of the deponents subscribing his name as attesting witness thereto, as aforesaid, the said George C. Daniels was of sound mind and memory, of full age to execute a Will, and was not under any restraint, to the knowledge, information or belief of this deponent.  And further these deponents say  not.
    /s/ W.F. Baum
        Melvin R. Daniels

Severally sworn and subscribed this 4th day of October, 1938 before me.
    /s/ C.S. Meekins, Clerk Superior Court

North Carolina}    In the Superior Court
  Dare County }
    It is therefore considered and adjudged by the court that the said paper writing and every part thereof is the last Will and Testament of George C. Daniels, deceased.  Let said Will, together with the probate, be recorded and filed.  This 4th day of October, 1938.
    /s/ C.S. Meekins, Clerk Superior Court    

NOTE: George Charles Daniels was born in Wanchese on Feb 1, 1849 to Thomas Rollins Daniels & Celia T. Pugh.  He was raised by his grandmother Sarah (Rollins) Daniels because his mother died one week after his birth & his father was a sea captain.  He had one brother John Thomas Daniels who was born in February 1846.

He married his first wife, Nancy Jane Cudworth (1850-1886), and they had 9 children.
    1) Mary Lucetta (1868-1958)  married McCallister Roughton "Cal" Montague
    2) Thomas (1870-1870)
    3) Charlie (1872-1876)
    4) George G. (1874-1893) never married
    5) Celia Arletta (1876-1969) married Woodsey D. Tillett
    6) Janetta (1878-1878) died at 4 days old
    7) William Ethelbert (1879-1953) married Lillie Wilson Gallop
    8) Claud (1881-1883)
    9) Ethan Crawford married (1883-1946) married Emma S. Willis

George Charles Daniels married his 2nd wife Margaret Ann Johnson (1862-1915) on July 19, 1889 and they had 8 children.
    1) Inez Lynn (1890-1969) married Andrew Shanklin Austin, Sr.
    2) Lillian Imogene (1892-1985) married Wm. Nathaniel Daniels & Arthur James Williams, Sr.
    3) George Columbus (1894-1977) married Elsie White and Florrie Leigh
    4) Geter Pritchard (1896-1897)
    5) Caswell Hobson (1898-aft.1978)
    6) Sarah Montez (1901-1901) died at 6 days old
    7) Thomas Eldon (1902-1932) married Mattie O’Neal
    8) Clarence Luther (c1904-???) married Margaret Daniels.  In 1930 they were in New Jersey at the CG Station in Atlantic City

George Charles served as the keeper of the Pea Island Lifesaving Station.  He also served as a  Republican State Representative.  He was a farmer & his grandchildren have told stories of picking cotton in the fields & then after harvest he would have a party for them.

This will was transcribed by Marla Beasley. No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these records that pertains to your families, it is strongly suggested that you look at the original record on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information.



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